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"The great love of my life is a homicidal maniac. No one's perfect."
— Holmes
In the Brownstone's bathroom, Watson finds the Stanley Cup in the tub. Holmes explains that he found it for sale on the Dark Web, was trying to determine if it is the real Cup by measuring its density but, he removes it so Watson can shower. In the subway, two pickpockets find an elderly man in a tuxedo stabbed in the chest with a screwdriver and call 911. Exiting a concert, Detective Bell and his girlfriend, Detective Shauna Scott make plans for the evening until they are both called to the crime scene. Arriving separately, Shauna and Bell don't reveal their relationship to Holmes and Watson as they examine the body, identified as Judge Dennis Vaughn. In NYC for a fundraiser for the New Jersey (NJ) governor's re-election, Holmes deduces the hotel Vaughn stayed at and that he'd recently had sex. While Bell plans to get the list of those at the fundraiser to identify who the judge was with, finger prints are found on the screwdriver which Holmes can see are from a woman.

S03E22-Judge crime scene
He met with a passionate death at the hands of a woman.
At the 11th Precinct, one of the governor's staffers, Loretta Nichols, admits to Captain Gregson, Holmes and Watson that she was at the fundraiser and had been secretly sleeping with Vaughn for years. However, she has an alibi as after Vaughn left the hotel, she met a friend, Andrea Schuster, for a drink. Bell interrupts Nichols' questioning to report that the prints on the screwdriver have been traced to a convict, Nikki Moreno, who escaped from Pemberton Women's Correctional Facility in NJ days before. At Pemberton, which is a for-profit prison operated by Reform Enterprises (RE), Deputy Warden Trey McCann indicates to Bell, Holmes and Watson that Moreno was a troublemaker. With many security cameras not operating, they haven't been able to determine how Moreno escaped. While Holmes examines the prison grounds, Bell and Watson check Moreno's cell. Watson tells Bell she knows he and Shauna are dating, which he admits to and is happy about.

S03E22-With McCann
Guys at R.E. only care about the bottom line.
Watson finds a poetry book signed by a Jeff, and noting that no Jeff visited Moreno nor were listed in her known associates, Watson decides to investigate it further. Later at the Brownstone, while Holmes attempts to taste if the Cup is real, Watson has discovered that a prisoner rights lawyer, Jeff Harper, gave the book to Moreno. Noting Holmes is reading a report from Shauna, Watson asks his opinion of her which leads Holmes to reveal that he knows her secret. Believing it to be that Shauna is dating Bell, Watson is shocked when Holmes says that Shauna is secretly an Internal Affairs (IA) detective. After Holmes explains how he came to know Shauna works for IA, Watson relates that Shauna is dating Bell and realizes that she'll have to tell Bell to protect him. McCann texts his wife that he's getting pizza. The next texts say to send police, that Nikki says hi and McCann's phone is seen beside his dead body.

S03E22-Holmes Watson discuss Shauna
How can you be so casual about this?
At the precinct, Gregson informs them that a 9mm pistol was used to kill McCann and despite searches by many law enforcement agencies, Moreno hasn't been found. Bell and Watson question Jeff Harper who denies helping Moreno escape and doesn't know her whereabouts. While deploring the conditions at for-profit prisons, he shows them a motion he prepared to have Moreno's sentence reduced. Puzzled why Moreno would escape and commit several murders when she was close to being released, they leave Harper's office and Watson tells Bell about Shauna. Bell meets Shauna at a bar and expresses his anger at discovering that she secretly works for IA and didn't tell him. (♫ Scott Weiland & the Wildabouts - Way She Moves ♫) Accusing her of being a rat, she counters with an incident in which Bell turned in a crooked commissioner. Feeling his trust in her has been betrayed and ruined their relationship, Bell walks out.

I'm not in anyone's pocket, okay?
At the Brownstone, Holmes has created an elaborate model of Pemberton in the library while Watson reports that Harper indicated that Moreno was forced into an unpleasant work detail. Telling Holmes about the computer recycling detail that exposes the inmates to toxins without protection, Holmes remembers that by Moreno's records, she asked for the detail. Realizing one of them is lying, Holmes says he knows where to find Moreno. At Pemberton with Bell and Watson, Holmes walks through the recycling area in which computer parts are put into bins for disposal and see how easily a screwdriver with Moreno's prints on it could have been obtained. Walking outside, Holmes opens several bins and finds Moreno's body inside one. By the pickup schedule for the bins, Holmes sees that Moreno died before Judge Vaughn and says that McCann killed her. At the precinct, they show Gregson photos of the Moreno crime scene where a garrotte and McCann's prints were found.

S03E22-Holmes w jail model
I know how I'd escape. I've found 11 different ways.
Indicating the bin would have been buried in a landfill in two days and that McCann was on duty when Judge Vaughn was murdered, they've found that McCann was fired from another NJ for-profit prison company, CAG. Believing that McCann worked for criminals incarcerated at CAG who wanted Vaughn dead, Bell and Holmes question a CAG executive, Perry Franklin, at his office. Franklin won't provide details why McCann was fired until threatened with media exposure. He then allows them to review hard copies of McCann's work files but insists none leave the premises. The files show he was fired for favors towards prisoners from a Russian gang, the Zaleskys. Discussing what happened with Shauna, Holmes comments that everyone he works with now has no love in their life, just like him. Despite her working for IA, Holmes encourages Bell to give his relationship with Shauna another chance.

S03E22-At CA
I have Watson. You deserve more.
Back at Gregson's office, Watson reports that the Zaleskys had no activity in Judge Vaughn's district and have no motive to kill him. As it's an election year, Gregson is receiving a lot of pressure from the NJ governor's office to solve the case. Holmes theorizes that the murders were intended to create a political nightmare for the governor. An Internet search shows that campaign manager of the biggest election threat to the governor is Andrea Schuster, Loretta Nichols' alibi. Confronting Nichols are her office, she is outraged of being accused of being part of a plot to kill her lover and betray the governor. Showing the work she's done to deal with the PR nightmare the murders have caused, she mentions that the governor had to sever ties with RE, which stopped him from awarding a contract for another prison to them. Asking what company was awarded the contract, Holmes says a killer may work for it.

S03E22-In Nichols office
We just want to make sure we have our facts straight.
At Franklin's office, Gregson introduces himself and Franklin confirms that CAG won the prison contract. Accusing him of murdering Vaughn and arranging for McCann to kill Moreno in order to cause the scandal and win the contract, Franklin orders them to leave. Showing him a photo that he was at the fundraiser with Vaughn, he's informed that a search warrant was executed on his home, his 9mm pistol was found and NJ police arrest Franklin. Bell meets Shauna outside her precinct, apologizes and says he'd like to get back together with her. However, Shauna has reflected on Bell's accusations and tells him that she's quitting the precinct to work at IA full-time. She says she'll need some time before they can resume their relationship. That evening, a forlorn Bell arrives at the Brownstone and commiserates with Holmes. Throwing cards into the Stanley Cup, which Holmes has confirmed is real, Bell turns down an opportunity to meet one of Holmes' paramours and enjoys the distraction.

S03E22-Franklin finale
RE's loss these last few days has been your considerable gain.



  • Holmes mentions the administrative hearing held to determine if he and Watson could continue their relationship with the NYPD.[1]
  • Shauna Scott compares her work for Internal Affairs to Bell turning in Deputy Commissioner Frank Da Silva.[2]


If it is the real cup, I shall return it to the National Hockey League with all due haste. If not, Clyde has a new wading pool.

— Holmes

The great love of my life is a homicidal maniac.

— Holmes


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