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Scotland Yard Elementary intertitle Police HQ
Location: London, England — First Appearance: "Step Nine"

Was he always like this? I mean, back when you knew him in Scotland Yard?
— Watson to Gregson, "While You Were Sleeping".

S02E01-DCI Hopkins
DCI Hopkins.
Scotland Yard is the headquarters of the Metropolitan Police Service of London, England. The name is derived from a street, Great Scotland Yard, that the public used to access the building at the original location. Before arriving in NYC, Holmes worked for Scotland Yard where he met Captain Gregson. Its first appearance is in the Season Two episode "Step Nine".


Scotland Yard is first seen as Holmes and Watson arrive in London at the request of DCI Hopkins. He wants Holmes to find Gareth Lestrade but Holmes starts to ask him about the case that landed Lestrade in trouble, the murder of the wife of Lawrence Pendry. ("Step Nine") Unsuccessful at getting an inspector to listen to her deductions concerning an abducted child, Kitty Winter leaves frustrated and first meets Holmes at the Yard. Holmes works with Kitty and later they are seen in the Yard building. ("The One That Got Away") Holmes and Detective Bell have issues with a former Scotland Yard Detective, Baynes. Baynes is upset that Holmes solved the murder of a politician before him, robbing him of a promotion. ("Uncanny Valley of the Dolls") Returning to work in London with Watson, Holmes informs her there's been a murder and they've been summoned to Scotland Yard. ("Whatever Remains, However Improbable")

S02E01-Sherlock Hopkins Watson at Thames
You're not here to consult.

S03E12-Kitty Holmes at Scotland Yard
He's going home tonight because of you.

Holmes and Watson deal with the case of Lola Quinn, who had acid thrown in her face. Watson does not get along with DCI Athelney Jones. ("The Further Adventures")

S07E01-Jones Watson Holmes
I suppose you don't call football "soccer," either.

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