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"Given my role in starting Detective Bell down his detour, it seems inappropriate that I be part of celebrating his return."
— Holmes
At the 11th Precinct, Bell invites Watson and Holmes to a party to celebrate returning to full duty. He also asks for their help in locating a woman, Nicole Watkins, who witnessed a shooting by a drug dealer, Quame Martenz. At a lab, Barry Granger arrives from a run and showers. Feeling woozy and his voice high-pitched, he notices tubes leading into the shower under a sealed door, and passes out. Later at the scene, Captain Gregson views Granger's body which is dried, fully dressed, with a plastic bag over his head and a tube attached to a helium tank leading into the bag. Holmes reads a suicide note but Gregson has suspicions. Holmes discovers residue marks from three tubes leading into the shower, making murder likely. A lab assistant mentions that Granger had published an article on the work the lab was doing which was refuted as being based on faked results.

S02E18-Grangers body
An accusation like that can ruin a guy's career.
The head of the lab, Hank Prince, shows them what Granger was working on, a device called "The Hound" that could detect lung cancer from breath. Without Granger and combined with the anonymous tipster who refuted the device's test results, Prince is ruined. He was with his girlfriend, Sloan Teller, when Granger was killed but due to being in divorce proceedings, asks this not be revealed to his wife. Later, Holmes informs Watson that the tipster, pseudonym "Adam Peer", has revealed numerous frauds in the medical community. As Watson waits for information on one of Watkins' teachers who was a father figure to her, Gregson sends Holmes a video from the lab that shows Granger arguing with a woman named Dalit Zirin. Questioning Zirin at her workplace, a travel agency, she went to college with Granger, who was interested in her. Holmes looks around the agency, excuses himself suddenly and meets Watson outside.

S02E18-Princes office
That detector is my life's work.
They both noticed numerous signs that the agency is likely a front for a smuggling operation and suspect Granger saw something that resulted in his death. While Holmes calls Gregson for a warrant, Watson heads to the house of Manny Rose, Watkins' teacher. Watson sees that Rose has helped many students over the years and he indicates that Watkins is staying with her. Watkins believes the drug dealer is trying to kill her, doesn't want to be involved with the police or the DA and, shows that she's pregnant. Gregson calls Holmes to report that the travel agency has been cleared out. Zirin shows up at the Brownstone and reveals herself to be Israeli intelligence. Granger knew she was Mossad and asked for help identifying who Adam Peer was. She refused but since he was killed, she hacked several servers of the journals Peer had written to and she provides Holmes with the emails.

S02E18-Nicole Watkins
There are people out there that want to kill me.
As Watson tells Bell about Watkins, he relates that Rose is somewhat of a local legend for standing up to thugs and helping his students. At the Brownstone, as Holmes examines Peer's emails in detail, Watson tries to discuss Bell's party but is cut off by Holmes. Pressing him, Holmes reveals that he doesn't want to go to the party, having been the cause of Bell's injury. While looking at Peer's emails, Watson recognizes the first fraud Peer uncovered, which resulted in a heavy fine for the drug company involved, Merrill-Grand. She remembers that a researcher there tried unsuccessfully to warn the executives and suggests that the researcher may be Peer. At Merrill-Grand, they speak to an executive, Karen Buchner, who provides them with information on the researcher, Lawrence Cranford. He quit after his warnings were ignored, the firm's investigators couldn't find him and after the drug was rejected by the FDA, they stopped looking.

S02E18-At Buckners
We just want to ask him some questions.
Bell visits Rose to tell him that they'll build a case against Martenz without Watkins' testimony. Rose feels she should testify to ensure that a dealer as evil as Martenz is jailed. At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that Cranford died in a surfing accident several years before so couldn't be Adam Peer. Reading Cranford's resignation letter, they realize that Buckner tried to stop the drug trial. Confronting Buckner at her work, she admits to being half of Adam Peer and indicates that Granger was her partner in the whistle-blowing Peer. In "the box" at the precinct, Buckner believes that someone hijacked the Adam Peer pseudonym and explains how she and Granger created it. She denies using it to discredit Granger and didn't come forward when Granger was killed as revealing who was behind Adam Peer would have undone all the good the whistle-blowing did. Buckner has an alibi but is distressed that it'll be revealed who is behind Peer in order to clear the allegations against "The Hound."

S02E18-Confronting Buckner
The two of us were Adam Peer together.
At Prince's office, they inform him who was behind Adam Peer and that the fake allegation against Granger's work has been cleared. Believing that he and Granger may be the victims of corporate sabotage, Prince provides them with a list of rivals to "The Hound." Rose arrives at the precinct to tell Bell that after he tried to convince Watkins to testify, she left to stay with relatives. He offers to testify using details he's learned from Watkins but Bell won't let him perjure himself. Despite all he's done for his neighborhood, Rose feels he needs to do more. Bell tells him that Rose inspired him to resist being forced to join a gang and to leave Martenz to Bell. At the Brownstone, as Watson researches competitors to "The Hound", Holmes reconsiders going to Bell's party. Gregson calls that Prince is at the precinct. His wife was killed by a gun that was registered to Prince.

S02E18-Holmes target
I'm having second thoughts.
Prince denies killing his wife and has the same alibi as when Granger was killed, that he was with his girlfriend Teller, though this time, in a cab. His gun was found beside his wife's body and combined with everything that's happened, he appeals to Gregson that he's a target and is being framed. The next morning at the Brownstone, Holmes wakes Watson and reports that both a receipt for Prince's cab ride and the cabbie recognizing his girlfriend have confirmed his alibi. He insists they question one of Prince's competitors, Chuck Hammond, CEO. Interrupting Hammond's breakfast meeting, he calmly refutes that his company would kill or discredit anyone for "The Hound", he'd simply buy the company. This leads Holmes to realize that Prince had the strongest motive to hurt his company's value.

S02E18-Prince in box
Someone is after me.
At the precinct, Prince and his lawyer wait in a conference room where a picture of Prince and his girlfriend Teller are taped to two chairs. Holmes explains that they met with Hammond who provided projections of what Prince's company would have been worth before the Hound was discredited. In the middle of a divorce, Prince realized that much of the value of his company would go to his wife. Acting as Adam Peer, he discredited the Hound and killed Granger, which would temporarily lower his company's value, lend credence to the discredit and remove the one person who could refute accusations. He planned to show Peer's (his) discrediting false after the divorce was finalized, resulting in his company's value increasing. However, Holmes and Watson's discovery who really was behind Adam Peer led to his company's stock rising too soon.

S02E18-Zickel kills Granger green
Then murder him, stage it as a suicide...
He then decided to kill his wife and play into the ruse that he was a target and being ruined. Holmes shows that his alibi was a lie and brings the cab partition onto the table and places it in front of the pictures on the chairs. Teller is visible but the man she was with is not. After receiving a warrant to search Teller's apartment, police discovered that she'd searched a website to find a man who looked like Prince who accompanied her in the cab. She confessed to complicity in Prince's alibi plan. Bell receives a phone call and heads to the Morgue where he finds Rose shot dead. Dr. Eugene Hawes explains that Rose shot Martenz and was in turn gunned down by his gang. (♫ Primal Scream - Walking With the Beast ♫) Later, Holmes approaches Bell as he stands outside the bar where his party is being held. Depressed about Rose, Bell doesn't want to sour the mood at his party so Holmes invites him to a coffee shop.

S02E18-Holmes w cab shield
Have a look through it.



  • Captain Gregson mentions the dating site TrueRomantix.com, the same site that Emily Hankins bought a membership for Watson.[1]
  • Mullanes Bar and Grill is the site of Detective Bell's party and the coffee shop he and Holmes go to is Academy Restaurant, both located on the corner of Lafayette Ave and South Elliott Place.


Either this guy did the dumbest job shooting his ex I've ever seen, or someone's doing a really good job ruining his life.

— Captain Gregson



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