S01E07-Sing Sing

Sing Sing Elementary intertitle Correctional Facility
Location: New York State — First Appearance: "One Way to Get Off"

Why do you want me to meet you at Sing Sing?
Watson to Holmes, "The Leviathan".

S01E07-Questioning Crewes
Interrogation Room.
Sing Sing is a maximum security prison located in Ossining, New York approximately 30 miles north of New York City. Its first appearance is in the Season One episode "One Way to Get Off".


Season One

Sing Sing is first seen as Holmes and Captain Gregson question Wade Crewes, a serial killer who Gregson arrested in 1999. The superintendent is Joseph Benstrold and the commissioner is Andrew W. Zyckner. ("One Way to Get Off") Holmes and Watson question banker robber Charles Briggs in Sing Sing. ("The Leviathan") Gregson indicates that Duane Proctor served five years at Sing Sing for a weapons assault. ("The Woman")

S01E07-Crewes enraged
Wade Crewes enraged.

S01E10-Briggs Watson Holmes
Questioning Briggs.

Season Three

Investigating the disappearance of Jessica Holder, Holmes finds that lawyer Noah Kramer, who was having an affair with Jessica, told her of several murders that one of his clients, Raymond Carpenter, committed. Visiting Sing Sing, where Carpenter is serving a life sentence, Holmes convinces him to confess to Jessica's murder in exchange for a desirable work assignment in prison. Carpenter indicates that he outsourced Jessica's murder to someone who is now dead but didn't tell Kramer. Later when it's discovered that Raymond's son Jeremy was the secret partner of the crime scene cleaner used to hide Jessica's and other's murders, they blackmail Raymond into getting Jeremy to confess and provide details of the crimes he helped conceal. ("The Adventure of the Nutmeg Concoction") Detective Bell mentions that Wallace Turk will be incarcerated at Sing Sing. ("Under My Skin")

S03E07-Watson Holmes jail
Noah Kramer just gets away with what he did?

Season Four

Holmes and Watson visit Harris Waylon Greer, aka "The Triborough Killer" who strangled 16 women between 1986 and 1992. They discover that a strangled woman, Ellen Jacobs, was Greer's daughter. Believing that a relative of one of Greer's victims is taking revenge, Greer tells them that he also had a son, Nolan, who changed his name to Craig Crismond. Greer asks them to find Craig and tell him that he's sorry. ("A Burden of Blood")

S04E08-Harris Waylon Greer
This is my fault.

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