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He wasn't a raging idiot then?

— Marcus Bell about Booker, "The Art of Sleights and Deception"

Roy Booker is the ex-husband of Chantal Milner and an antagonist of Detective Marcus Bell. He is an ex NYPD member.


Season 5[]

After Chantal's divorce from Booker is finalized, she asks Bell out. Bell waits for her at a bar and is accosted by Booker who then complains to the DA's office where Chantal works. Watson questions Chantal and discovers that Booker didn't frequent the bar as he claimed and finds out from her why he left the NYPD. Watson tells Bell that Booker is working as an investigator for an attorney on a big case where Chantal is opposing attorney. The altercation was a trap meant to have Chantal removed from the case. Bell confronts Booker with evidence that his NYPD pension, obtained for medical reasons, is bogus. He blackmails Booker, demanding that he stop working for the attorney and stay away from Chantal. Booker glares angrily at Bell as he leaves.[1]

S05E12-Booker and Bell at bar
You got something for me cop?
After Marcus is falsely accused of pulling his gun on a road rager, the rager complains to the police and Marcus is investigated by Internal Affairs. Marcus confronts Booker who denies any knowledge and tells Marcus that a doctor has confirmed that the medical reason for his pension is legitimate (though it appears he paid the doctor) so Marcus can't "push him around". Marcus and Chantal have dinner in which Marcus says he confronted Booker about being behind the false complaint. She tells Marcus of an apartment that Booker lived in when she was dating him that wasn't listed in his record. Using this information, Watson is able to find the connection between the false complainer and Booker. Booker was the complainer's neighbor and had a prostitution charge against him dropped so in return, he agreed to file the false complaint against Bell. Booker is charged and released on bail. Marcus goes to Chantal's place and finds her unconscious and badly beaten.[2]

S05E20-Bell and Booker
Whatever you thought you had on me, you don't.
Booker is brought in for questioning on Chantal's assault but denies doing it. Urine is found at the scene and a DNA test is being performed however Booker places himself outside a country club at the time of the assault. Booker arrives at the hospital with flowers for Chantal and is shoved up against a wall by Marcus. He accuses Marcus of the assault and that he's being framed for it. Holmes discovers Booker was telling the truth concerning his whereabouts at the time of the assault and later, he's found dead in his car, shot in the head. Holmes believes it was a staged suicide which is later proven to be correct. A corrupt lawyer in the firm Booker was working for as an investigator killed Booker for knowing details about double-crossing several divorce clients.[3]

S05E21-Booker dead
Booker dead.


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