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"And you even made a friend, something that Kathryn claimed in her article was virtually impossible. Me. I'm talking about me."
— Watson to Holmes
At the Brownstone, Holmes sits shirtless while two scantily-dressed women cavort in front of him. (♫ Sam and the Womp - Bom Bom ♫) They restrain him to the chair with handcuffs and then shut off the music and announce they are robbing him. One asks where the valuables are and as Holmes banters, she threatens him with steel claws. Holmes then says that he's heard rumors of two prostitutes who rob their clients. He calls out and Detective Bell and several officers emerge. Holmes rises from the chair, having picked the handcuffs, and asks if he can keep them. In the morning, while Holmes practices his single-stick on Bob in the kitchen, Watson tells him she needs to go to her apartment to deal with a problem. He's puzzled why she maintains an apartment when she lives with her clients but she insists she needs her own space. She leaves while Holmes works out some frustrations on Bob.

S01E14-Holmes and strippers
Never been robbed by people in their underwear before.
At a hospital, a Department of Corrections van arrives to deliver notorious serial killer Howard Ennis, who is donating a kidney to his critically ill sister Patricia. (♫ Black Sabbath - Hand of Doom ♫) Ennis remains restrained until he is on the operating table, when the doctor asks the corrections officer to remove the handcuffs to accommodate the IV anaesthetic. Ennis' eyelids close and his heart rate slows. No one in the room notice that a scalpel has been lifted from one of the surgical trays. Then one of the nurses notices a strange swelling in Ennis' arm, and realizes that the IV needle is not in his vein. Ennis bolts up from the table and stabs the doctor with the scalpel and then slashes the corrections officer's throat. Ennis then takes the officer's pistol and shoots the remaining medical staff.

S01E14-Ennis attack in hospital
Ennis attacks.
At the crime scene, Watson discusses what she knows about Ennis who Holmes demeans. Holmes deduces how Ennis was able to fool the medical staff, by pulling the IV needle out of his vein and putting it under the skin and slowing his heart rate with practiced mediation. Then he stole medical scrubs to make his escape. Captain Gregson indicates that Ennis wrote "SHEDIR" in blood before leaving. Holmes identifies it as a star in the constellation Cassiopeia, but remarks that it is a rather obvious clue. He is then upset to hear that the FBI has sent profiler Kathryn Drummond who is giving an interview to the press. He informs Watson that he and Drummond worked together when an American serial killer came to London. Holmes detests profilers and comments that he is different from them in that he deduces. After introducing Watson to her, Holmes trades barbs with Drummond including mentioning that she was sued for libel by Ennis for allegations she made in her book about him.

S01E14-Hospital crime scene
It's a serial case. The FBI is here too.
Gregson and Holmes question Ennis's sister, Patricia, in her hospital room. Dying of kidney failure, she says she's had no contact with Howard since he was sent to prison, and doesn't know where he might be. She sees Drummond's interview on TV and is grateful she's involved. Watson enters her apartment to see her landlord, Bruce, hunched over the radiator, taping up the air valve. He says the issue is that the guy she sublet her place to, Cooper, has been making porn films in her apartment. Arriving back at the 11th Precinct, Watson finds Holmes lying on a table in the conference room, staring up at the ceiling, where he has superimposed a diagram of Cassiopeia onto a map of the city. She explains her apartment problem and says she has to move. The star Shedir corresponds to a location in NYC, but Holmes has not shared the information with Gregson as he believes this is a misdirect from Ennis. He also admits that he and Drummond were sex partners.

S01E14-Watson Bruce in apartment
When I hear it, I know I'm home.
Holmes confronts Drummond while she's talking to Gregson on the Shedir clue and is surprised to find that Drummond agrees it's a misdirect. In a convenience store, Howard Ennis waits behind a tall, blond woman, the type he'd murdered in the past. After smiling at her, he shoots the clerk and another customer in the store. He has the blonde woman take his picture while he poses with a newspaper that has his picture on the cover. At the crime scene, an embarrassed Drummond tries unsuccessfully to explain Ennis' actions as her profile indicated he'd leave NYC and continue killing blonde women. Holmes ponders what message Ennis' actions is conveying. That evening, Watson confronts Cooper at her apartment. A documentary filmmaker, he turned back to making porn to pay the bills. Learning he made porn in the past, Watson storms out.

S01E14-Ennis points gun
Will you do me a favor?
Watson returns to the Brownstone to find Holmes looking through the evidence. She knows why Holmes detests Drummond so much, because of an article she wrote on him called "The Deductionist" in which she profiled him. Holmes says that Drummond wanted to learn his methods but this was a cover for gathering info. The betrayal was difficult for him to take but not as much as her correct prediction of his drug use. The next morning in Gregson's office, Ennis calls. Before Ennis can explain what he's up to, Holmes interrupts as he's deduced that Ennis' actions are meant to humiliate Drummond. Ennis compliments Holmes and explains that Drummond's allegations that attributed his killings to abuse by his father wasn't true. He blames Drummond for his father's suicide and says he'll stop killing if he's given Drummond and he hangs up. Ennis' call is traced to a warehouse filled with trophies from past victims. Drummond believes there's a clue there to Ennis' next actions while Holmes insists Ennis is showing them his past and proving he can become "profile-proof."

S01E14-Mannequin scene
This room represents who he was, not who he is.
Outside the warehouse, Holmes confronts Drummond about the sexual abuse allegations in her book. She's evasive about the source and justifies her actions by saying that abuse was a factor in all cases she's dealt with. Holmes points out that she's spurred Ennis on to commit eight murders since his escape. That evening at the Brownstone, Holmes discusses Drummond's allegations with Watson who wonders if he wants to prove Drummond wrong because of her profile of him. She points out that while she predicted his drug use, she didn't predict he'd recover and make a friend, which Drummond said was impossible for him. Watson then sees that Holmes is watching the porn that Cooper made in her apartment. He points out numerous continuity errors with a clock which makes Watson notice something else. The next morning, Holmes wakes Watson as they've been called to a disturbance at Patricia Ennis' home.

S01E14-Holmes wakes Watson
Shall I select your undergarments as well?
Rocks were thrown through Patricia's window as the media exposed that she was Howard's sister. Looking at the kitchen, Watson is surprised to see it stocked with food that would be detrimental to someone with failing kidneys. Holmes finds essential oils and indications that Patricia has been ingesting it which would cause renal damage. They both realize Patricia damaged her kidneys intentionally and is working with Howard. At the same time, Drummond is speaking alone with Patricia in her hospital room. Drummond confesses that she made up the source that claimed that Patricia's father sexually abused Howard. Drummond's phone rings but she turns it off. As she continues to apologize, Patricia asks her to move closer and then stabs her with scissors. Having received a call, Bell bursts into the room too late and Patricia says he can arrest her.

S01E14-Drummond stabbed
She's working with her brother.
Confronted, Patricia admits that Howard contacted her months ago with a phone smuggled into the prison. The plan he proposed seemed apt revenge as Drummond had destroyed her family. Watson indicates that Drummond will likely survive. Gregson tells Patricia that she'll be going to prison for attempted murder and it's unlikely she'll receive a kidney transplant but, Patricia doesn't care. Bell appears with Gregson's cell phone, Ennis is calling again and has been patched through from the precinct. Ennis says he saw on the news that Drummond isn't dead yet and since she hasn't been handed over, he'll keep killing. Ennis hangs up and Holmes grabs a radio and tunes it. He tells Watson he needs to look into something and leaves. That evening, Ennis returns to his hideout and sees Holmes waiting. Holmes explains that in the background of his call, Holmes heard Ennis tuning a radio and based on the signal strength of the channels, he was able to find Ennis.

S01E14-Corridor w Patricia
At least I know I died trying to right a terrible wrong.
Holmes also says the reason he's alone is to challenge Ennis. They've both been profiled by Drummond and he wonders if Ennis can rise above what she's written about him. Ennis comments that Drummond believes Holmes will destroy himself but Holmes doesn't want to discuss himself. He says that Drummond profiled Ennis as a coward who will shrink away from a fair fight. He's laid Ennis' pistol and a pair of handcuffs on a table between them. He gives Ennis the choice to prove Drummond wrong and Ennis says that will give Holmes hope that she's wrong about him too. Holmes warns him that if he reaches for the gun, Holmes will reach for him. Ennis stares at Holmes, lunges for the pistol and Holmes cracks him on the knuckles with his escrima stick. Ennis crumples to the ground holding his hand and Holmes congratulates him for defying Drummond's profile.

S01E14-Ennis beaten
Technically only supposed to strike you in the pate.
Outside, Gregson watches as Ennis is taken away in handcuffs. Holmes emerges and assures Gregson that he called for backup as soon as Ennis entered the building. Gregson asks why it was so important for Holmes to confront Ennis alone. Holmes says he needed to learn something but it may take years before he knows the answer. Watson returns to her apartment where Bruce apologizes for having to evict her. Watson tells him that when she was watched the porn, she noticed that the tape on the radiator appeared and disappeared. She found the actors, who confirmed that Bruce was in the apartment while it was being shot and fixed the radiator. As her apartment is rent-controlled, he could charge higher rent if he was able to evict her. Participating in unlicensed filming is a crime which makes Bruce give in.

S01E14-Porn green
They called someone in to fix it.
Watson demands that he and Cooper put her things in storage and pay for a new couch to replace the one used liberally in the movie. Watson meets Holmes outside the hospital, where he reports that Drummond will make a full recovery. Holmes gives her a new spatula to replace hers that was used in the movie. He also gives her a new toothbrush which confuses her as she never saw hers used in the film. Holmes confirms as much and she asks what he did to her toothbrush. (♫ Moon Taxi - Square Circles ft. Matisyahu ♫) Holmes slides into a taxi and doesn't answer her repeated inquiries.

S01E14-Holmes Watson spatula
To replace the one desecrated by a sex act.



  • The episode appears to be inspired partly by Allan Legere, a murderer responsible for an escape when escorted to a hospital, then committing a killing spree for months before eventually being apprehended.
  • Kathryn Drummond appears to be inspired by Candice DeLong, a retired FBI agent with similar ambitions and publicity to Drummond.
  • First appearance of Holmes using a singlestick, and his practice dummy "Bob". This is a reference to Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes who also used the weapon. It was Jonny Lee Miller's idea to make the singlestick a part of Sherlock's backstory.[1]
  • While practicing in the kitchen, Sherlock exchanges his single-stick for an escrima stick. Escrima is a Filipino martial art that, unlike single-stick, allows the participants to strike any part of their opponent. The weapon that Holmes uses to subdue Ennis is his escrima stick, rather than his single-stick, which means he did not actually break any rules. Lucy Liu has studied Escrima since her early twenties.
  • Titled The Genius of Deduction in Russian.[2]