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Rhys Kinlan was Holmes' drug dealer and is a British national.


Season 1[]

Rhys returns to NYC to seek Holmes' help with the kidnapping of his estranged daughter Emily. In May 2011, Rhys stole $2.2M from his Dominican drug suppliers and left for Thailand which Holmes suspects is the cause of the kidnapping. Watson is appalled at the trigger Rhys represents for Holmes. After watching the kidnapper's video demand they visit Emily's home and Holmes is able to deduce the kidnapper visited a Dominican nightclub. At the nightclub, Rhys identifies a drug cartel kingpin but Holmes deduces that one of the kingpin's men, Xande Diaz, is an undercover DEA agent. In private, Holmes confronts Diaz and tells him about Emily but Diaz indicates that the cartel isn't behind the kidnapping. Later at the Brownstone, Watson catches Rhys smoking pot in the bathroom and threatens to turn him into the police if he compromises Holmes' sobriety.

S01E15-Watching video
If you involve the police or the FBI, she dies.

S01E15-Watson confronts Rhys
That's not drugs, it's just a little bit of wacky backy.

From Emily's phone, Holmes deduces that Emily had been making payments to Derrick Hughes, her step-father. They confront Hughes who Rhys believes has kidnapped Emily. Hughes says Emily lent him money since he's fallen on hard times and Holmes realizes Hughes isn't the kidnapper. The kidnapper has been watching Rhys and phones him, angry that he's been trying to find Emily. He leaves a package at the Brownstone that contains one of Emily's fingers. Watson tries to console Rhys but he's angry with Holmes' lack of progress and leaves. Having watched Holmes solve a case in London quickly when on cocaine, Rhys buys some and tries to convince Holmes to take it to inspire his deductive creativity. Holmes assaults Rhys until Watson intervenes. From a burn and food on Emily's finger, Holmes believes she's being held in a pre-war building near an Ethiopian restaurant but the lead doesn't pan out.

S01E15-Hughes and Rhys
What happened to Emily?

S01E15-Holmes grabs Rhys
You need your meds.

Frustrated, Holmes arranges for $2.2M from his father, tells Rhys to never visit him again and sets the exchange for Emily. However, the pick-up is an ambush and Holmes escapes from Dominican cartel members. Holmes realizes Agent Diaz set the trap as he feared Holmes would figure out he was behind the kidnapping. Diaz visits the Brownstone, ties up Rhys and Watson in the Brownstone and demands the money in exchange for them. Using a pocket knife, Rhys frees himself and Watson and while attacking Diaz, is shot in the stomach. Watson is able to knock Diaz out with Angus, Holmes' phrenology head. Recovering in hospital, Rhys thanks Holmes and is reunited with Emily. Holmes gives Rhys some money to go back into hiding.[1]

S01E15-Diaz Rhys Watson tied up
I need to right a terrible wrong.


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