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"I'm not sure I am one of them."
— Holmes to Moriarty
As Watson goes on a date, Holmes retrieves letters he's written to Jamie Moriarty from the beehives on the roof of the Brownstone. He writes another letter, pondering why he doesn't understand nor engage in intimate relationships. A team of masked men break into an upscale home, shoots a man and then kidnaps a young girl named Kayden. Later, Captain Gregson takes Holmes and Watson through the crime scene. Kayden's mother, Allison Fuller, survived the break-in and discovered her husband shot dead. The phone rings and while police record the conversation, Allison is told by a man with a British accent to gather a $50M ransom and await further instructions. Holmes recognizes the man as one of Moriarty's lieutenants they had a previous dealing with. He tells Gregson that he's like to see Moriarty and find out what she knows about the kidnapping.

S02E12-Ransom call
My name hardly matters.
At the Brownstone, Holmes shows Watson his correspondence with Moriarty which he claims allows him to study her. Gregson calls that they've been cleared to see Moriarty. The next morning, at a black site in the Brooklyn Navy Yard, they are led into Moriarty's cell by the agent in charge of her, Ramses Mattoo. Moriarty has been afforded a special location for intel she's provided while the US and UK build a case against her. Besides art supplies and a newspaper, she is afforded little else. Led into her cell, she remarks on a huge painting she's made of Watson. Gregson explains why they are there and Holmes mentions her lieutenant. Moriarty denies she's behind the kidnapping but in exchange for concessions, she offers to provide information on her lieutenant and his associates. In a well provisioned bedroom, Devon Gaspar plays cribbage with Kayden. Leaving to speak with one of his men, John Clay, he reassures Clay that they'll hear from Moriarty soon.

S02E12-Moriarty's cell
I could give you his name of course.
At the 11th Precinct, Watson teases Holmes as to the real reason he's been writing Moriarty. To their shock, Moriarty is led into the precinct with Mattoo and his men. She informs them that one of her conditions to lending her help is working with them. In private in Gregson's office, Holmes believes allowing her outside her cell is idiotic. Mattoo explains the counter-escape measures they've employed, that she's had no contact with the outside world while in jail and if the NYPD doesn't accept her help, the FBI will. Moriarty provides sketches of Gaspar and his men, which Gregson releases to the NYPD only, and she insists on visiting the Fuller's house. Holmes wants to verify the information she's provided so Watson offers to accompany her. At the Fuller's, Watson and Moriarty politely spar about their relationship with Holmes. Watson believes Moriarty isn't sure if she's in love with him while Moriarty believes that Watson seeks validation from Holmes.

S02E12-Watson Moriarty at Fullers
Once I've figured you out, I'll move on.
At the Brownstone, Holmes reports that none of his international police contacts can verify Moriarty's information. Watson warns Holmes that although he was in love with Moriarty's persona Irene, she isn't to be trusted. Two officers are called to deal with a drunk man who shoots the officers. The man is one of Gaspar's henchmen. He and Gaspar take an officer's phone and see the sketches of them. A wounded officer shoots the henchman and Gaspar kills the officer. At the Morgue, the dead henchman matches one of Moriarty's sketches. Confused why they would take the officer's phone, Holmes deduces that Moriarty has embedded messages in the sketches. Confronted, Moriarty denies doing so. Gaspar calls the precinct and with Moriarty listening in, he indicates that they've been watching, know Moriarty is working with them and took the phones to see how much they'd been exposed. After allowing a frightened Kayden to speak, he hangs up. Holmes and Gregson end Moriarty's involvement in the case.

S02E12-Moriarty Matoo
Her time as a consultant is over.
At the Brownstone, Holmes has cracked Moriarty's messages which are GPS co-ordinates for an island near Norway. Watson comments that when listening to Kayden speak, Moriarty looked very angry. Holmes receives copies of the newspaper Moriarty received in jail, believing Gaspar used it to communicate with her. In her cell, Mattoo tells her the NSA cracked her code and she must wear electronic handcuffs as punishment. While Holmes tells Watson that he's sometimes hoped Moriarty would change, Moriarty tells Mattoo that she's devised many avenues of escape, including the use of glass from her paint jars to neutralize her handcuffs. Moriarty then chokes Mattoo with a cloth. From the newspaper, Holmes deduces that Gaspar is behind the kidnapping, the ransom is a ruse and that Kayden is Moriarty's daughter.

S02E12-Moriarty chokes Mattoo
I'd probably cut myself quite badly...
Playing cribbage with Kayden, they hear gunshots. Armed, Gaspar enters the hallway and finds Clay wounded and a henchman dead. Clay cries that Moriarty made him kill the henchman before she emerges, kills Clay and shoots Gaspar in the stomach. She explains how she found them and ominously indicates she has plans to hurt him further. At Moriarty's jail cell, Gregson explains how she escaped including digging implants out of his wrists and not killing Mattoo. Noting she's bleeding out and will need medical attention, Holmes receives a call from Moriarty beckoning him to her location and demanding the police wait outside. Holmes comes upon Moriarty sitting beside three dead bodies including Gaspar. Moriarty tells Holmes that Kayden has been re-situated. She didn't plan to have Kayden and placed her with the Fullers knowing that her career and motherhood wouldn't mix.

S02E12-Holmes Moriarty killed kidnappers
An indiscretion at the start of my career.
She suspects that Kayden's father revealed their relationship to Gaspar. The co-ordinates she gave Gaspar were a ruse to buy her time to eliminate him, though Gaspar was expecting to find a dossier of useful facts. She mentions much of the dossier was passed down to her by a mentor. She thanks Holmes for helping to find Kayden and that she has no desire to be a fugitive. Believing she'll be set free, she also mentions that Holmes' letters have affected her thinking, such as not killing Mattoo when she could have. Asking how Holmes has developed empathy, she collapses from blood loss. Holmes carries her outside for medical attention. (♫ Radical Face - The Crooked Kind ♫) At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that Moriarty is expected to recover. Taking her letters, he contemplates throwing them in the fire but decides instead to put them back in the hiding place in the beehives.

S02E12-Sherlock bee hiding place
Your letters have meant a great deal to me.



  • Another of Holmes' hiding places is revealed. He keeps the letters from Moriarty hidden in one of the beekeeping boxes.
  • Watson is seen going on a date made on TrueRomantix, a gift she received from Emily Hankins.[1]
  • Devon Gaspar is Moriarty's lieutenant that pretended to be her on the phone and "hired" Holmes and Watson.[2] [3]
  • The back door of the Brownstone is first seen.


The woman is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma I've had sex with.

— Holmes



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