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Tall Boy Elementary intertitle Gang Member

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Ruffin Prentiss
First Appearance: "Bang Bang Shoot Chute"
Last Appearance: "Scrambled"
Episode Count: 3
SBK took me in. They took care of me.
— Tall Boy to Watson, "Scrambled".

Laquan 'Tall Boy' Eversley is a member of the South Bronx Killers (SBK) gang. He started in the gang with Shinwell Johnson and was arrested with Shinwell for a break-in when he was 18.


Season Five

After Joan Watson finds out that Tall Boy went to Shinwell's apartment, she calls him to the 11th precinct under false pretences. She points out that he's active in the SBK which is a parole violation and asks why he met Shinwell. Tall Boy says Shinwell initiated the meeting. ("Bang Bang Shoot Chute") Holmes questions Tall Boy and Duane about several made-up crimes in order to determine where they were when Shinwell was implicated in the murder of a rival gang member. They tire of his questioning and threaten to beat him if he doesn't leave. Shinwell meets Duane and Tall Boy, not knowing if they know he's a CI but they give him a gun to replace the one he lost at the murder scene. ("It Serves You Right to Suffer")

S05E09-Holmes Tall Boy Duane
There's no need to lie when the truth will do.
After Shinwell is stabbed to death, SBK figurehead Bonzi Folsom pins his murder on Tall Boy and sells him out to the police. Watson questions him and tells him Shinwell's story of the gang selling him out but Tall Boy won't say who told him to kill Shinwell. He speaks of how the gang took care of him when he was kicked out of his home when he was 13, that Shinwell was a rat and he'll never betray the gang. ("Scrambled")

S05E23-Watson and Tall Boy
They my family.
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