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"I told you. I had one of these consoles growing up. I've played this game before."
— Watson
Alfredo visits the Brownstone for the first time since his kidnapping incident at the hands of Oscar Rankin and is greeted by Watson. Alfredo hasn't seen Holmes at any support group meetings and is checking to see if he's OK. In an apartment, a man tries to start a fire by turning on the gas stove and a heater. A neighbor calls that she smells gas so he turns off the gas, changes the battery in the smoke detector and starts a fire using gasoline which also burns a body lying on the floor. In the Morgue, the burnt body is identified as Eddie Ross by Detective Bell and Dr. Hawes indicates he was stabbed to death before being burned. The neighbor told Bell she smelled natural gas but they believe she's mistaken since gasoline caused the fire. Watson notes that the stab wound was caused by an archaeologist's trowel that didn't belong to Ross.

S04E05-Watson Holmes Hawes burnt body
Stabbed in the chest and incinerated.
Ross' ex-girlfriend, archaeologist Mila Benson, is questioned. She has an alibi and indicates that she lent Ross her equipment and truck. Ross was excited about a dig but didn't tell her any specifics. Benson's truck is found and at the 11th Precinct, the contents of Ross' dig are examined and consists of garbage from a landfill. Holmes believes Ross was searching for memorabilia and when Watson mentions Alfredo's visit, Holmes says that since his relapse, he's been going to different support group meetings. Finding an election card with an address and dated 1980, Watson realizes they can find out what landfill it came from. A neighborhood was built on top of the landfill so the area is canvassed for any dig sites. Talking to a townhouse super, Watson discovers that a dig is happening behind the buildings and calls Holmes and Bell to apprehend the digger.

S04E05-Watson Holmes garbage
"Reagan for President."
At the precinct, the digger, Tyler Eggert, indicates he learned from a discussion board where Ross was digging and, he has an alibi for when Ross was killed. An obsessed gamer, he explains he was looking for a rare 1980 video game, "Nottingham Knights", which the maker, Emery Vision, never released and dumped in a landfill. Each game is worth $10,000. At Alfredo's, Holmes explains he's been avoiding his old support routine as it reminds him of his relapse which includes going to the meetings Alfredo does. Holmes refuses to eat a specialty donut which Alfredo loves and brings to meetings. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes she met with the townhouse owner who didn't know who Ross was. Holmes has found that Ross often conversed on-line about finding the Nottingham Knights stash with a user known as "IntegerOverflow."

S04E05-Eggert interrogation
I wanted to see if Eddie found the games.
Having asked Everyone for help identifying him, they receive a package with a 1980's console and another Emery Vision game, "Swords of Saturn", instructing them to finish the game. After watching Holmes struggle with the game, Watson takes over and explains she played it with her brother as a kid. She wins and the game credits show the sound was created by IntegerOverflow, who is a Mr. Ostrin. They and Bell visit Ostrin who laughs when accused of killing Ross over the stash of Nottingham Knights games. He shows them the stash which he found years before and had the find videoed. He was leading Ross on a wild goose chase to keep interest in the game up so he could sell a copy every few months. Without a motive for Ross' murder, Watson proposes that Ross found something else that he was killed over. Captain Gregson sends a CSU team to the dig site to investigate.

S04E05-Watson wins
My hero.
At a support group meeting, Holmes sees the specialty donuts Alfredo loves and confirms they were at an earlier meeting. Watson exams records of companies who used the landfill Ross was digging in and discovers that a company, Corrigan Chemicals, was fined for dumping toxic chemicals in other sites. She and Bell visit the headquarters of the company that bought Corrigan and they learn that even if toxic chemicals were illegally dumped, their disposal becomes the responsibility of whoever owns the land. Bell and Watson realize the townhouse owner, Duncan Brice, may have had motive to kill Ross as his dig found toxic waste barrels. Brice and his lawyer are brought to the precinct where it's revealed that he lied about knowing Ross. The townhouses and dig site are part of the pending multi-million dollar sale and co-operation from the company that owns Corrigan reveal that barrels were buried on the land.

S04E05-Brice meeting
He had the expertise to identify the drums.
After conferring with his attorney, Brice admits to removing the barrels and was in the process of letting his buyer know about them. His alibi is security footage from a site he owns which checks out. Later at the Brownstone, believing that Brice hired Ross' killer, Watson discovers that four years previously, one of Brice's buildings was destroyed by fire and he received a large insurance payout. If it was arson and Brice re-hired the same arsonist, whom Ross walked in on when he was flooding the unit with natural gas, the arsonist may have killed Ross and then switched to using gasoline to burn Ross' body. However, they'd have to find the arsonist to prove their theory. Later, confronting Brice with a picture of the arsonist, Brice denies knowing him. However, the arsonist's fingerprints were found on the batteries of a smoke detector in both arson sites and he confirms that Brice hired him. Brice is arrested.

S04E05-Brice arrested
There was no damage to the smoke detector.
Later at Alfredo's, Holmes shows concern for Alfredo. Since Alfredo told Watson that Holmes hadn't been to any meetings at the places he used to go to and, seeing the donuts that Alfredo likes at other meetings, Holmes realizes that he must be going to many meetings. (♫ Howard (US) - Religion ♫) Alfredo confirms he has, but hid it from Holmes as he didn't want to add to Holmes' worries, having relapsed a month before. Admitting he's depressed, he doesn't want Holmes to think it's because of his kidnapping by Oscar Rankin. Holmes says that it would be good for him if he helped Alfredo and rebukes Alfredo for not being selfish when his sobriety is at stake. Not knowing what's causing his depression, Alfredo offers to make dinner and try and figure it out with Holmes.

S04E05-Alfredo groceries
You got plans tonight?


  • Howard (US) - Religion plays at episode end as Alfredo tells Holmes that he's struggling with depression.



Vintage rainbow suspenders. If there's money in stuff like this, I need to get to my parents' basement fast.

— Watson



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