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"You know, London is is my home. It, it means something to me. It's not just that I can't go back to New York. It's that I'm happy here. You know, it, it's where I want to be."
— Holmes

At night, a thief, "Beppo" breaks into 221B Baker St. Passing by Clyde's terrarium, he's surprised to find Holmes sitting in the dark. Holmes encourages him to do what he came for and Beppo smashes a bust of a royal wedding. Inside, is a black pearl which Beppo hid in the bust when it was drying. Accusing Beppo of destroying five busts, and strangling the owner of the fifth one, Holmes asks Beppo to give himself up. Beppo picks up a heavy ornament. Holmes stands, takes off his blazer and says Beppo won't land a single blow. Later at Scotland Yard, a badly beaten Beppo is taken down a hallway by two constables and passes by Watson.

You can stop me from leaving?

S07E01-Holmes w Beppo
I know I can.

As Holmes explains the history of the black pearl to an admiring DCI Athelney Jones, Watson arrives and is greeted derisively by Jones who critisizes her for not helping Holmes with Beppo. Walking on Baker St., Watson tells Holmes about the case she solved while Holmes was dealing with Beppo and she complains about Jones which Holmes tries to reassure her about. Former model Lola Quinn walks through a park, talking on the phone. She's approached by a man wearing a motorcycle helmet, which covers his face. He throws acid in her face and speeds away on a moped. At a hospital, Jones, Holmes and Watson find Lola sedated and Jones relates that she was a tabloid star. The head of plastic surgery, Dr. Garret Halsey relates Lola's condition and asks them to stop the trend of acid attacks that have been plaguing London. Jones asks Holmes and Watson to find Lola's attacker quickly.

S07E01-Jones Watson Holmes
I suppose you don't call football "soccer," either.
In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Detective Bell shows a man, Tony, evidence that he killed his wife while Captain Gregson watches. In the bullpen, a smiling Gregson congratulates Bell, who is leaving to be a U.S. Marshal. Bell opens a box which contains a Stetson hat and when Gregson learns it's from Holmes and Watson, his smile vanishes. At 221A Baker St., Kitty talks to Watson while she builds an evidence wall of Lola and Archie plays. Watson complains about Jones and that she misses Gregson. Despite Kitty's chiding, Watson won't admit she wants to go back to New York and confides that she gave up adopting a child, citing the dangers of being a detective and the incident involving Michael Rowan.

S07E01-Gregson Bell stetson
Because every good marshal needs one.
Watson is called by Holmes to a forest where the moped used by the man who attacked Lola has been found. A handle bar grip has been melted by acid and Holmes finds Lola's purse which also had acid poured on it, though her phone and wallet with cash in it, are found inside. Calling Jones that the motive behind the attack on Lola wasn't robbery, she reports that Lola committed suicide. At Scotland Yard, Jones relates that Lola's death has resulted in significant media attention and demands from her superiors to solve the crime. Besides a partial fingerprint found on the moped's melted handle bar, which is not in system, Lola's phone showed threatening messages from a paparazzo named Derek Casey. Casey is one of many reporters outside the yard and Jones brings him in for questioning.

S07E01-Holmes Watson Quinn dead
She jumped down a lift shaft.
Casey denies having anything to do with Lola's attack and provides an alibi. He indicates his messages with Lola were about pictures he took of her with Ruby Carville, owner of several tabloid papers. Rumored that Carville fools around on her husband with young women, Casey shows them the pictures, which he sold to Carville. In the hallway, noting Carville's vindictive reputation and many lawyers, Jones warns Holmes to not approach Carville until they have more evidence of her involvement in Lola's demise. Promising that he and Watson will stay away from Carville, Holmes sends Kitty to see her. Posing as a maid of Queen, Kitty couldn't get information from Carville about her relationship with Lola. Kitty also tells Holmes that Watson isn't happy living in London.

S07E01-Kitty Archie Holmes
She just stared at me a moment, daggers.
In Gregson's office, Bell tells the Captain that he knows that he's covering for someone in the murder of Michael Rowan but will keep it secret. Insisting that Gregson needs to make things right with Holmes and Watson, he encourages Gregson to apologize to them. Outside on Baker St., a delivery man gives Holmes and Watson a message from Ruby Carville asking them to meet with her. In a disused mansion, Carville relates that Lola was her daughter whom she had when she was in university. Taken straight from the delivery room, no one knew about their relationship. However, Lola did find out and re-connected with Carville in secret four years before. Carville helped her in many ways but indicates Lola had an abusive boyfriend, Farid Khan.

S07E01-Ruby Carville
She would never have exposed us.
At Baker St., having examined Lola's social media, Watson discovers that she hadn't posted a new photo for two weeks. After Holmes looks at the postings, he and Watson discuss her being unhappy living in London. He reminds her that by forbidding him from turning Hannah Gregson in for the murder of Michael Rowan and that FBI Agent Kim Mallick was determined to arrest Watson for his death, it left him with little choice but to falsely confess to the crime. Accusing Holmes of making her feel guilty, Holmes denies this motivation and expresses his happiness being in London which Watson doesn't share. In the elevator at the 11th Precinct, Gregson thanks Bell for his encouragement and says he's going to call Holmes and Watson to apologize.

S07E01-Watson in pink Holmes
Yeah, well, that makes one of us.
Called to 221B by Holmes, Watson finds a bartender, Chip, blending drinks beside Clyde and his terrarium. From the one new social media posting Lola made in the last two weeks, Holmes was able to deduce the hotel Lola was staying at. Chip works at the hotel and from him, Holmes learned that Lola had bandages on her face and it was the reason she was attacked. Dr. Garret Halsey is called to Scotland Yard where Jones, Holmes and Watson accuse him of performing the wrong surgery on Lola. He attacked her with acid in order to cover up the mistake. Claiming their accusations are baseless, he points at Jones, revealing that his index finger has a chemical burn which matches the fingerprint found on the moped with the melted handlebar grip.

S07E01-Garret Halsey
You failed to mention you operated on her.
Later at 221B, Watson finds flowers for her from Chip. Holmes starts to discuss Watson's unhappiness with living in London when they're interrupted by a call, seemingly from Captain Gregson. (♫ The Doppler Shift - Wilderness ♫) Answering it, Holmes finds Bell is using Gregson's phone. Bell reports that Gregson has been shot. Found on the street, there were no witnesses to the shooting and Gregson's prognosis isn't good.

S07E01-Gregson Bell hospital
They're not sure he's gonna pull through.


  • The Doppler Shift - Wilderness plays as Holmes and Watson hear from Detective Bell that Captain Gregson has been shot.



I'm the man who's going to bring you to justice.

— Holmes to Beppo

The Captain, he's been shot. It's bad.

— Detective Bell