S02E24-Mycroft tells Watson Holmes he is dead

"The Grand Experiment"
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Season: Two — Episode: 24
Director: John Polson — Writer: Robert Doherty & Craig Sweeny — Aired: May 15, 2014 — Viewers (millions): 7.37
Summary: Rising tension between Sherlock and Watson bring their partnership to a crossroads, but they endeavor to put their differences aside while they help Sherlock's brother, Mycroft, who faces accusations of treason and murder.


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You have this kind of pull. Like gravity. I'm so lucky that I fell into your orbit.
— Watson to Holmes
After bursting in on Mycroft and Watson, Sherlock explains that Mycroft is being framed for murder and that the gun used to kill MI6 asset Arthur West turned up with Mycroft's fingerprints on it. Disbelieving, Mycroft thinks Sherlock is making an excuse to interrupt him and Watson until Sherlock activates the remote starter on Mycroft's car which explodes. At a safe house, Sherlock believes a mole in MI6 is framing Mycroft and he's told them what he knows but also said that Mycroft is the mole. He hopes to gain MI6's confidence and while pretending to work with them to find Mycroft, that he'll find the real mole. Sherlock meets MI6 Deputy Chief, Sir James Walter and Mycroft's handler, Tim Sherrington, Sherlock is unsuccessful in gaining access to their files but lies to them that he'll let them know when he finds Mycroft.

S02E24-On balcony
Or would you like to see what else the mole has in store?


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