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"Getting away with murder is an incredible feeling. But it got easy."
— Michael to Holmes
Dealing with continual headaches from his post-concussion syndrome (PCS), Holmes takes a call from Watson that Hannah's roommate, Maddie, has been strangled. At the scene, Captain Gregson comforts Hannah who can't think of any suspects. Holmes studies Maddie's body intently and concludes that she's been dressed in clothes and accessories belonging to other women who were murdered and they are dealing with a serial killer. At the 11th Precinct, Gregson and Holmes brief a task force on ten women preyed upon by the killer and confirm that the items on Maddie belonged to them. Although some of the task force have been working to find the killer for years, they have no leads. Detective Bell finds that one of the items on Maddie belonged to Ashley Jenkins, who was found strangled in her home like Maddie. However, Ashley's husband Graham, was convicted of the murder though he swore that he saw a man fleeing his house.

S06E07-Tommy and Hannah
She was sitting like she was posed.
Gregson and Holmes visit Graham in prison where he confirms that Maddie was killed much like his wife was. He says the man that fled was tall and white and, when shown a bracelet that was on Maddie, confirms it was Ashley's. Graham also says that the killer wrote him a letter several years before apologizing for his incarceration. Gregson promises to get evidence of Graham's innocence. Bell and Watson find the store that a pair of earrings on Maddie were bought at but can't find the buyer. (♫ Benny Boy - Shrug Life ♫) At the Brownstone, as Holmes builds an evidence wall from the murdered women's case files, he shows Watson the letter Graham received which was sent from Vietnam. Watson's obtained security footage from outside the store and plans to review it. As Holmes' headache is worse, she encourages him to rest while she looks at the footage. In the morning, Watson wakes to find Holmes going through the footage, having not slept.

S06E07-Holmes Gregson Jenkins
I live that moment over and over.
However, Holmes has found the woman he believes bought the earrings, Polly Kenner, who Michael Rowan asked Holmes to look into after she went missing. Holmes meets Rowan at his house and reports tells him about Maddie and that Kenner's earring were found on her, indicating she's likely the victim of a serial killer. Holmes tells him that he doesn't know who the killer is but once he leaves Rowan's and meets Watson outside, Holmes says he's positive that Rowan did the killings. Watson fills Gregson in at the precinct where he understands that Rowan's actions were to get Holmes' attention. As Gregson looks at Rowan's file and sees what car he drives, he earnestly says they need to talk to Hannah. Hannah comes to the precinct and confirms Rowan was the man who hit her car, they exchanged information and he asked her out. She was going on the date when Maddie was killed. Despite this, Gregson doesn't believe he can get a warrant to look into Rowan.

S06E07-Holmes Watson he did it
Yeah, he did it. Not a doubt in my mind.
At the Brownstone, Holmes has received Rowan's personal information from Everyone and tells Watson that Rowan was in Vietnam when Graham received the letter and, he was in the locations the ten women went missing from. Holmes proposes they break into Rowan's house in search of other trophies from the missing women. That evening, after waiting in a car outside Rowan's for two hours without him leaving, Holmes is in horrible shape. Watson leaves to get medication for him and Rowan surprises Holmes. Watson returns to find the car gone and no reply from Holmes' cell. Holmes awakes in a hospital emergency bed with Rowan in the room. Rowan explains that Holmes lunged at him, then passed out so he drove him to the hospital. He confesses that Kenner's disappearance was to help keep Holmes sober by having work to focus on. He explains that the other women he's killed helped his sobriety but, when it became too easy to get away with, he involved Holmes to increase the challenge.

S06E07-Michael Sherlock in hospital
We could help each other.
Claiming they need each other to stay sober, he tells Holmes to take care of himself and leaves. Watson brings Holmes back to the Brownstone and is unsuccessful at getting him to rest. He believes he can find where Polly Kenner was buried as Michael slipped and said that Holmes called him when he was dealing with her. They're able to find the general location Michael was in when Holmes called him and since Michael works for an architecture firm, Holmes believes that a construction site near the location is where Kenner is buried. Gregson, Bell and a police team with dogs search the woods behind the construction site and quickly find a body, which turns out to be a wooden dummy. Later at the precinct, Holmes and Watson view the dummy which has revealed no evidence. Holmes believes Kenner was buried there but recently dug up and that Michael didn't slip up, he meant them to chase after his lead.

S06E07-With dummy
What do you think he wants to do next?
Holmes gets up to leave and tells Watson he's exhausted and going home. However, he goes to a club and buys heroin. (♫ Bastien Balders - Nervous Disintegration ♫) At the precinct, Gregson and Watson find that no evidence at the scene of the dummy has turned up and, a judge has denied Gregson's request for a warrant to surveil Rowan. However, Graham Jenkins is being released from prison. Watson returns to the Brownstone and finds Holmes waiting in the kitchen with the heroin on the table. Knowing how repulsive it is, he proposes dosing Rowan with it in the hopes he'll make a mistake that he can be arrested over. Watson is fine with his plan and offers to help. After waiting in a car outside Rowan's place for hours and not finding him home, Watson breaks into his place while Holmes waits in the car. Rowan call Holmes from a bus and says he's left NYC in order to give Holmes time to get better. Holmes threatens Rowan who promises to not hurt anyone while he's away. Later, Holmes leaves for an extended vacation in Vermont while Watson continues to work on Rowan's case. (♫ Reuben Dark - Hallelujah ♫)

S06E07-Michael on bus
These past few days have been exactly what I hoped for.


  • Benny Boy - Shrug Life plays in the jewelry store as Watson and Bell search for purchasers of earrings found on Maddie Williams.
  • Bastien Balders - Nervous Disintegration plays as Holmes enters the club to buy heroin.
  • Reuben Dark - Hallelujah plays at the end of the episode as Michael talks on the phone with Holmes.


  • After Holmes receives Rowan's personal information from Everyone, Watson asks if she has to shave his head again referring to the events of "Over a Barrel".
  • The judge who denies Gregson's request for a warrant to surveil Rowan is revealed to be Marilyn Whitfield.[1]
  • Graham Jenkin's father, Curtis, later plays a part in the Rowan saga.[2]
  • Holmes buys heroin from Doron Kolobkov and later offers information to Leon Cartel head, Felipe Diaz, that would destroy Doron's operation.[3]


So I'm going to go away for a while, but I'll be back. I want to give you time to get better. But while I'm away, you have my word I won't hurt anyone.

— Rowan to Holmes



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