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"Could you imagine? Two of your partner!"
Detective Bell about Sherlock
In the kitchen of the Brownstone, Sherlock is busy making snacks for Clyde and is told by Watson that she visited the 11th Precinct where Captain Gregson expressed his pleasure that they are allowed to work with the NYPD again. A masked, armed intruder shoots a man with a German accent in his apartment after saying he's been waiting a long time to kill him. Another man enters who looks just like the shot man and confused, the intruder shoots him too. Later at the scene, Detective Bell identifies the dead men as Otto Neuhaus and Timothy Wagner. The killer left their IDs on the floor but Sherlock is able to identify Otto from a brand of German cigarettes he smokes. He also notes that although Otto looked very much like Tim, he made some changes to his appearance to even more like him.

S04E03-Crime scene
Close. But not quite.
At the Morgue, Dr. Hawes helps Tim's father identify his body. He doesn't know how Tim knew Otto and indicates that Tim was adopted. At Morland's office, Sherlock discovers that his father is still in NYC as he has a business problem to solve. Anxious for Morland to leave NYC, Sherlock offers to help. Sherlock meets Bell and Watson at the apartment of Dorian Moll, who Watson found was in both Otto and Tim's call logs and that someone had withdrawn $100,000 in a check from Tim's account. Moll's bedroom has a wall of pictures of people who look similar leading them to speculate that he was running a con operation. Outside Moll's building, Sherlock notices dripping from a running A/C unit in the apartment next to Moll's which has weeks worth of mail piled up. Bell radios for officers to check out the apartment and moments later, Moll comes down the fire escape.

S04E03-Sherlock Morland corridor
Why are you still here?
Moll's face and hair are bizarrely colored which he says he's done to evade facial recognition (FR) as a company is trying to kill him. In "the box" at the precinct, Moll explains that he created a website called DoppelHunt.com from FR software, which he modified, from a company called Countenance Technologies. DoppelHunt helps people find people that look like them which is how Tim and Otto became involved. Moll taunted Countenance by showing that the doppels his software found could fool their software. He was then attacked by a masked man with a knife who he escaped from by kicking in the shins. He was driven into hiding as he believed Countenance hired the man to murder him for proving their site was flawed. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Sherlock that Otto mailed himself the $100,000 check. Dressed in a tuxedo, Sherlock indicates he's going to a function to help his father.

S04E03-Moll questioning
Countenance sent me a cease and desist letter.
One of Morland's clients, a global energy firm, had a wind farm development denied in Costa Rica due to a rich hotelier, Donya Esfandiari, who is building a resort. Sherlock intends to help Morland in his negotiation with Donya by observing her haptics. He also shows Watson evidence that Countenance may have been after Moll. At Countenance, Bell and Watson meet executive Curtis Tofano, who they discovered used DoppelHunt. He confesses to knowing about Moll but has an alibi for the time of Otto and Tim's murders. He participated in DoppelHunt in order to get access to Moll's apartment and download his code to improve Countenance's software. At the function, Morland offers Donya favors which he realizes she doesn't need. He and Sherlock conclude that she isn't willing to negotiate but don't know why. Watson calls Sherlock to the precinct as an Evan Farrow has information on the case and, he looks just like Otto and Tim.

S04E03-Sherlock Morland tuxs
She's stringing me along.
Evan met Tim through DoppelHunt which resulted in Tim asking Evan to take a DNA test while pretending he was Tim. Evan refused even when offered $10,000 and never found out what the test was for, other than Tim said he needed it soon. The next morning at the Brownstone, Holmes wakes Watson by playing a fraternity song from Oriskany Falls University (OFU) which he discovered Tim went to. (♫ John Brown's Body ♫) A fraternity pledge, Harold Cudlow, went missing when Tim was also a pledge. Harold's body was recently found buried in concrete where he had a broken spine but was killed by strangulation. DNA evidence was also found on Harold's body which Sherlock believes is Tim's, hence his desire to have a doppel provide DNA. Gregson arranges for the chief of police in Oriskany Falls to question one of his officers, Sean Cudlow, brother of Harold. Tim was the only member of OFU fraternity who didn't provide DNA which would only be known to police.

S04E03-Farrow questioning
At first we Skyped and it was fun.
After a phone call in Spanish, Sherlock tells Watson that he's solved his father's problem and he should start packing his bags. Meeting Donya at a penthouse, Morland and Sherlock tell her that she bribed a Costa Rican government official to overlook that the land her resort is to be built on is inhabited by rare monkeys. An environmental study by Morland's clients would have revealed the habitat, ruining her development, hence Donya's attempts to block the wind farm. In order to save her embarrassment, Morland offers that she join his client in issuing a statement to protect the monkeys during both developments. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell and Gregson hear Officer Sean Cudlow's confession that he killed Tim and Otto to avenge his brother's death. However he denies attacking Moll and has an alibi.

S04E03-Morland Sherlock Lilianne
I'm shocked to hear this. I had no idea.
At the Brownstone, Sherlock tells Watson that Sean Cudlow's alibi checked out and the DNA found on Howard Cudlow's body didn't match Tim's. As Sherlock wonders if someone else at OFU murdered Howard, Watson calls Bell to ask for a list of Oriskany Falls police's suspect list as she believes they'll find someone they know on it. After Bell visits Dorian Moll asking for help, Curtis Tofano is brought to the precinct. Sherlock asks him to show his shins, which are bruised much like Moll indicated he kicked his attacker and, he's accused of killing Howard Cudlow. After Watson discovered he went to OFU but didn't mention that when questioned at his office, Tofano had the doppel he found using DoppelHunt take the DNA test for him with the Oriskany Falls police. Moll provided the name of the doppel who confirmed he took the test for Tofano. Tofano is compelled to provide a DNA sample to confirm it matches that found on Howard's body.

S04E03-Tofano and doppel
Tofano and his doppelganger.
Bell calls Moll that they've caught his attacker but when Moll offers free DoppelHunts to Bell, Sherlock and Watson, they realize he hasn't learned anything. Morland arrives at the Brownstone and tells Sherlock that he's deposited money into his account in appreciation for his services. He also confesses that the business with Donya could have been dealt with in another city and that he wants to stay in NYC to help Sherlock. As Sherlock makes acerbic comments, Morland's had enough, says he knows why Sherlock hates him and wants to move on. Asking Sherlock what she would want, Morland indicates that he'll be in NYC indefinitely and that perhaps they'll collaborate again.

S04E03-Sherlock Morland finale
So now you wish to parent me?



That's enough, Sherlock! Enough! I know why you hate me. But the past is the past. I wish to move forward.

— Morland to Sherlock