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"When he gave that van a green light, there's no way he could've known it was being driven by two Mara Tres soldiers or that it was full of gasoline."
— Detective Bell
After dreaming of being at Captain Gregson's grave with Captain Dwyer and a scary clown, Holmes wakes up in his Victorian sensory deprivation chamber in his bedroom in the Brownstone. Seeing he's received numerous texts from Watson that Gregson is awake, he meets her at the hospital to see him. Holmes forgives Gregson and they put their differences in the past. A truck driver, Jarius Jackson, has his truck "T-boned" by a panel van. (♫ The Walls Group - Perfect People ♫) Three woman who are walking home from a club see the accident. One who is a nurse, Tina, runs over to help. While trying to open the van's driver door to free the unconscious driver, the passenger flees. The van then blows up.

S07E04-Dwyer Holmes
You're nuts.
The next morning at the bombing scene, Detective Bell tells Watson that van had large containers of gas in the storage area and suspect it was part of a terrorist plot. From evidence on the burnt driver, Holmes deduces the van was being driven by Mara Tres gang members and plans to speak to their leader, Halcon. Watson is leery of Holmes speaking to him but Holmes believes Halcon will cooperate and will want to know if Mara Tres members are freelancing as terrorists. Watson meets Gregson at the hospital where he tells her that Patrick Meers lied to her about the sequence of events that led to his shooting. He questioned Patrick the day before he was shot, not just before. They both wonder why Patrick would lie about this.

S07E04-Watson Gregson hospital
I thought he killed Bledsoe.
Discovering that Halcon got out of Mara Tres and is living a peaceful life in Connecticut, Holmes is able to coerce him into using his contacts in the gang to reveal that the van was being used as a fuel skimmer for resale. The passenger who escaped from the van insists that the light was green for them at the intersection. Given that the witnesses to the crash said that the light was green for Darius' truck, Holmes realizes that the traffic light was hacked. Still believing the van was part of a terrorist attack, agents from many federal agencies attend a meeting at the 11th Precinct. Holmes and Watson show them evidence that the traffic light was hacked and accuse one of the agencies of being behind the hacking in order to brand Mara Tres a terrorist group and wipe it out. The agents are incensed and leave.

S07E04-Halcon and Holmes
I'm done with Mara Tres.
Later, Holmes and Watson reveal to Captain Dwyer that the accusation was a ploy to determine if one of the agencies was involved. Satisfied they weren't, Bell says that one of agents from the FBI, Dia Tanyag, didn't leave. Tanyag relates that Mara Tres has nearly been destroyed but that there was a virus planted in the city's traffic system several months ago by a hacker known as "Overlord." At the Brownstone, having contacted Everyone for "Overlord's" identity, Holmes shows Watson the prank that Everyone has asked him to pull in exchange for the information. Watson tells him about Patrick Meers' lie and that a location app on his phone placed him a home just before Gregson was shot. At the precinct, Saul Maranek-Halevi from the Dept. of Transportation (DoT) shares the records on the "Overlord" hack with Bell. They weren't able to find his identity and Saul relates that the NSA took the only copy of the records.

S07E04-Federal agents
He thinks the real terrorists are us.
Meeting Patrick Meers in prison, Watson is unsuccessful in getting him to admit he was involved in a ferry bombing plot. Patrick is uncomfortable when he learns that Gregson will survive being shot. With the help of NSA Agent McNally, Holmes has NSA Agent Heller bring "Overlord" to the Brownstone. Saying that "Overlord's" real name is Phil and that he's under NSA supervision, Heller doesn't believe that Phil is responsible for the latest traffic system hack. Believing one of Phil's hacker friends may be behind it, Phil and Heller review all the DoT data from van crash. Phil demonstrates that the code used isn't his but when Holmes sees the route along which the traffic lights were hacked, he realizes it was to make Jarius Jackson's truck crash.

S07E04-Phil Meers Holmes
We've been coming at this all wrong.
At the precinct, Bell and Holmes question Jarius. Discovering he's clean and can't think of anyone who'd want him harmed, they learn that he was hauling building supplies for a skyscraper construction. At the office of Mr. Dewashe, he tells Bell that the supplies were high-end elevators. Although insurance will pay for the cargo damage, Dewashe notes that his company won a bid for another building worth billions which is contingent on him finishing the current construction on time. When Bell hears that Maranek Construction will get the new bid due to the delay, he recognizes that the DoT official was also named Maranek by marriage. Calling Holmes with the information, Holmes is at the Morgue where he reports that Saul Maranek-Halevi was killed by Mara Tres.

S07E04-Bell Holmes Jarius
All those greens, I thought my luck was changing.
At the Meers' home, Watson questions Patrick's wife Holly who is indignant that she believes he'd be involved in a terrorist plot. Admitting he had difficulty adjusting since serving with the Army in Afghanistan, she lets slip that Patrick spent most of his free time playing a video game. Viewing the game, Watson finds Patrick used the chat function with a "ROOKR3D." Messaging the account, "ROOKR3D" deletes Patrick from his friend list. Halcon calls Holmes to confirm that after receiving an anonymous tip, Mara Tres did kill Saul. Holmes informs Halcon that Mara Tres has been played and eliminated a loose end for Maranek Construction. At the home of Cameron Maranek, owner of Maranek Construction, Bell and Holmes tell him that someone steered Mara Tres to killing Saul so that he couldn't reveal who was behind the rigged traffic light accident. However, Holmes says that he once did a favor for the company that makes the elevators for Mr. Dewashe's project and as a ruse, they've agreed to say they'll provide new elevators in time to complete the Dewashe project.

S07E04-Cameron Maranek
Were you not fond of your son-in-law?
Accusing Cameron of having a mole, Sandra Bay, in Dewashe's company, they says she makes calls to a burner phone with critical information. The burner phone number was also used to call Mara Tres. With a subpoena to monitor the burner number, Bell tells Cameron that Sandra has just learned about the new elevator shipment and is making a call. The burner phone on Cameron's desk rings. At the hospital, Watson tells Gregson that all evidence of "ROOKR3D" have been erased from the game server. She believes Patrick knew about the ferry bombing plot but doesn't think he was involved. Holly visits Patrick in prison and tells him about Watson's visit and her discovery of his game account. (♫ Reuben and the Dark - Bad Feeling ♫) Patrick tells her to be brave and gives her a number to call, with a message that Watson is trouble.

S07E04-Patrick and Holly Meers
They would never hurt the kids, would they?



  • While discussing Mara Tres and Halcon, Watson refers to the massacre of SBK gang members and, Holmes refers to the killer of Halcon's sister, Carmen, who was Tyus Wilcox.[1]


Paige told me you came to see me. I don't know what you said, but, uh, I appreciate you not pulling the plug.

— Gregson to Holmes



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