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"You have this kind of pull. Like gravity. I'm so lucky that I fell into your orbit."
— Watson to Holmes
After bursting in on Mycroft and Watson, Sherlock explains that Mycroft is being framed for murder and that the gun used to kill MI6 asset Arthur West turned up with Mycroft's fingerprints on it. Disbelieving, Mycroft thinks Sherlock is making an excuse to interrupt him and Watson until Sherlock activates the remote starter on Mycroft's car which explodes. At a safe house, Sherlock believes a mole in MI6 is framing Mycroft. He's told MI6 what he knows but also said that Mycroft is the mole. He hopes this will gain MI6's confidence and while pretending to work with them to find Mycroft, that he'll find the real mole. Sherlock meets MI6 Deputy Chief, Sir James Walter and Mycroft's handler, Tim Sherrington, but is unsuccessful in gaining access to their files. He lies that he'll let them know when he finds Mycroft. At the safe house, Mycroft expresses regret for re-joining MI6 and indicates he did it to gain favor with his father and Sherlock.

S02E24-On balcony
Would you like to see what else the mole has in store?
Watson joins Sherlock on a stake-out of the bookstore of Julian Afkhami, who West believed was an Iranian spy. Sherlock tells her that MI6 won't work with him and that he found a transmitter in the bookstore's phone junction box that West might have planted. Once Afkhami leaves, they break into his store and Sherlock finds a scrambler that Afkhami could use for certain calls. West wouldn't have understood the calls but Sherlock believes he would know the date, time and location of them. At the safe house, Sherlock examines the info West had tattooed on his arms. Although burner phones would have been used by Afkhami's contact, the code of the cell tower used would be part of the metadata of the call. Sherlock realizes this is what West tattooed on his arms. As he reads the locations and dates, Mycroft confirms that he was at locations. Watson deduces that Sherrington was also there and that he is the mole.

S02E24-At library
A game of cat and mouse is afoot.
Mycroft protests that Sherrington brought Sherlock onto the investigation which indicates that he did so at his superior's request, Sir Walter. At the Brownstone, Sherrington calls Sherlock for a progress report. Sherlock lies that Mycroft accessed funds from one of his father's charities which he is using to find him. Watson offers to help Sherlock look at the dates Sherrington called Afkhami but he insists on working alone since Watson announced that she'll be moving out of the Brownstone. The next morning, Watson wakes to find a trail of flashcards bearing the dates tattooed on West's arms and a significant event that happened on the date. Sherlock has found that the dates correspond to events that benefited Iran and that Sherrington provided secret information to make the events occur. He's discovered the events on all dates but one, March 5. Captain Gregson then calls him to the 11th Precinct.

S02E24-Watson Holmes cue cards
Looks like you had a productive night.
At the precinct, Gregson and Detective Bell tell Sherlock that they have the gun used to kill West and that Mycroft's fingerprints were found on it. They ask his location but Sherlock feigns ignorance and says Mycroft is not the killer. At the Brownstone, Sherrington drops by to speak to Watson. She makes him wait outside and then leads him to the media room. He asks for insights as to Mycroft's location and when she provides a different lead than Sherlock did, Sherrington threatens to torture her. Watson activates the monitors which each shows a different member of Everyone who have been listening. Sherrington vows to deal with her and the Holmes brothers and leaves. Watson calls Sherlock who returns concerned, both for Watson and that Sherrington now knows they are on to him. However, Watson has discovered the missing event that occurred on March 5.

S02E24-Everyone on screens
Actually, we're not alone, Everyone is here.
An Iranian, Nadir Khadem, was beaten to death in NYC, which a blogger claimed was a political killing. Watson is enthusiastic as, all the other events happened outside the US but this event is local and can be investigated. However, Sherlock is distracted by Watson's near miss with Sherrington and is angry that Mycroft's involvement with MI6 has affected their lives. Watson tells him that the reason Mycroft re-joined MI6 was to save him from imprisonment. At the safe house, Sherlock wakes Mycroft to tell him about Watson's encounter with Sherrington and, that he knows why he re-joined MI6. He's confused why Mycroft would make such a sacrifice when he owed Sherlock nothing, but Mycroft simply states they are brothers. Sherlock vows to fix the Sherrington situation. Sherlock calls Watson to Khadem's apartment where he's recreated the blood splatters from his murder. He's puzzled because if Khadem was beaten to death, there would have been blood splatters on the ceiling but there were none.

S02E24-Holmes Watson at Khadirs
Where would it have landed?
Sherlock makes an appeal to Watson to not move out of the Brownstone citing examples of how their partnership works. He calls the work they've done together a grand experiment, and is surprised to find he can change and will if she stays. Watson considers herself lucky to work with Sherlock but living with him has consequences. As she promises they'll work things out, Sherlock smiles, having solved why there were no blood splatters on the ceiling. Mycroft surprises Sherrington having lunch at a pub. He asks what it will cost to undo their situation which Sherrington sneers at. Mycroft has a hidden pistol pointed at Sherrington who warns him that if he dies, French crime syndicate Le Milieu will receive a letter revealing Mycroft was a spy when he worked for them. Le Milieu will kill Mycroft and mostly likely, Sherlock and Watson. Sherrington then offers to kill Mycroft, claiming it's the best deal he'll get.

S02E24-Mycroft in pub
I die a traitor and you get away with everything.
Julian Afkhami is called to the precinct where he denies knowing Nadir Khadem. Sherlock tells him that the blood splatters reveal that Khadem was stoned to death. Gregson indicates that they've found emails from Khadem to Afkhami's wife, revealing they were having an affair. His wife also provided them with the blood-stained shirt that Afkhami wore when he murdered Khadem. Gregson demands Afhkami give them details about his spy work, starting with revealing who the MI6 mole is. Later, Gregson tells Sherlock that Afkhami gave Sherrington up but they're interrupted by Bell who says a British national has turned up at the Morgue. While viewing Sherrington's body in the Morgue, Gregson tells Bell to put out a Finest Message for Mycroft. At the Brownstone, Sherlock and Watson confront Mycroft, who says he didn't murder Sherrington.

S02E24-Khadem stoned green
Whoever murdered Nadir Khadem had a visceral hatred for him.
He explains Sherrington's fail-safe, indicates that he contacted NSA Agent McNally who he traded MI6 secrets for the NSA arranging for Sherrington's murder. The NSA leaked that Sherrington was spying on Le Milieu, who killed him. Watson is confused, because with Sherrington dead, his fail-safe will kick in and Le Milieu will kill Mycroft. Sherlock deduces that the NSA has faked Mycroft's death which he confirms. His death was made to look like an accidental fire in the kitchen of Diogenes. Mycroft will have to disappear, for which he tries to apologize to Watson. She leaves, frustrated and upset. Sherlock indicates that they were working on a solution for him that would take hard work which isn't Mycroft's way. Mycroft interrupts Sherlock's chastisement by hugging him, proclaiming his love, and then leaves. Eavesdropping outside Watson's bedroom, Sherlock hears her making an appointment to view an apartment. Distressed, he retrieves a hidden stash of heroin. He then visits Sir Walter and agrees to work for MI6.

S02E24-Mycroft hugs Sherlock
This last year, it's been a gift.


  • The heroin Sherlock retrieves before visiting Sir James Walter he found at Paige Dahl's home.[1]


I love you, brother. This last year, it's been a gift.

— Mycroft to Sherlock



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