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A recap sequence (or recap, often announced as "Previously on...") is a narrative device used by many television series to bring the viewer up to date with the current events of the stories' plot. It is usually a short (between 20 to 40 seconds) montage of important scenes cut directly from previous episodes, usually short bursts of dialogue, which serve to lay the background for the following episode.

List of voice-overs[]

Different actors announcing the words "Previously on Elementary" has been used.


Actor Count
Jonny Lee Miller 2
Lucy Liu 1

Season one[]

This is a list of which actors' voice-over were used in which episodes. A Landmark Story was the first episode on the show to use a recap sequence.

# Episode Actor
21 A Landmark Story Lucy Liu
22 Risk Management Jonny Lee Miller
23 The Woman Jonny Lee Miller


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