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"Well get some sleep then Watson. Tomorrow morning, we go to war with one of New York's deadliest gangs."
— Sherlock
At Shinwell's apartment, Watson stares in silence as Shinwell's body is taken out by paramedics. Telling Sherlock and Captain Gregson that Shinwell was close to bringing down his former gang, SBK, she's sure that someone in the gang killed him. At the Brownstone, Watson's anger over Shinwell's murder is enough to persuade Sherlock to join her in carrying on Shinwell's work. The next day, Detective Guzman meets Detective Bell, Sherlock and Watson at the 11th Precinct and shares his files on SBK. Indicating they're going after the gang's leadership, Guzman discusses Bonzi Folsom. SBK's leader for 13 years, he rarely leaves his guarded apartment and how he communicates to the gang is a mystery. His social media feed is benign and he has an acrimonious relationship with his half-brother, Tyus Wilcox.

S05E23-Crime scene
We're gonna find the guy who did this.
Tyus is a legitimate businessman who to help police with the gang and hasn't spoken to Bonzi in years after breaking his jaw. While looking through the files, Sherlock sees that Bonzi's mother receives an income from the gang and made an error on her taxes. After confirming with NSA Agent Burke that he'll support prosecution, he asks Bell and Watson to visit Tyus and use the threat of his mother's conviction as leverage for help bringing down SBK. Sherlock attends a support group meeting and while talking about Shinwell, a woman in a flowered dress smiles at him. Outside the meeting, the woman offers Sherlock her help and he acknowledges that she knows him well. He tells her about the case of Mira Tunney whose boyfriend, Luke Munro, insisted an intruder strangled her to death with a chain. After observing Munro's questioning, Sherlock advised the detective on the case, Perkins, to arrest him.

S05E23-With Guzman
All of them said Bonzi was the shot-caller.
Afterwards, Munro committed suicide in jail, leaving a note that he didn't kill Mira. As the murder weapon was never found, Sherlock feels guilt for not investigating further before providing the advice that led to Munro's arrest. At Tyus' office, where he runs a complex systems analysis business, he tells Bell and Watson that he knows nothing about SBK nor Bonzi. Relating that Bonzi uses drugs, which led to their fight at a family event, he doesn't know how Bonzi communicates to the gang but does look at Bonzi's social media to keep up with family events. At the Brownstone, while telling Sherlock of her meeting with Tyus, she's looked deeper into Bonzi's social media and believes the filenames he uses is some sort of code. A text from Bell that Bonzi called police with information on Shinwell's murder brings them to Bonzi's apartment.

S05E23-Holmes talks to May
Well if the great Sherlock Sherlock thought he was lying...
Surrounded by bodyguards, Bonzi denies he's part of SBK and that he's a community leader. He tells them that Tall Boy killed Shinwell and gives them the location of the murder weapon. Indicating she knows that Bonzi is making Tall Boy take the fall, hoping that police will stop investigating SBK, Watson threatens that they won't stop until Bonzi is jailed. After Tall Boy's arrest, in "the box" at the precinct, Watson tries to get him to realize that Bonzi turned him in and the gang doesn't care about him. However, Tall Boy calls Shinwell a rat and refuses to betray the gang. Outside the box, Sherlock shows Gregson and Watson a WW2 encryption machine called "Enigma." Having spotted one in Bonzi's apartment, they tell Gregson that Bonzi is encoding orders in the messages in the filenames of his social media which gang members decrypt with their own Enigmas.

S05E23-Watson and Tall Boy
They my family.
Excusing himself, Sherlock meets the woman from the support group meeting and tells her that the chain used to kill Mira was from a swing set in Munro's neighbor's yard. Believing that Munro strangled Mira with the chain and then moved her body into his house, he plans on visiting the swing set. He tells the woman to not come to the precinct again. The next morning at the Brownstone, Sherlock wakes up having slept in, which is very unusual. Discovering that Watson stayed up all night, she shows him that by opening and closing certain slats in his window blinds, Bonzi gives the gang members the Enigma settings for decrypting his messages. Having decrypted several of the messages, which themselves are euphemistic, Watson has fed one to Gregson who has Bell and a police team where a drug deal is supposed to take place.

S05E23-Watson cracks code
I should sleep in more often.
Receiving a call from Gregson that the bust was a failure as police found oranges instead of drugs, they also discover that Bonzi's social media has been deleted. Bell and Gregson meet ADA Nelson Lewis and showing him several of Bonzi's messages that somewhat connect him to past crimes, they're unsuccessful in getting an arrest warrant. Lewis asks them to obtain more concrete proof of Bonzi's illegal activities. Meeting Bell and Gregson at the precinct, Sherlock and Watson show them that several of Bonzi's past messages mention people who later turned up dead. The people's occupations appear to be for companies that are in competition with Tyus' business. They believe that the feud between Bonzi and Tyus was staged to cover that SBK was carrying out hits for Tyus.

S05E23-With Nelson
What went wrong there, guys?
Brought to the precinct, Tyus is shown how Bonzi communicated with SBK and the hits on his competition. Also discovering that Bonzi's social media posts may have been done by someone else, they accuse him of being the gang's leader. Threatening a lawsuit against the police, Tyus continues to proclaim his innocence and non-involvement with SBK. Outside the box, Sherlock relates that he noticed that one of people they mentioned SBK killed, Carol Logan, got a rise out of Tyus. A teller at the bank that Tyus' business uses, Sherlock decides they need to investigate Logan's murder further.

S05E23-Wilcox in box
As far as me being some sort of drug kingpin, nah.
With Sherlock having left to take care of an errand, Watson shows Bell that from a promotional launch shot glass found in Logan's apartment, Logan was at a bar the night she disappeared. Having looked at the company's website that made the shot glass, she found a picture of Logan and Bonzi together at the bar. DNA was found on Logan's body but no match was found and Bonzi's DNA isn't in the system. With the picture enough to get a warrant for Bonzi's DNA, Watson believes they have enough leverage to have Bonzi admit that Tyus leads SBK.

S05E23-Bell Watson
We'd be able to take the whole gang down.
At the swing sets, Sherlock meets Detective Perkins but forgot that, hours previously, he texted his theory that Munro used the swing set chains to strangle Mira. At Bonzi's apartment, Bell and two police officers find paramedics already there. Bonzi's girlfriend tells them that after snorting cocaine, Bonzi passed out. At a hospital, a doctor tells Watson that Bonzi is permanently brain dead from snorting cocaine mixed with bleach. Believing Tyus arranged the contaminated cocaine, Watson embarrasses Tyus in front of his mother and Bonzi's family. Taking Watson and Bell aside, Tyus denies poisoning Bonzi. Taunting and threatening Tyus, he responds in kind. Sherlock meets the woman from the meeting and tells her that he believes she sent the text to Perkins. Telling her it has to stop, she says things with him will get worse if he keeps ignoring her. (♫ Bonfire Nights - Low ♫)

S05E23-Holmes Perkins
If you didn't send that message, who did?


  • Bonfire Nights - Low plays at episode end as Sherlock talks to May.


People who love each other don't make threats, Sherlock. They make promises.

— May