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"I'm no detective, but I do have resources and contacts."
— Morland to Sherlock
Executive Ethan Parris walks in Mannahatta Park, with headphones on, listening to music. (♫ O.C. Smith - Little Green Apples ♫) Panicked people run past, bumping into him and confused, he walks around a building corner into a scene of carnage and is shot by a sniper. At the Brownstone, Sherlock is fulfilling an obligation to Everyone until interrupted by the arrival of Morland. Having not been able to get a hold of Sherlock, since Everyone locked his phone, Morland brings Sherlock's attention to a news report of the sniper attack and says he knows who the sniper is, Pierre Gagnier. At the building the sniper used, owned by Zyckner Williams, Detective Bell and Captain Gregson examine the sniper rifle on a vacant floor. The rifle isn't registered and Watson calls that after examining security footage, she's found neither the rifle nor any suspects and, the building had tight security. Gregson asks her to get a hold of Sherlock.

S04E06-Gregson Bell sniper rifle
It had to go through a metal detector in the lobby.
At the Brownstone, Morland says that one of his clients wanted to use a sniper to kill a bureaucrat in India. Morland refused and a rival took his client who hired the sniper and killed 13 people. Morland paid a mole in a criminal organization to reveal who the sniper was and, watching a video of the NYC attack, they see that the sniper alternated killing and wounding people, the same as the India attack. Indicating that Sherlock can't tell the NYPD about Gagnier, as it will reveal his mole, Morland offers to help prove Gagnier's involvement. He admits this will benefit him with business in India and, says they only have hours to find Gagnier. Morland arranges a meeting with Bill Wellstone, the CEO of Dynastic Energy, the company Parris worked for. Wellstone and lawyer Joel Fitzgerald indicate that Parris was working on a $2B dam deal in Peru and was heading to Zyckner Williams, who represent Peru in the dam deal. Asking for access to Parris' work, Wellstone refuses until Morland threatens to interfere with the dam deal.

S04E06-Bill Wellstone
Now that is how you deliver a threat.
With Sherlock's phone still locked, Watson can't get a hold of him as he and Morland confront Donald Pruitt of Zyckner Williams. Having reviewed Parris' emails with Pruitt, they accuse his company of arranging the sniper attack. Pruitt denies their accusation and indicates he was winning the negotiations. He also points out the route that he and Parris would take to each other's offices which is not where the sniper attacked. Outside Pruitt's office, Sherlock unlocks his phone and calls Bell for a list of the victims. Hearing that a Frank Bova was the first person shot and ate lunch in the park everyday, Sherlock tells Morland that Frank was the target, even though he was a plumber. Questioning Frank's wife Amber at her home, she's baffled why Frank would be a target and mentions that he did plumbing work near Wall Street. After Sherlock examines Frank's phone, he and Morland leave in a limo where Sherlock reveals he found a tracking program on the phone.

S04E06-Holmes Amber Bova
Nobody gets shot over toilets.
As Sherlock snidely asks if Morland has a testosterone deficiency, as he comforted Amber, he also finds the location that Frank's phone began to be tracked. At a Turkish bath house, they show the manager pictures of Frank and Gagnier but the manager refuses to confirm they were there. After Sherlock is unsuccessful in bullying the manager into cooperating, Morland succeeds by bribing him. Watson catches up with Sherlock at the Brownstone where he tells her that the credit card Gagnier used at the baths was also used at hotel. He's informed Gregson who is on route to the hotel with an ESU team. From the building surveillance videos, he shows her when Gagnier entered. However, Gagnier isn't carrying anything so Sherlock hopes he'll reveal who smuggled the rifle into the building. Watson is also surprised that Sherlock speaks positively about his day with Morland.

You are a man who can be bribed.
At the hotel, an ESU team member is shot through the door of Gagnier's room. Busting in, they find he's gone out the fire escape. At street level, Bell and Gregson round a corner and find Gagnier fell off the escape and plunged to his death. At the Morgue, Sherlock rues that Gagnier died before he could help their case while Bell invites him and Watson to look through Gagnier's effects. While examining Gagnier's items, Sherlock reveals he's deduced that Morland bribed the D.A. so that he and Watson could return working with the NYPD. Watson finds that Gagnier partially filled in a Sudoku puzzle which Sherlock realizes is a Swiss bank account. At the Brownstone, Morland, Sherlock and Watson talk to Interpol Agent Lukas Muller via video chat, who Morland has used in the past. Muller provides details of the account transactions which shows it was used to pay Gagnier.

S04E06-Sniper killed
Hawes said he died instantly.
Payments were made by a shell corporation which he's traced to Dynastic Energy, but he wasn't able to discover who made the payments. Sherlock gives Watson the details of his and Morland's visit to Dynastic and realizes cooperation was given because they were asking about the wrong target in the sniper attack. Joel Fitzgerald is brought to "the box" at the precinct and accused of hiring Gagnier. The tracking software on Frank's phone showed he visited a motel near Fitzgerald's home. Frank met Fitzgerald's wife Sarah while renovating his home and he is shown pictures of them at the motel. Fitzgerald is furious at his wife and seems genuinely surprised to learn of the affair. However, he doesn't admit to hiring Gagnier. Morland visits Wellstone and asks him to provide the records that Fitzgerald paid Gagnier.

S04E06-Muller on screen
Truly above and beyond this time.
When Wellstone refuses, claiming it's his duty to protect one of his employees, Morland threatens to end the Peru dam deal. Wellstone still won't cooperate and Morland realizes he authorized the payments to Gagnier. Morland says that Wellstone has had affairs with many of his employee's wives. He suspects he hired Gagnier to shoot Frank after learning of the affair Sarah was having with him, while she was also having an affair with Wellstone. While not admitting to the crime, Wellstone asks what Morland wants. Morland says he'll do business with Dynastic when it has a new CEO, which he says will be soon. Morland fills Sherlock and Watson in on his suspicions regarding Wellstone's motive but without any proof, their case is at a standstill. Morland leaves and despite not having slept in days, Sherlock insists on reviewing the materials. Still puzzled how the rifle was smuggled into the building, he notices there's a blade of grass beside a shell casing in one of the crime scene photos.

S04E06-Morland threatens Wellstone
To keep yourself out of prison, no price would be too high.
Recognizing the grass variety is used on golf courses, he realizes how the rifle was smuggled into the building. Wellstone and his lawyer are brought to the precinct where a video of him bringing a golf bag into the building on the day of the attack is shown. Able to get past security as he is a golfing buddy with the building's manager, he smuggled the rifle in the bag and took it to a waiting Gagnier. Wellstone claims the golf bag was a present for a Zyckner Williams staffer but he's told the bag was handed over to police. Gun oil matching that on the sniper rifle was found inside the bag. He's also told that Sarah will be testifying against him at his trial. Having flown from Europe, Agent Muller tries to extort money from Morland else, he'll tell Sherlock why Morland is really staying in NYC. Morland tells Muller who his predecessor was, which terrifies Muller, who apologizes and leaves.

S04E06-Morland threatens Lukas
Lukas. Call me Mr. Holmes.



  • Sherlock refers to his beating of Oscar Rankin[1] while Watson believes Morland told Sherlock that he bribed the D.A. to absolve Sherlock of the assault charge.[2]


Tell me, Lukas how are your daughters? Go back to Paris. Go back tonight. And both of us will forget we ever had this conversation.

— Morland threatening Agent Muller



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