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I know it's not much, but the price is right.

Shinwell's apartment is Shinwell Johnson's modest one-room dwelling located on 124th Street in New York City.[1] Secured for him by Watson's realtor half-sister, Lin Wen, it has a shower and small kitchenette. He has to maintain the apartment's common areas and make repairs in order to live there. Its first appearance is in the fifth season episode "Worth Several Cities" and its last appearance is in "Moving Targets."


Season 5[]

Shinwell's apartment is first seen as Watson tells him that Lin secured the rental for him, even though he's an ex-con, and that it's better than a halfway house.[2] Watson visits Shinwell at his apartment and is unsuccessful in getting him to accept her offer to train to be a detective. Later, Agent Calvin Whitlock surprises Shinwell as he walks into his apartment and scolds him for not hiding his gun better.[3] Secretly wanting to protect Watson, Shinwell tells her to stop interfering in his life and yells at her to leave his apartment and not come back.[4]

After a man matching Shinwell's description is seen fleeing a murder scene, Holmes and Watson break into his apartment and find he has fled. Later, on the building's roof, Holmes finds Shinwell fixing a leak and tells him that he's tampered with evidence so Shinwell won't go back to prison.[5] After Shinwell repairs a chess table he found at the Brownstone to thank Holmes, Holmes brings it to Shinwell's apartment. Saying the table is on indefinite loan to him, Holmes offers to train him as an informant in exchange for information when he and Watson ask for it.[6] Watson meets Shinwell at his apartment where he relates that his daughter, Chivonne, is being harassed by a gang member named Lucien. Since involving the police or hurting Lucien would result in retribution against Chivonne, he asks Watson for another solution.[7]

After Detective Guzman tells Watson that Shinwell narrowly missed being hit in a drive-by shooting, Watson heads to Shinwell's apartment where he casually says it's part of being in a gang. Only noticing that the car was a old green Chevy, he asks Watson to not investigate the shooting.[8] Breaking into his apartment, Holmes confronts Shinwell over the shooting of SBK member Jameel Clark twelve years previously. Calling Jameel a brother, Shinwell denies shooting him and tells Holmes he's made a mistake.[9] Having moved up SBK's leadership, Shinwell packs his belonging to move out to SBK's neighborhood. He gives Watson a letter confessing to killing Jameel. Later, Shinwell texts Watson to meet and she finds him dead in his apartment.[10] Shinwell's body is removed by paramedics.[1]


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