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"Someone has been experimenting with time-dilating drugs."
— Holmes

Odin - Odin alarm goes off.

At the Brownstone, Alfredo shows Holmes a new car security system that has a talking alarm called Odin. Odin He asks for help beating the alarm and is distressed when Holmes declines going to a support group meeting. A nurse, Shauna Milius, arrives looking to hire Watson so Alfredo leaves but indicates he's hidden several Odin sensors around the Brownstone. Milius reports that a fellow nurse, Marissa Ledbetter, disappeared and police haven't been able to find her. Milius shows them the police file and Holmes notices that shortly after Marissa went missing, she used her credit card in Hell's Kitchen, quite a distance from where she worked and lived. Holmes takes the case and re-assures Milius. Odin Kitty meets Watson at the 11th Precinct and showing her the case file, Kitty explains that Marissa received a $150,000 payment from Purgatorium Inc. shortly before her death and, the company can't be traced.

Elementary s03e09
You have approached Odin...
Responding to a text from Holmes, they join him at a dumpster in Hell's Kitchen where Marissa's body is found. At the Morgue, Detective Bell is shown a list of dosages that was found on Marissa. Dr. Hawes reports that Marissa died of head trauma and strangulation and, has DNA under her nails that matches a Chris Jacoby. Bell remembers that Chris' wife, Sarah, filed a missing persons report on him a week before. Questioning Sarah at the precinct, she insists Chris wouldn't kill anyone and mentions they were struggling financially. Having brought Mason to the precinct, he finds Chris was in a park using city surveillance footage and facial recognition software. However, Chris looks wild and homeless in the footage. A park performer points Holmes and Watson to a wooded area she's seen him emerge from. Walking to the woods, Watson shows her concern for Holmes missing meetings which he dismisses.

S03E09-Bell Watson Mason Holmes
The match I found was something else.
Chris is found dead in the woods and Holmes discovers a journal hidden under a rock. At the Brownstone, they see that Chris' journal contains ramblings about being in a room for decades and what appears to be an account of him killing Marissa. Having been provided Chris' laptop by Sarah, Holmes finds that Chris received a $150,000 payment from the same company as Marissa. At the morgue, Dr. Hawes' autopsy shows that Chris' brain was destroyed and an unidentified chemical found in his system. Holmes believes that Chris was part of an illegal drug trial that Marissa was the nurse on. The list found on Marissa showed five dosages, indicating that four other people were given the drug, EZM-77, and are being murdered to cover up the drug trial. Bell and Watson report the findings to Gregson and plan to find other participants in the trial.

S03E09-Jacoby corpse
He considered its contents important enough to keep hidden.
At the Brownstone, Holmes reports that in exchange for delivering a treatise on a love triangle in a popular TV show, Everyone will provide the list of those that received payments from Purgatorium. The next day, Watson finds Holmes lying on the floor next to a case wall with pictures of the other four trial participants. (♫ Bach - Cello Suite No. 1 in G Major, BWV 1007: I. Prelude ♫) One participant, Spencer Redding, checked into hospital, died a day later and was found with the same brain damage as Chris. Before he died, he claimed to have lived much longer than his age. Two others have been reported missing. Holmes believes that EZM-77 causes "time dilation" in which years of neurological functions are crammed into a shorter period of time in the brain. Odin Kitty is looking for the fifth participant, Louis Carisle, who hasn't been to work in a week. A bartender where he works says that Carisle needed money to treat his mother's cancer and they deduce he is at her apartment.

S03E09-Kitty Holmes Watson Twilight
Everyone never gets tired of embarrassing you.
Although Carisle is very paranoid and says people are after him, they are able to talk him off the fire escape at his mother's apartment and take him to the precinct. Carisle describes the trial and that most interactions were done on-line. He indicates that after he took the drug, his left arm stopped functioning and when he called the company for help, people started following him. He confirms Marissa was their nurse and that he experienced time dilation. The only other person he saw was a man, who seemed to be in charge, and he is able to provide a description for a composite sketch. At the Brownstone, Holmes shows Watson that he's identified the man from the sketch as Dr. Dwyer Kirke, a leader in neurochemistry research. However, Watson is more concerned that Holmes isn't going to meetings. He reluctantly admits that he's depressed by the constant grind of maintaining his sobriety.

S03E09-Holmes Watson stairs
You'll keep me safe?
Having fallen asleep on the library couch, Holmes wakes Watson by playing the trumpet. Police have found vials of EZM-77 at Kirke's home but can't find him which Holmes believes he can remedy. With Bell, they surprise Kirke as he visits his aunt's nursing home. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell and Gregson interrogate Kirke who admits to running the trial and is very concerned that his research be preserved. Indicating that the illegal trial had to move quickly but not saying why, he takes responsibility for the deaths but refuses to reveal where the funding came from. Seeing Kirke's resolve, Holmes believes that the trial is personal to Kirke and that the company he works for didn't pay for the trial but a person did. At the Brownstone, Holmes shows Alfredo that Odin can be defeated using an electromagnetic pulse. Odin Appreciating everything Alfredo has done for him, he says he'll come to a meeting but doesn't know if he'll get anything out of them. Having found who funded Kirke's research, Holmes and Watson are shown into the palatial home of James Connaughton by his nurse Brett Won.

S03E09-Kirke in box
We had dosage problems. But this is incredible stuff.
Letting James know that a scholarship he set up paid for Kirke's education and upbringing by his aunt and, that EZM-77 was created for him, James calmly denies any involvement. Having been diagnosed with a terminal disease, Holmes cannot motivate James to admit guilt and he has his nurse take him to bed. Watson suggests that Won be brought to the precinct where the scale of the trial is made known to him. He reveals that he saw a contract for Purgatorium in James' safe and that two hitmen visited James who gave them the list of the participants. Accompanying Bell and police for James' arrest, Holmes and Watson find him in bed having taken a dose of EZM-77. His eyes twitching rapidly, James cannot be woken and Holmes speculates that he took the drug to experience as much time as possible in his remaining days. Watson tells Holmes that she can temporarily move back to the Brownstone but while appreciating her offer, Holmes says he will be fine.

S03E09-With Connaughton
It should elicit praise not threats of arrest.



Humiliation is the favorite currency of the hacker.

— Holmes regarding Everyone