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"I refer to most of the detectives here as "not Bell.""

S06E15-Detective Grimes
Detective Grimes, who had a one-night stand with Watson.
The Detectives are police officers who are minor characters that appear in only one episode. Most are from the 11th Precinct. Detectives who have appeared in more than one episode or have had a major role in an episode such as Detective Bell, Gareth Lestrade, Detective Nash, Shauna Scott, Gina Cortes and Detective Guzman have their own page. "N.D." stands for "non-descript". The first detective appears in the episode "Pilot".


S01E01-Detective Abreu
Featuring: Javier Abreu

Detective Abreu is skeptical of Holmes' methods while investigating the murder of Amy Dampier. He's portrayed by Manny Perez.

S01E09-ND Detective
   "You Do It to Yourself"
Featuring: N.D. Detective

N.D. Detective asks Detective Bell to come to Brendan O'Brien's bedroom where they find the cell phone that was used to call Raul Ramirez, who killed Trent Annunzio. He's portrayed by Kevin Henderson.

S01E13-Detective Harris
   "The Red Team"
Featuring: Detective Harris

Detective Harris is assigned to guard Walter Dresden from a killer who is targeting an Army war game team, not knowing Dresden is the killer. Dresden knocks Harris out and holds him for ransom. He's portrayed by Robert C. Kirk.

   "The Deductionist"
Featuring: Detective

While Captain Gregson explains to Holmes why Kathryn Drummond has been summoned to work on the case of serial killer Howard Ennis, Detective interrupts and tells Gregson he has a phone call. He's portrayed by Christopher Burns.

   "Risk Management"
Featuring: Detective

At the 11th precinct, Detective interrupts Holmes and Watson discussing Wallace Rourke's attacker and asks Watson to report to Captain Gregson's office. He's portrayed by Sean Dougherty.

   "The Woman"
Featuring: Detective Muldoon

Searching for Duane Proctor, suspected of abducting Irene Adler, Muldoon is told by Gregson to stay with Duane's brother Isaac Proctor. Isaac shoots Muldoon in his bullet-proof vest and escapes. Muldoon suffers six broken ribs and a punctured lung. He's portrayed by Frank Deal.

S01E23-ND Detective
   "The Woman"
Featuring: N.D. Detective

While discussing why Isaac Proctor would abduct Irene, Gregson is interrupted by N.D Detective with a phone call from Holmes. He's portrayed by Kevyn Morrow.

S02E06-Detective Baskin
   "An Unnatural Arrangement"
Featuring: Craig Basken

Basken asks for Watson's help with a string of robberies and makes it clear that he doesn't want Holmes involved due to his rudeness. However, Holmes sees the case file and solves the robberies in a few minutes. He's portrayed by Peter Hermann.

   "On the Line"
Featuring: Detective

During Lucas Bundsch's polygraph test with Bell, they're interrupted by Detective that evidence has been found confirming that Allie Wabash committed suicide. He's portrayed by Howard W. Overshown.

S02E09-Detective Coventry
   "On the Line"
Featuring: Gerry Coventry

Coventry battles with Holmes over his handling of Lucas Bundsch's case and later threatens Captain Gregson with union action if Holmes isn't pulled off the case. He's portrayed by Chris Bauer.

S02E11-Detective Luntz
   "Internal Audit"
Featuring: Detective Luntz

Investigating the murder of Donald Hauser, Holmes leaves a message for reporter Rosalie Nunez. Finding her dead, Luntz calls Holmes and sarcastically asks him to come to Nunez's apartment as he has some "consulting questions" for him. He's portrayed by Robert Creighton.

   "The Diabolical Kind"
Featuring: Detective

After Kayden Fuller is kidnapped and her father killed, with police attending, her mother Allison receives a phone call. Detective notes that the caller ID is a question mark. He's portrayed by Jeffrey C. Hawkins.

S02E13-Detective Woszniak
   "All in the Family"
Featuring: Annie Wozniak

Wozniak is Bell's partner at Demographics. She accompanies him to an oil recycling facility where Bell finds a decapitated body with no hands. She's portrayed by Wendy Hoopes.

S02E14-Detective Park
   "Dead Clade Walking"
Featuring: Detective Park

After Watson and Gay find a very valuable dinosaur fossil that's placed in storage at the 11th precinct, Park tells Gregson that an officer from I.C.E. is looking for the fossil. He's portrayed by Adam McNulty.

S02E20-Detective Loughlin
   "The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville"
Featuring: Leslie Loughlin

From the 5-3 squad, Loughlin meets Bell, Holmes and Watson at a funeral home where Holmes shows her that a mortician was killed accidentally and Holmes finds a jewel thief pretending to be a cadaver. She's portrayed by Sue-Anne Morrow.

   "Enough Nemesis To Go Around"
Featuring: Detective Palmer

Part of the team assigned to protect Karen Lutz, who is scheduled to testify against Elana March, Palmer is killed in an elevator with Lutz. He's portrayed by Michael Louis Gibson.

S03E01-Reeling Detective
   "Enough Nemesis To Go Around"
Featuring: Reeling Detective

Reeling Detective is part of the team that discovers Karen Lutz and Detective Palmer dead in the elevator and wonders how it happened. He's portrayed by McKinley Belcher III.

S03E11-Detective Whitaker
   "The Illustrious Client"
Featuring: Detective Whitaker

After Melanie Vilkas is found dead with the same torture marks as Kitty Winter, Whitaker, from the 8th precinct, is questioned and rebuked for his lack of effort on Vilkas' missing persons case. He's portrayed by Murphy Guyer.

S03E12-DI Davies
   "The One That Got Away"
Featuring: Detective Inspector Davies

Before she met Holmes, at Scotland Yard, Kitty provides insights into the kidnapping of Latif Malak which Davies rebuffs. He's portrayed by Edward Baker-Duly.

S03E16-Detective Demps
   "For All You Know"
Featuring: Detective Demps

From the 3-5 squad and partners with McShane, he questions Holmes as a suspect in the murder of Maria Gutierrez. He later arrests Holmes based on false testimony. He's portrayed by Richard Brooks.

   "For All You Know"
Featuring: Detective McShane

From the 3-5 squad and partners with Demps, he questions Holmes as a suspect in the murder of Maria Gutierrez. He later arrests Holmes based on false testimony. He's portrayed by Aaron Serotsky.

S03E21-Two detectives
   "Under My Skin"
Featuring: Detective Bailey

With Detective Nash, Bailey questions Alfredo Llamosa as a suspect in multiple car jackings. He's portrayed by Kevyn Morrow.

S04E10-Homicide Detective
   "Alma Matters"
Featuring: Homicide Detective

From the 116th precinct, Homicide Detective shows Watson the crime scene in the murder of Dennis Hicks. Watson deduces that thieves who were robbing apartments across from Hicks' saw his murder. He's portrayed by Jack Gwaltney.

S04E12-Detective Ryan Dunning
   "A View with a Room"
Featuring: Ryan Dunning

A Narcotics detective undercover in the biker gang "Satan's Brood", Dunning and Detective Lisa Hagen hatch a scheme to rob the gang. After the robbery, Hagen kills Dunning. He's portrayed by Mark Menchaca.

S04E12-Detective Lisa Hagen
   "A View with a Room"
Featuring: Lisa Hagen

A Narcotics detective, working with Ryan Dunning, who is undercover in the biker gang "Satan's Brood", she kills Dunning after they rob the gang. She's portrayed by Zabryna Guevara.

S04E13-Detective Lydel
   "A Study in Charlotte"
Featuring: Detective Lydel

Initially denying Holmes access to a crime scene involving the poisoning of a professor and his students with mushrooms, Lydel and his Captain are amazed with Holmes' incredibly quick deductions. He's portrayed by Austin Durant.

S04E23-Detective 1
   "The Invisible Hand"
Featuring: Detective #1

While escorting Ruslan Krasnov at the 11th precinct, Detective #1 witnesses Officer Pennebaker of the 87th precinct shoot Krasnov and then commit suicide. He's portrayed by David Anzuelo.

   "Worth Several Cities"
Featuring: Detective

At the murder scene of David Densham, Detective shows Holmes that the Imperial Jade Seal of China was used to cave Densham's skull in. He's portrayed by Michael Mulheren.

S05E03-Detective Sybert
   "Render, and Then Seize Her"
Featuring: Detective Sybert

A member of the Long Island police, Sybert provides Bell and Watson with the file on the kidnapping of Beth Stone and watches a surveillance video of Beth's abduction with them and Beth's husband, Aaron. He's portrayed by Curtiss Cook.

S05E05-Gregson and Brooks
   "To Catch a Predator Predator"
Featuring: Detective Brooks

Brooks shows Captain Gregson and Holmes a video of a man being tortured into admitting he planned to have sex with a minor and indicates the torturer is pretending to be underaged girls on a dating website. He's portrayed by Alfredo Narciso.

S05E09-Detective Cosa
   "It Serves You Right to Suffer"
Featuring: Detective Cosa

Unwilling to accept Holmes' deductions in the murder of a gang member, she tells Holmes and Watson that analysis of prints on a gun will be delayed due to lab renovations. She later uses their offer of help to get the analysis done quicker. She's portrayed by Debi Mazar.

S05E11-NJ Detective
   "Be My Guest"
Featuring: New Jersey Detective

Believing that Darnell Langston is involved in kidnapping woman with Ryan Decker, NJ Detective helps Bell and Holmes raid the home of Langston's uncle, Lonny Tucker. He's portrayed by Burke Moses.

S05E11-Rockaway Detective
   "Be My Guest"
Featuring: Rockaway Detective

Rockaway Detective leads Gregson, Holmes and Watson to a huge blood stain on a beach. Believing it may belong to one of Ryan Decker's victims, it's later discovered it was Decker's blood, who was killed by his wife, Carrie Traub. She's portrayed by Ruthie Ann Miles.

S05E22-Gabe Acosta
   "Moving Targets"
Featuring: Gabe Acosta

In order to get Shinwell Johnson promoted in the drug gang SBK, so he can dismantle it, Watson provides Acosta with evidence that an SBK lieutenant, DaMarco Bridger, murdered a woman that Acosta is investigating. He's portrayed by Leroy McClain.

S06E03-Detective Mason
   "Pushing Buttons"
Featuring: Detective Mason

Head of the Property Crimes division and an expert on stolen artifacts, Mason helps Holmes and Watson track the sale of stolen Revolutionary War antiques in exchange for Holmes solving one of his cases, which he does in a few seconds. He's portrayed by James Monroe Iglehart.

S06E07-Older Detective
   "Sober Companions"
Featuring: Older Detective

After Hannah Gregson's roommate Maddie Williams is murdered by a serial killer, Captain Gregson pulls together a task force of which Older Detective is a member. He's been investigating the killer for three years. He's portrayed by Gilbert Cruz.

S06E07-Young Detective
   "Sober Companions"
Featuring: Young Detective

After Hannah Gregson's roommate Maddie Williams is murdered by a serial killer, Captain Gregson pulls together a task force of which Young Detective is a member. She's portrayed by Irene Sofia Lucio.

S06E15-Detective Grimes
   "How to Get a Head"
Featuring: Detective Grimes

Unexpectedly meeting Grimes at the front door of the Brownstone, Holmes discovers that he and Watson had a one-night stand. He's portrayed by Jason Alan Carvell.

S06E15-Detective Romero
   "How to Get a Head"
Featuring: Detective Romero

With Bell preparing to leave Major Cases for the US Marshals, Holmes and Watson suggest to Gregson that Romero would be a good replacement. However, Gregson disagrees as Romero is too comfortable skirting the law. She's portrayed by Elena Hurst.

S06E20-Detective 1
   "Fit to be Tied"
Featuring: Detective 1

Detective 1 allows Holmes access to the murder scene of Rachel Garner at a church used for support group meetings. He's portrayed by David Shih.

S07E01-Athelney Jones
   "The Further Adventures"
Featuring: DCI Athelney Jones

Jones is Holmes and Watson's supervising inspector at Scotland Yard. She doesn't like Americans and gives Watson a hard time. She's portrayed by Tamsin Greig.

S07E07-Bree Novacek
   "From Russia with Drugs"
Featuring: Detective Bree Novacek

Harassed by Captain Dwyer, with Gregson's support, she eventually reports Dwyer. She's portrayed by Emily Swallow.

S07E08-Owen Calabrissi
   "Miss Understood"
Featuring: Detective Owen Calabrissi

Calabrassi is a New Jersey State Police detective who secretly acted as a hitman for an owner of a large retail chian, Mack Leehoven. He's portrayed by Joseph Lyle Taylor.

S07E08-Detective Farrad
   "Miss Understood"
Featuring: Detective Farrad

Farrad is a Passaic County Prosecutor's Office detective who was assigned to the case of the murder of Heather Foley. She's portrayed by Marjan Neshat.

S07E08-Detective Ocasio
   "Miss Understood"
Featuring: Detective Ocasio

Ocasio is an undercover New Jersey State Police detective who was assigned to investigate a baby formula criminal ring. He's portrayed by Tramell Tillman.

S07E12-Suited Detective
   "Reichenbach Falls"
Featuring: Suited Detective

After Holmes is seemingly shot by Odin Reichenbach and falls off a bridge into a river, suited detective tells Detective Bell that the police scuba team is slackening the search. He's portrayed by Luis Moreno.