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Not nice being imprisoned, is it? I hope you had occasion to ponder your future under lock and key, living in fear of the next sexual assault. Rarely is justice so fitting as it will be in your case.

— Holmes to Decker, "Be My Guest"

Ryan Decker works at an auction house and keeps women as sexual prisoners.


Season 5[]

Preparing breakfast, Preeda Boonark glumly watches Ryan Decker enter the kitchen dancing to a song. Saying he has a breakfast meeting, at the auction house where he works, he attaches a leash anchored to the ceiling to a collar around her neck and dances away. At the auction house, Holmes reads Decker's lips while he's on the phone and seeing Decker threaten a woman, Holmes excuses himself and bumping into Decker, he pickpockets his phone. He sees a video on the phone of a woman leashed to the ceiling being forced to dance for Decker. Decker grabs him from behind and putting Decker in a choke hold, Holmes demands to know where he's holding her. As Gregson arrives, Holmes gives Decker back his phone, claims he made a mistake and watches Decker leave. After searching Decker's house but finding no evidence he has a captive, Holmes takes bootlegged CDs, plants them in Decker's garbage and "finds" them.

S05E11-Decker struggle
What the hell's going on here?
Explaining the situation to Captain Gregson, Decker is brought to the 11th Precinct where he jovially denies any wrong-doings including holding captives. Claiming to have lost his phone after turning it off, Gregson says he'll be held as long as possible while they search for his captive. After gaining access to ICE's database through Decker's ex-wife Carrie Traub, Holmes recognizes Preeda as the woman Decker is keeping. Gregson reports that he's obtained a warrant to surveil Decker but they'll need to release him. Offering Decker a deal if he'll confess and give up his accomplice, he teases Gregson and Holmes and leaves. Depressed that Decker's release may result in Preeda's death, Gregson calls Holmes and Watson with more bad news, police tailing Decker lost him.

S05E11-Decker gloats
You guys have a good night. I know I will.
At the precinct, Gregson shows Holmes and Watson a map of the area that police lost Decker. Remembering the art of beach scapes Decker painted, Holmes suggests police narrow their search to the shoreline. The next morning, a detective shows Gregson, Holmes and Watson that a large bloodstain was found on a beach. Fearing the blood is Preeda's, Holmes searches the area and finds a set of keys. The keys lead to a house where another woman is found being held captive. From a carton of soy milk, Watson is able to deduce that Traub is Decker's accomplice. She's arrested and Preeda is found unharmed. At the precinct, Gregson tells Traub they've found that the blood at the beach was Decker's and that she killed him.[1]

S05E11-Watson Gregson Holmes beach
Lot of blood. Dogs went nuts.


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