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It's like a horny Alexa.

— Watson about Skyler, "Uncanny Valley of the Dolls"

Skyler is a Perfect Mate Robotics Model 10 sex doll whose features were copied from Nina Hudgins. Providing a "girlfriend experience" and very high tech, she costs $15,000, listens to her owner and can converse on any subject if connected to the Internet.


Season 6[]

After a 3D printing expert, Bruce Deramore, is found murdered in his apartment with a sex doll named Skyler, Holmes and Watson learn that Deramore created Skyler at Perfect Mate Robotics. The company's president provides them and Detective Bell interactive access to Skyler but she answers most of the questions with sexual offers and can't give details of what happened when Deramore was killed. Holmes notices that Skyler's features aren't as perfect as the other doll models and they find Deramore made Skyler look like his ex-girlfriend, Nina Hudgins. Meeting Hudgins at the Catholic school she teaches at, she admits that she argued with Deramore about using her face without permission and was suing Perfect Mate to stop making Skylers.

Would you like to fool around?

S06E16-Meeting room w Skylar
You can share me with your friends.

Later, Holmes brings Skyler to the Brownstone to manually go over the contents of her memory. After Skyler mistakes a phrase Holmes says as a request to play a song, Watson notices that the songs Skyler recorded for Deramore were all thrash and death metal, except for one which she thinks can help them catch the killer. Three grad students Deramore worked with are brought to the 11th Precinct where they all meet Skyler. Informing them of a song that Skyler recorded when Deramore died, Holmes asks the students to take out their phones. Holmes calls Gwen Haeny's phone and her ringtone is the song. Later, Bell passes by a storage locker where Skyler calls out to him, claiming to be the murderer. Knowing that Holmes has learned how to program Skyler with messages, he doesn't fall for the joke. Holmes then asks Bell to bring Captain Gregson to the locker so he can play a prank on him with Skyler.[1]

S06E16-Skylar Holmes Watson
What's your favorite position?

S06E16-Criminal caught
I like that song. Do you want to fool around to it?


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