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"Watson! I have returned."
— Holmes
After being away for nearly three months in a remote cabin, Holmes returns to the Brownstone, fully recovered from his post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Watson introduces a pregnant house guest, Kelsey Chapman, who is considering Watson adopting her baby. At a construction site, a worker is cutting concrete that was poured and set before piping could be installed. Lifting a block out, he and his boss discover he's cut through a body that was buried there. At the Brownstone, Watson confirms that there's been no women taken by Michael Rowan in Holmes' absence and she apologizes for not telling Holmes about her plans to adopt a baby. Receiving a text from Detective Bell, they proceed to the Morgue where Dr. Eugene Hawes shows them the body of the woman from the concrete. Strangled with a seat belt from a late-model Japanese sedan before she was buried, Holmes looks through her personal effects and finds a smart bracelet which identifies where she worked.

S06E08-Watson Kelsey
He is not my partner partner.
The head of Pathas Global, Levi Salinger is surprised to learn of the murder his former employee, Lauren Wexler. He explains that she was fired the week before for not delivering on a project she'd been heading up for two years and that six months before, she claimed the project wasn't doable. Watson accuses Salinger of threatening Wexler at a convention which he clears up and then explains that she was hired to build a MERMA, a self-guiding marine vehicle that cleaned water. After providing an alibi, Salinger mentions that the last time he saw Wexler, she had a phone argument with someone named Troy. At the 11th Precinct, Holmes shows Bell personal effects from Wexler's office which contains a receipt from an urgent care facility in Fishkill and a paint-stained hoodie. The shade of the paint was used at the home of a Troy Roselli near the facility. Roselli, dressed in a towel, is questioned at his home's front door where he denies knowing Wexler.

S06E08-At Salingers
It's like a Roomba the size of a Fiat.
Asking if he can get dressed, Roselli runs out his back door and Bell gives chase. Walking to Roselli's garage, Holmes says he supports Watson pursuing adopting a child. Opening the garage door, they find a MERMA and conclude that Wexler was lying and stealing from Salinger. Later at the precinct, Roselli explains that Wexler approached him about working on the MERMA. After Salinger decided to open source the technology, which would deny Wexler significant profits, she decided to create one on her own and change it enough to avoid a lawsuit. Denying he killed Wexler, he says that suspects include engineers whose inventions Wexler stole without their knowledge and that it might have been seen when tested on the Hudson River. Watson has breakfast with Chapman who explains that her pregnancy was accidental and she's giving up the baby to focus on her college studies. (♫ Scars on 45 - Troubadour ♫)

S06E08-At Rosellis
Let me just throw on some clothes.
She's curious why Watson and Holmes aren't a couple and how Watson's parents reacted to her giving up medicine. Returning to the Brownstone, Watson learns that Roselli has an alibi and Holmes shows her a video of Wexler testing the MERMA where she's told by a security guard that she's on private property being used for construction and warns her she's in danger from the owners. Wexler's test results of the river showed high levels of heavy metals indicating the construction may be polluting the river. Holmes suggests he ask Gay to look at the tests and asks Watson to visit the County Buildings office to find out the site's location. At the Buildings office, Watson finds the site and revealing that Wexler was murdered, is told by the office supervisor, Lance Pickering, that a masked man threatened to kill him if he didn't issue the site's construction permit within a week.

S06E08-Watson and Majorie
Another woman came in last week.
Watson calls Holmes who is at the site with Gay, however, no construction has occurred. They've discovered that a large amount of sand has been siphoned from the riverbed which may cause a nearby bridge to collapse. Bringing their findings to the precinct, Gay uses a computer model to show Gregson and Bell that the removal of the sand causes heavy metals to seep into the river from the earth's crust. It also causes the river to widen, the water to flow faster and eventually the limestone supports on the bridge will collapse. Planning to warn local officials, Gregson asks the owners be brought in for questioning. However, the company listed is a shell corporation which Holmes says is probably operated by the "Sand Mafia" from India. Identifying their leader as Vikrant Jindal, he warns them that Jindal kills his enemies with a power drill and, he knows where to find him.

S06E08-Gay explains sand
Eventually, gravity takes over, and then...
Bell, Holmes and Watson interrupt Jindal having lunch at an Indian restaurant where he denies knowing Wexler nor doing anything that would affect the bridge. He indicates that he legally obtained permission from the County Building office to remove the sand and was given a report there wouldn't be any impact to the bridge. Watson refutes this so Jindal has his lawyer send them the report. At the Brownstone, Watson informs Holmes that the report appears legitimate however, Gay has looked at it and believes the inspector who signed off on it, Romeo Garza, was grossly negligent in doing so. In the kitchen, Holmes says to Chapman that Watson is an amazing person and would be an excellent mother. He's also willing to make any sacrifice in order for her adoption to succeed. Holmes receives a text from Bell asking him to come to Garza's.

S06E08-Indian restaurant
We tread more carefully in this country.
Bell's found Garza dead from five drill holes to the head. Although matching Jindal's murder M.O., Holmes looks at the scene and believes he's being framed. At the Morgue, Holmes explains to Bell and Gregson that Jindal and his men are devout Hindus who would never touch an item from a cow, yet Garza was bound with a leather belt that wasn't his. He's also found that the handwriting in the report didn't match Garza's. While Bell and Gregson ponder who else beside Jindal had motive to kill Garza, Holmes has a suspect. At the precinct, the County Building office supervisor, Lance Pickering, is told by Holmes that he lied to Watson about being blackmailed into rushing approval of Jindal's permit to cover up other crimes he'd committed. They've discovered that he's taken kickbacks from a construction company that he favors in bids and that he'd stand to make more from a bridge reconstruction contract.

S06E08-Bell Holmes Garza murder
Vikrant Jindal might as well have signed his name.
Pickering killed Wexler after she discovered the bridge was in danger and then killed Garza so that he wouldn't be able to refute that he didn't write the report Pickering forged for Jindal. Gregson shows Pickering a warrant to search his car which is a late model Japanese sedan, the same as the seat belt used to strangle Wexler. With CSU examining his car, Gregson predicts that Wexler's DNA will be found in it and Pickering is arrested. At the Brownstone, Chapman is preparing to leave and tells Watson that she can't adopt her baby. Having seen what Watson has accomplished and hearing Holmes say that Watson can do anything has inspired Chapman to keep her baby as she works her way through college. Watson is happy for her and accepts Chapman's invitation to feel the baby kick. That evening, Holmes watches a sad movie with a forlorn Watson.

S06E08-Watson feels Kelsey's baby
You're crazy. Let me stay here with Joan.



Sorry, it's just, he's hot, you're hot. You'd make a great couple.

— Kelsey Chapman about Holmes and Watson