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"You compared me to a baboon with inflated genitals and then called me a terrorist."
— Watson to Holmes
Attorney Kim Holder arrives at Watson's apartment to seek her help with the disappearance of her sister Jessica. Missing for five years, the police have no leads. She does mention that FBI Agent Blake Tanner believes Jessica was a serial killer victim as the scene of Jessica's disappearance smelt like nutmeg, which matches five other disappearance scenes. Kitty finds Watson pondering the case at a coffee shop and after texting Holmes the details, he joins in. Visiting Tanner, they find him arrogant and he won't share information on the serial killer he calls "Pumpkin." However, Holmes is able to get copies of the "Pumpkin" file from Tanner's co-workers, who Holmes deduced dislike him. Quickly reading through the file on his phone, Holmes is convinced that there is no "Pumpkin." Although he can't explain the nutmeg smell at all the scenes, he believes that the women were all taken by different criminals.

S03E07-At FBI
Behavioral Science Unit. Even the name is pompous.
Looking through Jessica's possessions at the 11th Precinct, Holmes sees that her keys are meticulously labelled except for one. He proposes Kitty and Watson try the key on every door in Jessica's building and considers such work beneath him since he's only helping on Watson's case. While trying out the key, Watson discovers that Kitty was an accomplished clarinet player. The key opens the empty apartment of married attorney Noah Kramer. After searching his place, Kramer arrives and finds them waiting. Informing him that they've found evidence he should have turned over for discovery on one of his cases, he admits that he and Jessica were having an affair but he has an alibi for when she went missing. At the Brownstone, Watson finds that Holmes has Ms. Hudson listening to the police scanner for reports of any crime scenes that smell like nutmeg. Holmes again annoys Watson with his attitude towards his involvement on the case, so she assigns him to look through Jessica's laptop.

S03E07-Watson Kitty try doors
What are you humming?
On her way home, Watson runs into Chris Santos, who she knew from her time as a doctor. Santos asks for her help finding his stolen medical ID. Holmes finds that Kramer told Jessica of several murders that one of his clients, Raymond Carpenter, committed. He found a document on her laptop which she intended to send the police implicating Raymond Carpenter for the murders. Visiting Sing Sing, where Carpenter is serving a life sentence, Holmes convinces him to confess to Jessica's murder in exchange for a desirable work assignment in prison. Carpenter indicates that Kramer told him he'd mentioned his murders to Jessica. Carpenter outsourced Jessica's murder to someone who is now dead but didn't tell Kramer any details. Holmes receives a text from Ms. Hudson reporting a shooting at a park band shell which smells like nutmeg. At the band shell, a custodian shows them fresh bullet holes.

S03E07-Watson Holmes jail
Noah Kramer just gets away with what he did?
Smelling the scene, Holmes tells Watson they will need the help of The Nose, one of his "Irregulars" whose sense of smell is even better that his. The Nose arrives and after smelling, reports that nutmeg is used to cover up several other compounds including bleach and sodium hydroxide, used for dissolving bodies. Holmes deduces that the nutmeg crime scene aren't connected by the same killer, but by the same "cleaner" of bodies. At the precinct, Holmes and Watson tell Captain Gregson and Detective Bell that finding the cleaner could reveal information on many crimes. Watson believes they should canvass schools that provide hazardous waste removal courses but Holmes has a better idea. At the Brownstone, Holmes takes pictures of Kitty who is posed on the floor with a fake wound on her throat in a pool of blood.

S03E07-The Nose head shot
There's one note that's stronger than the rest.
He intends to post an ad with the photos on the Dark Web asking for help disposing of the body. Kitty has a file for Watson as she's found who stole Santos' medical ID. Watson meets Santos at a coffee shop and shows him the identity of the thief. Santos compliments Watson and mentions that he should have been more accepting of her tendencies when they were together. At the precinct, Holmes finds Watson pouring through records from a crime-scene cleaning school. Holmes notices a mural in the school's brochure which he finds outlandish. He also reports that his dark web ploy ended in his arrest which Gregson cleared up. Receiving a text from Santos asking her out on a date, Holmes asks Watson if she mentioned to him that she is dating Andrew. Admitting she didn't, Holmes believes that she's torn between having a conventional relationship, which she'll always sabotage, and seeking adventure. Holmes leaves to find out how the mural came to be at the school.

S03E07-Watson Santos
The romantic terrorist at work.
Holmes discovers that the mural was painted by a former student at the school named Conrad Woodbine. It contains a Myristica tree which produces the nutmeg spice. Woodbine was a crime scene cleaner but quit years before and now owns an expensive building filled with art studios. The building superintendent shows them to Woodbine's studio where Holmes accuses him of being the cleaner. Woodbine leaves to call his lawyer and walks with a noticeable limp. With him out of the room, Kitty opens a locked cabinet and finds many bottles which contain the nutmeg concoction. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell and Gregson interrogate Woodbine and offer him a deal in exchange for details on the crime scenes he's cleaned. Woodbine won't cooperate, knowing that there's no evidence, other than the nutmeg smell, connecting him to the crime scenes. At the Brownstone, Holmes proposes looking at those that may have hired Woodbine, focusing on his first job.

S03E07-Woodbine in box
You helped disappear all of these people.
He's found that soon after Woodbine quit working for the city, a gang war between Armenians and Costa Ricans resulted in the disappearance of the Costa Rican leader and the smell of nutmeg at the scene. Holmes plans to speak to the Armenian leader at the time, Artem Dedekian, and Watson leaves to handle a personal matter. The next day at the precinct, Watson tells Holmes that she turned Santos' proposal down. Holmes explains that he wasn't criticizing her, just suggesting that she find a relationship which it true to her nature. Meeting Dedekian, Gregson offers him an immunity deal in exchange for information on who Woodbine cleaned for him. Police later raid Woodbine's studio but Woodbine is missing and there is a strong smell of nutmeg. Holmes checks the drain of a large sink and finds an artificial knee tendon. Remembering Woodbine's limp, Holmes believes he's been murdered and cleaned using his own concoction which is later confirmed.

S03E07-After Woodbine death
Our cleaner's been cleaned.
Holmes is puzzled how Woodbine was cleaned as he wouldn't make his methods known. Watson speculates that Woodbine had a partner. At the Brownstone, with no leads, Holmes starts to take down the evidence wall in order to stimulate fresh thought. Frustrated, he tells Kitty to take down the wall. Kitty sees a picture of Raymond Carpenter after his conviction and notices the superintendent of Woodbine's building in the background. Holmes tells her to scan the picture and send it to Watson so they can work on finding the connection. At Sing Sing, Watson and Holmes see Raymond Carpenter and tell him they know that his son, Jeremy, is Woodbine's building superintendent and was his secret partner in cleaning. They accuse Jeremy of killing and cleaning Woodbine at Raymond's orders. Raymond denies all their accusations until they tell him that they know some of those who hired Woodbine.

S03E07-Jeremy Carpenter green
So, we've seen him before.
Once the criminals who hired Woodbine hear that Jeremy was Woodbine's partner in cleaning and is being pressed by police for details of the crimes he cleaned up, they ask Raymond what he thinks will happen to Jeremy. They tell him that if Jeremy confesses and provides details of the crimes, he'll be protected in a white collar prison. Later at the Brownstone, Kitty listens to music in her bedroom. (♫ Titus Andronicus - Titus Andronicus ♫) Holmes turns down her music and shows her a news report of Jeremy's arrest. He congratulates her on her progress and contribution to the case and tells her she can play her music as loudly as she wants. Kitty changes her music to a classical piece she used to play on clarinet. (♫ Beethoven - Symphony No. 6 in F Major, Op. 68, "Pastoral": I. Allegro ma non troppo ♫) At her apartment, Watson has prepared dinner for Andrew who has returned from Denmark. Having set the table, she nervously waits for his arrival.

S03E07-Watson dinner
Waiting for Andrew.




I expect nothing, which is why I'm such an exceptional detective.

— Holmes