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You're sober. You have been for a long time now. Of course I find the terms acceptable.

— Randy to Holmes, "Internal Audit"

Randy is a drug addict. Alfredo Llamosa sets Sherlock Holmes up as his sponsor.


Season 2[]

Alfredo introduces Randy to Holmes at his home. Randy says he's three months sober, Alfredo indicates Randy is looking for a sponsor. Holmes supports this and says Alfredo is an excellent choice but Alfredo wants Holmes to be Randy's sponsor. Holmes talks to Alfredo in private and makes it clear his work prevents him from being a sponsor. His phone rings, so he departs, leaving Randy wondering what's happened. Later, Randy meets Holmes at the Brownstone. Holmes indicates he will be Randy's sponsor but will not coddle him or be his friend. Randy says Holmes' terms are acceptable.[1]

S02E11-Randy Alfredo
Alfredo tells me I can learn a lot from you.
Holmes leaves to attend a meeting with Randy who is fighting off the urge to get high. They meet at a coffee shop before the meeting where Randy says that an ex-girlfriend, Eve, who is an addict is back with him and wants to move in with him and get clean. Holmes says he must cut Eve out of his life entirely. Holmes has to spend several late evenings to prevent Randy from getting high. Holmes also finds that Eve has open warrants in Chicago so he could turn her in but he doesn't act on it. Holmes meets Randy in a restaurant and cuts him off when he tries to tell him about Eve. Randy excuses himself to go to the bathroom but leaves. The next day, Randy comes to the Brownstone and admits he got high with Eve. He told Eve he never wants to see her again and is afraid that Holmes won't be his sponsor anymore. Holmes offers to take him to a meeting.[2]

S02E14-Randy Sherlock
She has absolutely no place in your life.


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