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"To be so, so close some answers which I've sought for so long. I cannot come up empty-handed."
— Holmes
On the phone, a man claiming to be Moriarty taunts Holmes for being deceived into delivering a message to Sebastian Moran which resulted in his suicide. Holmes asks if he killed Irene Adler. He tells Holmes to find the killer of a man named Wallace Rourke, bring the killer to justice and he'll answers all Holmes' questions on what happened to Irene. Holmes begins investigating Rourke which Watson points out is dangerous, given all those killed since he began hunting Moriarty. Holmes believes Moriarty has had plenty of opportunities to kill him and doesn't want him dead. At the 11th Precinct, Holmes gets Rourke's file and plans to visit his widow, Eileen. Watson is called to Captain Gregson's office where he asks if she'd like to be a sober companion for a friend's daughter in Florida. Watson says she'll give him some other companions and leaves.

S01E21-Watson Holmes Moriarty call
You want answers. I don't blame you.
Holmes and Watson meet with Eileen and discover that Wallace believed he was being followed and that a few weeks before he died, he had to replace his phone. Eileen allows them to take Wallace's belongings. At the Brownstone, they note from Wallace's autoposy that he was mugged but that before being stabbed, he was struck in the mastoid, stunning him, the hallmarks of a professional hit. Watson asks Holmes about Irene and he finally opens up about her. An American art restorer, he describes her as brilliant and "the woman." Holmes finds a shipping label for Wallace's new phone and discovers that it wasn't sent from a phone distribution warehouse. In the lobby at Sutter Risk Management, Holmes reads a book written by Daren Sutter who along with his wife Katie, runs the large private security firm. Meeting with them, Holmes notes that Daren is a martial arts black belt.

S01E22-With Eileen Rourke
Wallace was kind of a packrat.
After denying they knew Wallace, Holmes demonstrates that they replaced Wallace's phone with one that allowed them to track him. Impressed, Daren admits they replaced the phone but doesn't admit to tracking Wallace. He claims they legally surveilled him, but stopped after finding that allegations made by their client, who he won't reveal, were untrue. Leaving, Holmes believes that Wallace's killer was Daren. At the Brownstone, he shows Watson Daren's book which details how Daren's sister, Leah, was killed by a burglar whom Daren saw. Wallace resembles a sketch of the burglar, had a record for burglary and lived near Leah. Holmes believes that Moriarty wants Daren arrested to loosen security on one of his clients. Watson is concerned that their investigation may lead to someone's harm so Holmes plans a private conversation with Daren.

S01E22-First meeting w Sutters
Work like this merits a response.
Meeting Daren in a park, Holmes sweeps him for listening devices. He accuses Daren of killing Wallace and as Daren turns to leave, tells him from his observations of photos in Daren's office, that Daren shows all the physical signs of lifting depression since Wallace was killed. Daren doesn't know who Moriarty is, so Holmes tells Daren that is was Moriarty who pointed him towards Wallace and has probably bugged Daren's office. He advises Daren to do an impromptu sweep for bugs and if he finds any, they can talk about his clients. At the precinct, Watson feels Gregson is trying to get her to become a sober companion again because he's unhappy with her work. Gregson explains that he's trying to protect Watson from the danger of Holmes' situation. Detective Bell interrupts to say that Daren Sutter has arrived and confessed to killing Wallace Rourke. As Holmes and Watson watch Daren's confession in "the box", Holmes believes Daren found bugs at his office and looks forward to Moriarty's phone call.

S01E22-Holmes meets Daren
I think he wishes to profit from your incarceration.
Waiting for Moriarty's call at the Brownstone, Holmes kicks a soccer ball and asks about Watson's meetings with Gregson, which she evades discussing. Moriarty calls, having heard about Daren's arrest. However, he tells Holmes that Wallace did not kill Leah as he was in Saudi Arabia when Leah died. He says Daren lied about who killed Leah and demands Holmes finish his investigation. Later, Holmes wakes Watson but reports little progress. He's found suggestive details that Wallace was out of country when Leah was murdered but nothing conclusive. Fingerprints were found at Leah's murder scene that don't match Wallace's. Holmes is stumped as he believes that Daren wouldn't have mistaken Wallace for someone else. Frustrated, he leaves to brush his teeth. When Watson wonders why Moriarty is toying with Holmes, he believes his past investigations must have disrupted Moriarty's plans. Convinced Moriarty won't harm him, he suggests Watson see Katie to get their client list while he sees Daren.

S01E22-Holmes wakes Watson on couch
Oh good, you're awake.
Holmes' meeting with Daren in prison is fruitless as Daren insists that Wallace is the man who killed Leah. Watson questions Katie who doesn't recognize Moriarty's voice and won't give her their client list. Katie also says there's no possibility Daren would mistake who killed Leah. Watson asks if she knew him before Leah's death to which Katie says they met at Leah's vigil. She's glad Daren's found closure and peace by killing Wallace. Meeting at home, Watson finds Holmes staring at an evidence board which contains some of the Sutter's clients, gleaned from files from Detective Bell. Exhausted and frustrated, he slams the board to the floor. Watson offers to clean up and stares at a photo of the Sutters. She suggests to Holmes that perhaps they should look at those who wanted to lift Daren up instead of those wanting to tear him down.

S01E22-Holmes Watson evidence board
The last few days have just taken their toll.
At her office, Katie is confronted by Holmes, Watson, Gregson and Bell. She lies again that she didn't know Daren before Leah's murder, however, it's demonstrated that the fingerprints at Leah's murder scene are hers. Public records show she was married at the time and, she and Daren were probably having an affair. After she admits to knowing Daren then, Holmes accuses her of being the person who saw Leah's killer. But she couldn't admit this without revealing the affair so Daren became the official "witness." She admits to this and insists that Wallace was the man who killed Leah. When Gregson says they've confirmed Wallace was out of the country during Leah's murder, Katie confesses. She says that Daren started their company because of what happened to Leah and the work helped him cope. But on the 20th anniversary of the murder, he became suicidal. Desperate to save him, she lied that Wallace was the killer. She regrets Wallace's death at the cost of Daren's peace. Gregson arrests her.

Rourke was an innocent man.
Leaving Katie's office, Holmes believes Moriarty's motive in assigning him the case was to demonstrate the cost of vengeance. He visits Daren in prison to tell him of Katie's deception and that he will find Leah's killer. Daren indicates that he'll only be satisfied if he can kill Leah's murderer. Holmes receives a call from Moriarty congratulating him and texts him an address that will provide answers about Irene. If Holmes doesn't go to the address, he promises their paths will never cross again and is curious what Holmes will choose to do. Watson calls Holmes for an update and he lies to her that Moriarty hasn't called him and he'll be home shortly. The address Moriarty provided is a large estate. About to enter, Watson arrives having cloned the phone that Moriarty called on.

S01E22-Commandants House
You lied to me.
Watson figured Holmes would try to exclude her after he said that he'd ensure that Moriarty would never hurt her. Watson is miffed that Holmes isn't treating her as his partner. Holmes indicates he was trying to protect her, but Watson is tired of her and Gregson trying to sideline her every time there's danger. Having played a major part in getting Holmes to this point, Watson feels she deserves answers about Irene as much as he does. Approaching the mansion, they find a key in the front door and enter. Searching through empty rooms, Holmes beckons Watson towards a solarium where he hears music. (♫ Mozart - Overture to Don Giovanni ♫) The solarium is crowded with paintings of scenes Holmes recognizes. His face trembling, he nearly collapses and points towards a woman painting. Calling out her name, Irene Adler turns around.

S01E22-Irene first seen



  • Moriarty's lieutenant that pretended to be her on the phone is revealed to be Devon Gaspar in "The Diabolical Kind".
  • The quote "spider in the center of a web" is from Conan Doyle's The Final Problem describing Moriarty.[1]
  • Holmes calls Irene Adler "The Woman" in this episode, and that in his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex. A Scandal in Bohemia opens with "To Sherlock Holmes she is always the woman. I have seldom heard him mention her under any other name. In his eyes she eclipses and predominates the whole of her sex."[2]
  • The house at the end of the episode where Irene is found, is the Commandant's House on Evans Street in Brooklyn, New York.


Watson, you know that there are risks entailed in the work that I, that we, perform. You cannot do the work without undertaking those risks.

— Holmes