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"Are you asking me if I'm gonna make an honest man of him?"
Paige to Holmes about Gregson
In Captain Gregson's office at the 11th Precinct, Paige Cowan and Gregson eat dinner and discuss Paige's pending test results for her multiple sclerosis. Leaving, Paige finds Holmes working in a storage area and asks if he'd look into a matter for her. At night, at the Maple Grove nudist resort, Ken Tolan hears music coming from a cabin and films a woman inside on his phone. (♫ Steve Winwood - Higher Love ♫) Posting the video, he's approached from behind and turns around to be shot dead. At the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes dragging a bag filled with files he's copied from Paige's neurologist, Dr. Jonas Kiel. Suspecting that fraud is being committed at Kiel's office, Holmes has agreed to look into the matter for Paige. Called to Tolan's crime scene, they meet Detective Bell and question the resort's head, Dolores Murphy. She shows them the video Tolan posted, of Beth Stone, who was kidnapped a week before.

S05E03-Bell Holmes Watson
The killer took Mrs. Stone and cleared out.
Bell notes that the cabin has been scrubbed with ammonia and that rain obscured any outside evidence. Bell and Watson visit Beth's husband, Aaron, at his video production studio and he confirms Tolan's video is of Beth. The detective assigned to the kidnapping, Sybert, shares his file with them which contains no leads. Aaron has no idea who kidnapped Beth and indicates their business had nearly bankrupted them. He shows them a surveillance video taken outside the studio, which shows Beth being taken by a tall man with a .22 revolver who forces her into a black van. Noting that a .22 was used to kill Tolan, Watson notices that the van used to be used for TV news. Bell sets off to investigate if the van can be found through secondary sales. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that the staff at Dr. Kiel's are committing fraud which the doctor isn't involved in. He's also found that Paige is going deep into debt in order to pay for her treatments.

S05E03-Watching video
The roof. What is that?
Bell finds the van and called to the scene, Holmes and Watson find it burned and that it was ditched when Beth was kidnapped, days before Tolan was shot. Watson finds a burned phone inside the van in which the SIM card is intact. The card reveals that three calls were made to Aaron and he is confronted at his home. He admits to receiving ransom demands for Beth's return, which he didn't share with police, in order to meet the kidnapper's demands. Other than saying he didn't know who the caller was, he refuses to cooperate even when Holmes tells him that the longer Beth remains missing, the less the chance she'll be returned. Holmes questions Dennis Karig, who works at Aaron's video company as his deputy. Telling Karig that Aaron had consulted a divorce attorney before Beth's kidnapping, Holmes believes that Aaron may want Beth dead. Karig is incredulous, indicates that Aaron and Beth were still in love and he'd do anything for her return.

S05E03-Burnt van
So no one saw him torch the van.
After Watson questions one of the customers of the video business, Bruce Daniels, he relates to her and Holmes that he overheard Aaron having a heated phone discussion over the conversion of a piece of 30 year old film to digital video. Believing that what Aaron saw on the film was blackmail worthy and that the call was two days before Beth was kidnapped, Holmes eyes a locked room containing a computer with the video. Having taken the computer, Holmes and Watson watch its contents on multiple screens in the media room of the Brownstone. Holmes sees a murder being committed in the background of one video which Watson recognizes is a missing person believed to have been killed by the mafia. Seeing that Aaron zoomed in on the murder, Watson identifies the killer as Peter Dinacio, who owns a shady investment firm and is a nephew of a mafia don.

S05E03-Watson Holmes media room
I'm gonna have an epileptic fit.
Holmes meets Paige and after tell her about the fraud at Dr. Kiel's, which he's reported, he asks Paige's intentions with Gregson given her financial situation. Paige is indignant that Holmes thinks she's trying to bilk Gregson for money. At Dinacio's business, Gregson arrests him for the murder on the video as well as Beth's kidnapping and Tolan's murder. Insisting he didn't commit any murders, he shows them that the video on Aaron's computer was created by a CGI application owned by Aaron's company. Having done the video as a joke for his uncles, Aaron and Karig convinced him to invest in the app which Dinacio believes is worth millions. Dinacio is released but since many people saw the video, Gregson and Watson rue that the suspects that might have kidnapped Beth has grown.

S05E03-With Dinacio
Those guys are geniuses, I'm telling you.
The next morning at the Brownstone, Holmes wakes Watson by playing a song on violin from the favorite musician of Dennis Karig. (♫ Steve Winwood - Gimme Some Lovin' ♫) Having discovered that Karig created the CGI software at work, which due to his employee contract means its rights are owned by Aaron, he shows Watson that a song from Karig's favorite musician was playing when Tolan filmed Beth in the cabin. At the precinct, Watson shows Bell their findings on Karig and that the man in the surveillance video was Karig, altered by his CGI software. Gregson tells Holmes that Karig is being brought to the precinct. Holmes reveals that he knows Paige is having money problems and to Gregson's astonishment, encourages him to marry Paige so she can use his medical benefits. Knowing how opposed Holmes is to marriage, he confesses that he wants to wed Paige but she doesn't.

S05E03-Holmes wakes Watson violin
I've had a breakthrough in the case.
In "the box", Bell grills Karig, showing him the altered surveillance video and that he purchased a .22 revolver. Karig denies all allegations, indicates that he and Aaron were negotiating his compensation for the CGI software and that it makes no sense for him to kidnap Beth as she knows him. Gregson stops the interrogation and tells Bell and Watson that Beth escaped her kidnappers and is at a diner near the nudist resort. In an ambulance at the diner, Aaron consoles Beth who tells Bell, Holmes and Watson that she was taken by two Pakistani men. After Tolan discovered her, one of them shot him and then they kept her tied to a stake in a tent in the woods until she escaped. Aaron says the ransom demand was $3M and assures Beth he was doing everything he could to raise the money. As Bell plans to examine the tent Beth mentioned, Holmes indicates he's wasting his time and that Beth kidnapped herself and is working with Karig.

S05E03-Beth Stone released
You're doing great, honey.
At the Brownstone, Holmes believes that the pre-nuptial agreement between Aaron and Beth would only have afforded her a small portion of the impending wealth from the CGI software. With the agreement about to lapse but Aaron having seen a divorce attorney, Beth's "kidnapping" was a ploy to shame Aaron into allowing the agreement to lapse. She would then receive half of Aaron's estate. While bemoaning the problems caused by married couples, Holmes tells Watson that he encouraged Gregson to propose to Paige. While Watson is astonished, given Holmes' oft-pronounced vilification of marriage, he notices Beth's breasts while watching a TV news report of her and says they are her undoing. At the precinct, Gregson, Holmes and Watson tell Aaron and Beth of the plan to have the prenuptial agreement lapse and Holmes encourages Aaron to seek a divorce.

S05E03-Stone finale
We know you saw a lawyer about your prenup.
Beth denies their allegations and indicates that they were broke, so she had no motive to fake a kidnapping. When told that Karig was her partner and the value of the CGI software her motive, she shows them rope burns on her wrists which she says were inflicted by her kidnappers. Reminding her that her kidnapping story had her locked in a cabin and then taken at night into a tent in the woods, it's pointed out that her breasts were suntanned when she "escaped." Aaron is asked to leave so an ADA can offer Beth a deal in exchange for giving up Karig, who they believe killed Tolan. To his surprise, Gregson finds Paige waiting in his office. Holmes explains that he's changed her mind about marrying Gregson and Holmes opens a case with numerous rings. (♫ James Vincent McMorrow - Higher Love ♫) Encouraging Gregson to take one and propose, Holmes indicates that he's doing this because it's what Gregson wants. Gregson takes a ring and approaches a smiling Paige.

S05E03-Gregson proposes to Paige



  • Watson's grade school interest in the New York mafia is again displayed.[1]
  • As Holmes points to the evidence wall with a cricket bat, the placement of the two photos of the Pakistani cricket players changes between shots at 35:40 and 35:55.


Ugh! This might be the most disturbing way you've ever woken me up.

— Watson



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