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We worry about our children. That never goes away.

— Santhosh to Watson, "Hemlock"

Santhosh Mittal is Andrew Mittal's father.


Season 3[]

After Andrew returns from Denmark, he invites Joan Watson to dinner to meet his father Santhosh. As Watson describes her career transitions, Santhosh is impressed and calls her inspiring. He's sorry that it's taken so long to meet her and Andrew is pleased with his father's acceptance of his girlfriend.[1] After Andrew is murdered as a result of Watson's rivalry with Elana March, Santhosh meets Watson at her apartment to return some items she left at Andrew's place. He asks her if Andrew was aware of the threat to his life from March. Although he doesn't blame her for Andrew's death, he wishes that she'd taken more precautions to protect him.[2]

S03E13-Santhosh Watson Andrew
You're remarkable.

S03E14-Santhosh Watson at apartment
Oscar tempts Holmes.


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