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"She's back son. And she wants what's hers."
Morland regarding Moriarty
Three young people exploring tunnels under NYC come across a darkened fallout shelter in which a masked man is standing over a table. Yelling at him, he runs off and they see a dead woman on the table. At the Brownstone, Sherlock greets his father Morland having recently given him the news of Mycroft's death. In the kitchen while handling Clyde, Morland tells Sherlock that he's been dismantling Moriarty's organization and that changes to his will need to be attended to. Called to a crime scene, Sherlock indicates he's done with grudges which pleases Morland. In the fallout shelter, Detective Bell tells Sherlock that the woman has been dead for days and her internal organs were removed and put into jars. As Sherlock examines the wounds on the woman and tools and materials left behind, such as honey and Levantine wine, he concludes that the woman was being mummified.

S06E10-Holmes and mummy
There is a more cogent scheme at work.
At the 11th Precinct, Captain Gregson introduces Merrick Hausmann, an expert on Egyptian antiquities. Having looked at the woman, Hausmann agrees with Sherlock that she was being forged as a mummy with the intent of being sold as a female pharaoh named Sobekneferu. Her mummy was never found and is worth $100M. However, Hausmann believes that the woman wasn't murdered but taken from a funeral home or hospital. At the Brownstone, Sherlock tells Watson that he disagrees with Hausmann and believes the woman was killed. For authenticity, he believes that one of her wounds was made by an Eygptian sword, a khopesh. Sherlock uses one on a ham hock and sees that the wound is identical, but was made by a strong man with expertise using a khopesh. Holmes believes he knows how to find who used the khopesh. They also discuss their grief about Mycroft's death including moving his body from New Zealand.

S06E10-Holmes cuts hamhock
I think the forger and the killer are two different people.
At a gym that teaches fighting with ancient weapons, Bell tells the owner about the case and the khopesh while watching students spar. Indicating he believes that the murder wasn't committed by a student, Bell notices that one of the instructors has been listening to him intently. When Bell indicates the instructor, Blaine Geary, is a suspect, Geary lunges at Bell with a sword and stops when Bell pulls his pistol and threatens him. At the precinct, Geary admits to killing the woman with a khopesh and also three others for a person he knows only as "the Theban", who is a master forger. Communicating only via self-deleting texts, Geary says that he'd get a description of the desired victim in the past but the woman he killed with a khopesh, Mischa Farrell, was specifically asked for. Looking at a picture of Farrell on-line, he notices that she doesn't look Egyptian which leads him to believe the murder was a hit.

S06E10-Bell pulls gun
At the Brownstone, Holmes has found that Farrell had no record and was a graphic designer of art books and catalogues. She received a large payment from a law firm which Sherlock asks Watson to investigate while he meets his father to revise his will. Bell and Watson question the head of an art auction house, Armand Venetto, who admits that he harassed Farrell and paid a settlement. He's grateful towards Farrell as the lawsuit resulted in a lifestyle change which he provides evidence of. He's dealt with Farrell extensively since the lawsuit, doesn't know who the Theban is but mentions that Farrell had a bad break-up with her girlfriend, Ricky. At the precinct they question Ricky who despite the breakup, still loved Farrell and says that they talked the day she went missing. Farrell wanted Ricky, a former art prodigy, to help find a master forger known as "Van Faux" from his paintings. A forger of Dutch masters, Farrell wanted all his forgeries and his identity exposed which may have resulted in her death.

S06E10-Auction house
Everything's been strictly professional between us.
Outside Morland's lawyer's office, Morland thanks Sherlock for helping revise the will. Sherlock notices a man across the street and waits until Morland's car arrives. At the Brownstone, Watson has put up pictures of all the known Van Faux paintings which include new paintings that are passed off as undiscovered originals. Sherlock mentions that a man is stalking Morland and that he'll be focusing on apprehending him. As Sherlock sketches a picture of the stalker, Watson tell him that she's looking into the materials Van Faux would use. Sherlock suggests that Van Faux may be buying lesser known 17th century works which he strips and then paints forgeries over. Bell and Gregson confront Jasper Wells at his studio, having found that he's bought older paintings, and serve him a search warrant. Indicating they believe he's a forger, he guesses that Farrell pointed them in his direction. He's shocked to learn of her death and says that she's his daughter.

S06E10-Wells studio
I would never have harmed her.
At the precinct, Wells confesses that he is Van Faux and explains that Farrell grew up watching him paint and recently realized he was the forger. She was proud of his work and wanted him to go public but when he refused, she set out to prove it. When she wouldn't relent, he kept trying to dissuade her, afraid that she was in danger from those who had bought his paintings believing they were genuine. Learning how Farrell died, he recognizes it as the work of The Theban but the only clue he can provide is that The Theban is rumored to have found a way to beat carbon-14 dating. Later, Holmes and Watson tell Gregson that they've looked into works forged by the Theban and found they all used the same authenticater, Professor Hausmann. Believing he's The Theban's partner, Bell is sent to find Hausmann and discovers he's been shot and is in the hospital. Arriving at the hospital to find Hausmann died in surgery, Watson looks at his records and noticing lung scarring that is caused by artificially aging metal, concludes Hausmann was The Theban.

S06E10-Hausmann green
He was The Theban.
Watson believes The Theban was a middle man who was hired to kill Farrell and they should be looking for someone who purchased Jasper's paintings and would stand to lose a lot if the forgeries were exposed. Holmes receives a text and leaves to deal with the stalker. From tracking Hausmann's financial transactions, Bell is able to confirm that he was a middle man. Learning from Jasper that he deals with middlemen when selling his paintings, Watson believes that the killer is someone who helped sell the forgeries, not a buyer of them and asks to see Jasper's middleman list. Assassin Vanja Borozan arrives in his hotel room to find Sherlock waiting for him. Informing Borozan that MI6 has blocked his escape routes, Borozan admits to being hired to kill Morland but not to killing Mycroft. When threatened to give up who hired him, he throws himself out a window and plunges to his death.

S06E10-Sherlock confronts Borozan
You prefer your murders to look like accidents.
At his studio, Wells offers Venetto several forgeries at a special price which Venetto accepts and wires the money. Leaving the studio, Venetto is confronted by Bell and Watson. With a surveillance warrant, they've tracked the funds he just sent to Wells as being from the same account used to send money to Hausmann, who then sent money to Geary to pay for murdering Farrell. Also accusing him of shooting Hausmann, he admits that Farrell's book on Van Faux forgeries would have resulted in his death from angry art buyers. Claiming that killing Farrell was a form of self-defense, Bell still arrests him. At the Brownstone, Sherlock fills Morland in on Borozan's plot to kill him. Morland expected an attempt on his life but not so soon. He explains to Sherlock that Moriarty recently escaped from FBI custody and that she wants her former role back as head of the organization that Morland is leading and dismantling.

S06E10-Sherlock Morland shes back
One final problem to face.



Don't! Whoa, whoa. Have you seen Raiders of the Lost Ark? Doesn't go well for the guy with the sword.

— Detective Bell to Blaine Geary

Finding and identifying this man will require a detective, and while my father has a virtual Death Star at his disposal, I have little faith in the investigative arm of his group.

— Sherlock

Oh you will answer. Either to me or to the servants of the Queen.

— Sherlock to Vanja Borozan



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