S03E22-Watson Holmes Stanley Cup

"The Best Way Out Is Always Through"
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Season: Three — Episode: 22
Director: Michael Slovis — Writer: Arika Lisanne Mittman — Aired: April 30, 2015 — Viewers (millions): 7.03
Summary: When a judge is murdered, Holmes and Watson become involved in the interstate search to find the prime suspect, an escaped convict from a privatized prison. Also, when Holmes applies his deductive reasoning to Detective Bell's new relationship, the romance hits a rough patch. Holmes buys a Stanley Cup and tests if it's the real one.


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The great love of my life is a homicidal maniac. No one's perfect.
— Holmes



"If it is the real cup, I shall return it to the National Hockey League with all due haste. If not, Clyde has a new wading pool."


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