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"Crowbar, Watson. That's how we do it in my family."
— Holmes
At the Brownstone, Watson is annoyed that Holmes' experiment is interfering with her finding a scarf to wear for her lunch date with her mother Mary. Late that evening, Allie Newmeyer is driving home and hits a white van at an intersection. (♫ Qulinez - Let's Rock ♫) Staggering out of her car, she looks in the back of the van, which has smoke pouring out of it, and is hit in the back of the head with a tire iron. The next morning at the scene, Holmes considers the accident beneath their investigative skills until Detective Bell shows them Newmeyer's body, which is frozen white. He also reports her car was hit by a white van. At the Morgue, Dr. Hawes' examination reveals that Newmeyer was frozen by R22 coolant and the head wound was the cause of death. As Holmes explores warehouses in the accident area that use R22, Watson meets her mother for lunch.

S03E17-Crime scene
Would you just take a look at the body?
Arriving late, Mary has already eaten and tells Watson that she wants her to talk to her brother Oren as she saw him kissing a blonde woman. Believing he's having an affair on his wife Gabrielle, Mary didn't confront Oren as her husband Henry had an affair and she thinks Joan is better suited to speak to him. At the 11th Precinct, Holmes informs Captain Gregson that R22 is being forced out of the market by government regulations, leading to over-supply and black market sales. While Bell looks into open cases involving white vans, Holmes meets Watson at an ice rink that reported theft of R22 canisters. (♫ Maroon 5 - Animals ♫) She fills him in on her lunch which Holmes believes isn't her problem to fix. The arena manager, Gary, shows them the storage facility the canisters were stolen from which he has the only key to. Holmes sees that the lock is unpickable and that Gary staged the theft. Gary admits he sold the canisters to an older man in a white van and provides them with the man's address.

S03E17-With arena manager
Ms. Watson and I are investigating a murder.
The address is an old warehouse where they find a white van that is brand new. Holmes believes the new van has replaced the one involved in the accident and entering the warehouse, he finds seven frozen corpses wrapped in plastic. The warehouse is traced to cryoNYC, a company that preserves dead bodies until technology can bring them back to life. The CEO, Abraham Misraki, relates that they've oversold spaces in their facility requiring them to rotate bodies into the warehouse. Admitting that he bought the R22 from Gary but not to any murders, he indicates the van was stolen and freely offers his staff up for questioning. Touring the body storage tanks, engineer Terrence Resnick confirms there was a break-in and the body of Jim Sullivan was stolen along with the van. The break-in wasn't reported to police as they didn't want the rotating of bodies to the warehouse to be discovered.

S03E17-Misraki questioning
CryoNYC has to keep costs down.
At the precinct, reviewing cryoNYC's records leads Watson to believe that the van was stolen and Holmes tells her that Jim Sullivan was a psychiatrist, was strangled to death but all his patients have alibis. Size 11 boot prints were found at the scene and his body was discovered by a first-time patient, Vance Ford, who didn't have an appointment. Ford claims to have seen the murderer and a sketch shows the suspect was wearing a floppy hat and had a beard and a scar over one eye. Watson thinks she knows the suspect but can't remember from where. Questioning Ford at his home, which is filled with B-movie posters, he walks with a limp and from his medication, Watson sees he has leukemia. Ford confirms he has cancer, is very weak and went to see Sullivan to deal with his imminent death. He denies killing Sullivan and confirms the accuracy of the sketch of the murderer.

S03E17-Holmes w sketch
You wouldn't add or change a thing?
At the Brownstone, Watson calls Oren who vehemently denies having an affair and believes that Mary is making it up. Listening to recordings of statements Ford made to the police, Holmes thinks Ford is lying as he uses the same, simple descriptive words. Telling Holmes about the conversation with Oren, he says that after he left for London, Mary called him twice and both times she'd forgotten that he wasn't in NYC. Suggesting that Mary have early onset Alzheimer's, they are interrupted by a call from Bell that Ford was found strangled. Looking at photos at the precinct, Holmes notes that the only difference between Sullivan and Ford's murders are the absence of foot prints at Ford's. A text summons Bell and Holmes to cryoNYC with the report of a break-in. Resnick reports that an intruder was tampering with the tank that used to hold Sullivan and that he hit employee Ryan Lee in the head with a wrench. As Resnick describes the attacker, Holmes pulls out a sketch of the man in the floppy hat which Resnick says was the intruder.

S03E17-Discussing Orens affair
She might have transposed Oren into the memory of someone else.
Watson meets Mary for lunch and tells her that Oren denied having an affair. During their discussion, Mary can tell Watson is testing her memory and after Watson relates that her father said Mary had been forgetting things, Mary leaves in anger. At the precinct, Holmes can't find any match for the man in the floppy hat in any database while Watson still thinks she's seen him somewhere. She tells Holmes about her lunch with Mary until a text sends them to the Morgue. Having completed Vance Ford's autopsy, Dr. Hawes reports that Ford was too weak to have killed Newmeyer. Noticing bruising on Ford's feet, Holmes is convinced that Ford was a liar and a murderer. In Gregson's office, Holmes and Watson show Bell and Gregson that Ford's boots match those at Sullivan's murder scene but when neighbors heard the struggle of him strangling Sullivan, he wore Sullivan's size 9 shoes when police arrived. Ford wore size 9 shoes whenever questioned by police which caused his limp and bruising.

S03E17-Watsons lunch
I'm not gonna sit here and be ambushed.
DNA tests show that Ford was Sullivan's estranged cousin and had changed his name twice. They believe that Sullivan refused to donate bone marrow to treat Ford's leukemia but after he killed Sullivan and found he was interred at CryoNYC, he arranged for the body to be stolen. He hired two cryoNYC employees, Resnick and Lee, to harvest Sullivan's bone marrow but when Newmeyer struck the van with Sullivan's body it in, they killed her to prevent the body theft from being revealed. They killed Ford in order to prevent him from losing his nerve and revealing the theft and, fabricated the CryoNYC attacker in the floppy hat to match the story that Ford had told police killed Sullivan. Watson finally remembers where she's knows the man in the floppy hat from and says he is real, sort of, and can help them get a confession. Resnick is brought to the precinct and while being filmed, is shown a photograph of the floppy hat man which he swears attacked him and Lee.

S03E17-Terrence Resnick confession
That's him.
Watson reveals the man is an actor who played a character, Torgo, in one of the B-movies that Ford had a poster of in his home. He died in 1966 and with Resnick's taped confession, they indicate it'll be enough for a warrant to search his house as Sullivan's remains haven't been found. Lee is also being shown the photograph and telling him the first one to confess will get a deal from the D.A., Resnick says he has more to say. Later, after having shopped for a gift for her mother, Watson meets Holmes in a park building. He's arranged for Mary to meet them and see a specialist at a hospital after convincing her into thinking she forgot Watson's birthday. (♫ Nick Drake - Northern Sky ♫) Mary arrives and waves to them from afar. Commenting what a cruel trick Holmes has played on her, Holmes indicates it's for Mary's own good and that Watson will have his help in dealing with her family's issues.

S03E17-Mary waves
We're taking her to see an acquaintance at St. Bedes.


  • Qulinez - Let's Rock plays as Allie Newmeyer drives her SUV and crashes it into a van.
  • Maroon 5 - Animals plays at the ice rink as Holmes and Watson wait for the rink manager.
  • Nick Drake - Northern Sky plays as Holmes tells Watson how he persuaded her mother Mary to submit to a doctor appointment.


  • The ice rink scene was shot at the Staten Island Ice Skating Pavilion, 3080 Arthur Kill Road.


You needn't take care of your mother's care on your own. You have a larger family than you imagined.

— Holmes to Watson