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"I mean, these games make, like, billions of dollars. There are hundreds of millions of players all over the world."
— Olivia, Captain Gregson's niece
Shinwell meets Watson at a coffee house and tells her that his daughter, Chivonne, who he hasn't seen in years, has reached out to him. (♫ The Rocketboys - You and Everyone Else ♫) Captain Gregson's niece, Olivia, watches O.G. Pwnzr, an eSports agent and streamer, on-line until he's smashed in the face with a gun and the stream ends. Detective Bell fields a call about the attack at the 11th Precinct and watching the video with Gregson, reports that since Pwnzr's real name and location in NYC are unknown, the crime scene is a mystery. Watson arrives at the precinct where Olivia tells her and Gregson that Pwnzr used to be a pro video game player until becoming an agent. Stressing that pro players make millions and competition for the best players is fierce among eSports teams, Watson is interrupted by a call from Holmes. Having found the crime scene from window lights in the background of Pwnzr's stream, he reports Pwnzr is dead.

S05E14-OG Pwnzr
Was that real?
Bell and Watson join Holmes and discover that Pwnzr was beaten for a half hour before being killed a blow to the head with a sharp object. Retrieving his phone, Bell discovers Pwnzr's name is Owen Tuchman and he received a threatening text from Joey Ng of ProFine Peripherals. Shinwell meets Chivonne outside her school where she asks for his help. At Profine, an eSport team house, Ng indicates that Owen was the agent of a new gaming superstore named Tendu, an Inuit from Northern Canada. Tendu wanted to sign with ProFine but Owen kept trying to steer him towards a rival team. Admitting to being angry with Owen, he had no motive to kill him as Tendu had signed with ProFine. Interrupted by three Czech models who Ng says are there to take publicity photos with the team, Ng expresses concern that Tendu is late for the photos and can't be reached.

S05E14-Crime scene
Who brings a gun and a garden tool to commit a murder?
Giving them Tendu's name, Marcel Otolik, and the hotel he's staying at, Bell, Holmes and Watson enter Tendu's room. Finding that Tendu and a brunette woman had climbed out the window some time before, Holmes believes they were fleeing an attacker. A bloodied seal killing tool that matches Owen's head wound is found which Holmes thinks was placed in the room to frame Tendu. At the precinct, Holmes shows Gregson that Tendu was the murder target, the killer tortured Owen until he gave up Tendu's location and when Tendu and the brunette fled, the killer planted the tool to frame him for Owen's murder. At the Brownstone, Holmes finds Watson has spent five hours examining Tendu's social media but hasn't discovered who the brunette is or where Tendu fled to. (♫ Goatwhore - Baring Teeth for Revolt ♫) Looking at a post Tendu made before he became an eSports star, showing him eating seal meat, Holmes recognizes a suspect.

S05E14-Tendu Sealfie
What's so special about that one?
At the precinct, Bell, Gregson and Holmes meet animal activist Rayna Carno and her lawyer, Gail Lundquist. Holmes shows them the post of Tendu eating seal meat, a "sealfie", promoting that Inuit survival and culture depends on hunting seals. This, and Tendu's rise as an eSports star, resulted in Carno losing funding to which she responded with threats in the post. Lundquist protests against allegations Carno is the killer but is interrupted by Carno who admits she struck a deal with Tendu, much to Lundquist's surprise. In exchange for Tendu opposing commercial seal hunting, she'll support Inuit seal hunting. Carno offers proof of the deal which she says Tendu's Czech girlfriend, Libena, was present at the signing of. Watson meets Shinwell at his apartment where he relates that Chivonne is being harassed by a gang member, Lucien. Since involving the police or hurting Lucien would result in retribution against Chivonne, he asks Watson for another solution.

S05E14-With Lundquist and Carno
An attorney might have scared him away.
At ProFine, having spoken to one of the Czech models, Bell and Holmes confront Ng that the models are prostitutes which the team members didn't know. After Libena fell in love with Tendu, he threatened to reveal the model's jobs which would have banned ProFine from competitions. Accusing Ng of killing Owen in his hunt for Tendu, he denies it and says Tendu came to him for help. Relating Tendu wanted to buy Libena's freedom from the dangerous escort agency that enslaves the women, when Ng wouldn't loan him money, Tendu threatened to go to the police. Believing Tendu might have followed through and the agency is behind the attacks, Ng gives them the agency's address. Meeting Bell and Holmes at the agency's location, Watson finds the building burned. Joined by a fire marshal officer, who says the agency was owned by an untraceable shell company run by a Carla Petro who set their operation on fire, Holmes is able to identify that a vintage Mustang used the garage.

S05E14-At garage
No question it was arson.
Lucien returns home to find Shinwell waiting for him. Ominously confronting him over stalking Chivonne, Shinwell offers him two of SBK's corners in exchange for leaving Chivonne alone. Saying this will double Lucien's drug dealing business, and appearing to have a gun in his pocket, Lucien accepts. Having found Carla by tracing the Mustang, Bell and Gregson question her at the precinct. Nonchalantly claiming the fire was an accident, she indicates that Tendu did threaten to expose the agency but offered her $100,000 cash in exchange for Libena's freedom. Accepting the offer, the agency's office was burned to ensure no one else could find them. However, Carla doesn't know where the money Tendu gave her came from. Having watched Carla's questioning, Watson finds a picture on Tendu's social media showing him wearing AmpVX headphones which she believes he received a sponsorship deal from.

S05E14-Carla in box
For most of us, there is no Richard Gere.
At the Brownstone, having called AmpVX's office in Beijing, Watson confirms Tendu received the cash from them. Tendu also arranged for on-going payments to be made to several people in his village of Maniitok in Northern Canada. Having called the Royal Canadian Mounted Police in Maniitok, Holmes has discovered that the motive behind Owen's murder and the framing of Tendu was global warming. With Bell, Holmes stakes out an apartment building and explains that they are looking for Kurt Godwyn, a "fixer" for an amoral law firm, Mather and Kline. Noting that Carla was once arrested at the building, he believes that Libena and Tendu are hiding out there. Spotting Godwyn entering the building, Holmes runs ahead of Bell and puts Godwyn in a hold from behind in front of an apartment door. Bell arrives and disarms Godwyn, who claims to be there to serve a summons. Knocking on the door, Tendu and Libena emerge and are told they're safe.

S05E14-Tendu and Libena
Police are here.
In "the box" at the precinct, Bell and Holmes tell Godwyn that surveillance video placed him at Owen's hotel when he was killed and his gun matches that used to beat Owen. Denying any involvement, he's told that his law firm was hired to secure Inuit land. With global warming causing ice melts, which would facilitate new shipping lanes, the land was required to build ports. Standing to make millions on commissions, those in Tendu's village didn't want to relinquish the land and his payments to village elders provided them with the funding to provide for the village and resist any offers, the firm ordered Godwyn to kill Tendu. Lundquist is called to the precinct where Gregson and Watson have found that she works for Mather and Kline and is assigned to secure Inuit land.

S05E14-Gregson Watson Lundquist
You're in line to make partner.
Her work with Rayna was self-serving in that she helped Rayna's animal rights group pressure Tendu's village to end seal hunting, which would have left them destitute. When Tendu's "sealfies" turned opinion against Rayna and the money he sent to the village elders caused them to turn down offers for their land, Lundquist ordered the hit on Tendu. Trying to deny their accusations, Gregson tells her that Godwyn gave them a full confession. Shinwell meets Chivonne outside her school and give her the good news that Lucien and his gang have agreed to leave her alone. (♫ Power Steering - I Was Guilty ♫) Offering to walk her home, she refuses and tells Shinwell that she doesn't want to be part of his life. Disappointed, Shinwell says he understands and watches Chivonne walk away.

S05E14-Chivonne Shinwell
I came to you because I had to.



  • Watson uses one of Holmes' techniques to help her deductive abilities and plays thrash metal from a previous case.[1]
  • Watson speaks Chinese in this episode.



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