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"Reichenbach Falls"
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Season: Seven — Episode: 12
Director: Ron Fortunato — Writer: Jason Tracey — Aired: August 8, 2019 — Viewers (millions): 2.59
Summary: In the wake of the murder of his father, Morland, Holmes and Watson hatch a plan to bring Odin Reichenbach to justice.


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Well, the thing is, some problems only have a violent solution.
Holmes to Odin


  • Holmes speaks Italian in this episode.
  • Holmes using the name "Altamont" refers to Conan Doyle's His Last Bow - The War Service of Sherlock Holmes.
  • The name of the episode is a reference to Reichenbach Falls, the location of Sherlock Holmes' final altercation with Professor Moriarty in The Final Problem. In said story, Sherlock Holmes goes over the falls with Moriarty to his apparent demise, similarly to how he goes over the bridge after seemingly being shot by Odin Reichenbach.



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