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Every time I go for the remote control to turn the TV on, it spreads its wings and it comes at me.

— Lestrade, "Ears to You"

Romulus is one of Sherlock Holmes' roosters.


Season 2[]

After Sherlock Holmes breaks up a cockfighting ring, he brings Romulus and Remus home to the Brownstone, intending to train them to not fight each other. After several days, he sets them free from their cages and they are peaceful.[1] After Gareth Lestrade takes up residence in the Brownstone, Romulus is constantly in his room, bothering him. Lestrade can't get the remote to watch TV so Watson has to distract Romulus with some food to get it.[2]

S02E16-Lestrade Holmes Watson roosters
I'm not feeding them.

S02E17-Watson feeds Romulus
You want a little treat?


  • Romulus and Remus are named after the brothers who founded Rome.


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