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Hypothetically, Mr. Holmes, a man wants out of his marriage to a very wealthy wife. He knows that during the course of their relationship, he signed a prenuptial agreement that gives him nothing if he leaves her, and a living trust that gives him everything if she dies. Hypothetically, wouldn't that man be smarter to look for a way to trigger the clauses in the second document as opposed to the first?

— Mantlo to Holmes, "Pilot"

Dr. Richard Mantlo is the husband of Amy Dampier and the psychiatrist of Peter Saldua.


Season 1[]

Mantlo contacts the police after his home is broken into and his wife turns up missing, presumably kidnapped as her body was not found at the scene. During the investigation at his residence, he is asked by NYPD consulting detective Sherlock Holmes about the missing item in the sitting room, a ring box given to his wife by her grandmother.

When Holmes discovers his wife's body locked in a safe room in the master bedroom, Mantlo is taken in for questioning. He denies any knowledge of the safe room, claiming his wife had overseen the construction after the residence was remodeled two years prior to their moving in. Holmes notices Mantlo's hands are too small to have committed the murder, estimating the culprit to be at least 6'1", and asks him to write a list of all the tall men in his life. Mantlo mentions a man named Harrison Polk had made a pass at Amy before.

After the body of Peter Saldua is discovered by police, Mantlo gives a statement to the media thanking the police for finding the man who killed his wife.

S01E01-Holmes Mantlo 2

"Hypothetically, Mr. Holmes, a man wants out of his marriage to a very wealthy wife."

Holmes confronts Mantlo outside of Sanbridge Hospital after discovering he took over Saldua's case. Mantlo had wanted out of his marriage to his wealthy wife, but had signed a prenuptial agreement which would give him nothing if they divorced, so he talked his wife into getting plastic surgery to fit Saldua's victim profile. Mantlo provided his client with what Saldua thought were tranquilizers to calm him, but were actually steroids that fueled his rage. Taking advantage of Saldua's job as a delivery man, Mantlo ordered flowers to be delivered to his wife weekly, compelling Saldua to become more and more obsessed with her over time. After his wife's murder, Mantlo killed Saldua and stole his phone which contained recordings of their sessions, making it look like a suicide. Without any evidence, Mantlo is able to go free which infuriates Holmes, who uses Watson's car to crash into Mantlo's.

S01E01-Mantlo apology

"You have a funny way of saying you're sorry, Captain."

The following day, Mantlo is brought in under the guise of receiving an apology from Captain Gregson on behalf of the department for Holmes' behavior the previous night. Gregson starts his apology by asking Mantlo if he ever treated Saldua as one of his patients, to which Mantlo denies ever knowing him. Before Mantlo can leave, Holmes admits he was wrong about Mantlo taking Saldua's phone after murdering him: he never got the chance because he couldn't find it. Three days prior to his death, Saldua had accidentally washed his cellphone and stuck it in a bag of rice to get the water out. Holmes proceeds to play a recording of one of the sessions saved on the device, incriminating Mantlo.