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No, I did not know they made a model for dentures based on Aaron's mouth. None of us did. This has all been such a nightmare. I don't know what I'm going to do. Everybody's telling me to sue, but that's not going to give me my son back.

— Ruth Colville, "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville"

Ruth Colville is the mother of dead serial killer Aaron Colville and the plaintiff in a lawsuit against the police for convicting Aaron when similar murders happen years later. She's revealed to be responsible for the second spree for the extortion.


Season Two[]

Ruth's son Aaron killed two women in 2005 by beating them to death and biting their shoulders. It's implied that she may have abused him and that led him to his killings. He was stabbed in prison and died on the operating table because his confession to the attending surgeon, Jonathan Fleming, threw the doctor off enough to call for the wrong operations. Aaron's records were previously used for prison dentures by underfunded prison dentist Dr. Conrad Nolan, who sent Ruth a letter eight years later believing Aaron to be innocent due to other inmates having the same dental records.

Aaron Colville Confirmed
Oh. The Colvilles, such a lovely family.

Ruth Colville Suspects
Wouldn't really call it a "program."

Whether believing the letter and wanting revenge or seeing a greedy opportunity for profit, Ruth arranged for her own set of dentures off Aaron's records and killed two women, Veronica Sutter and Alexandra Stine, by offering to help them with their groceries, beating them with a hammer, and biting them like Aaron did with the dentures. She then publicized her resentments against the police and later filed a nine-figure reparation lawsuit. Her dentures were found, as well as her wounds from fighting Stine, and she was arrested. She gave a confession transcribed in two dozen pages.[1]

Ruth Colville News
And she bludgeoned two women half her age?

Ruth Colville Revealed
You can tell us about it at the station.


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