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"Kitty has a knack for bringing people around to her way of seeing things. Trust me. I looked the other way once before."
— Gregson to Holmes
As Del Gruner shows Watson her office at her new job working for Leda Insurance, she's interrupted by a call from Holmes. Watson arrives at the Brownstone where Holmes tells Kitty that the man who abducted her is in NYC. Holmes relates that the body of Melanie Vilkas was found with the same brand marks as Kitty and he believes the killer is announcing himself and knows Kitty is in NYC. Kitty is emphatic that she wants to be part of the hunt for the killer. At the 11th Precinct, they meet Captain Gregson and Detective Whitaker, who was assigned to Vilkas' case. Disappointed with his work on the case, Whitaker indicates that Vilkas had a fiancé who her parents didn't approve of. He believes she decided to break off the engagement and the fiancé killed her as an emerald engagement ring he gave her wasn't on her body. Holmes critisizes Whitaker's theory and when he becomes irritated, Kitty shows him the brand marks the killer left on her in England. The fiancé doesn't have a passport so couldn't have abducted Kitty there.

S03E11-Kitty scars
He had me locked in a room for 3 days.
An abused, half-naked woman is threatened by Simon de Merville and thrown into a room. Vilkas' emerald ring is on the floor near her. From Vilkas' camera, Holmes sees that she bears a resemblance to Kitty and, that she took a self-portrait for a dating site. Later in "the box", Holmes and Gregson question Ron Davis, who arranged a date with Vilkas through the site. He denies any wrong-doing, admits he stood Vilkas up after seeing her at Mobius Tavern and, has an alibi for the time of her disappearance. Detective Bell and Kitty watch the interrogation but Kitty isn't sure if Davis was her abductor. At Mobius Tavern, Watson finds it was likely Vilkas was drugged while there. She takes all bar receipts from that evening and a lost phone. At the Brownstone, Kitty can't find any suspects from the receipts but a call from Bell informs them that the lost phone had prints from a violent ex-con, Simon de Merville.

S03E11-Davis in box
I never actually saw...he sounded American.
Police raid Simon's house and free several women being held as sex slaves. Gregson finds a brand that matches that used on Kitty and Vilkas but Simon isn't there and, they find a dead man. Later at hospital, the woman Simon threatened, Sonia, tells Kitty and Watson her harrowing tale. She didn't see Vilkas at the house and it's found the dead man, Bogdani, was part of the Albanian mafia. In the hospital hallway, Watson tries to calm Kitty who she can see is extremely angry. Holmes calls that Simon killed Bogdani but was stabbed in the arm. The car Simon used to escape has been found and Holmes believes that Simon went for medical attention at the hospital his sister, Violet, works at. At the hospital, Bell, Kitty and Watson question Violet while Holmes looks through drug cabinets. Violet admits to treating Simon but doesn't know where he's gone. Kitty angrily tells her she's helped a murderer and a rapist which Violet doesn't believe.

He said I was most trouble.
Away from Violet, Holmes says that Simon took an expensive drug, Esephera, used to treat a rare disease called PNH. Believing Simon intends to sell the drug, Holmes asks Watson if her job at Leda can provide a list of those in NYC with PNH. At Leda, Watson is able to convince Gruner to request a list of all those with blood disorders. Kitty shows up at Violet's apartment and lies that she's there to apologize for being angry earlier. After Violet lets her in, Kitty turns out the lights and retracts a single stick. At the Brownstone, Watson finds Holmes reviewing the evidence wall on Simon and he tells her Kitty is at a meeting. (♫ Spooky Halloween Players - Gonna Get Stung ♫) Gregson calls and surprisingly, tells them Violet offered to help find Simon. At the precinct, Violet says she doesn't know where he is or who he plans to give the Esephera to but has a number she can call him at. She leaves a message for Simon and with her phone traced, only his general location is found, at Gerritsen Beach.

S03E11-Tracing de Merville
He turned it off again. I got the tower.
However, Holmes hears Simon flushing a marine toilet during the call so police search all boats in the Gerritsen Beach area. Watching the search, Kitty evades Holmes' question as to why Violet decided to help them. Watson receives the list of those with PNH and reports none live in Garritsen Beach. As Bell is about to order the search called off, Holmes notices a boat trailer and tells Bell to not recall the officers. At a local restaurant, the owner Mr. Osweiler is told by Bell, Kitty and Holmes they know he used to live next door to Simon and recently moved. However, Holmes saw artificial turf, used to line boat trailers, in the driveway at Osweiler's old home and realized that Simon was living inside his boat, parked in the driveway at his new home. Osweiler's son has PNH and he admits that he allowed Simon to stay in the boat in return for the drug. At Osweiler's home, Gregson calls Bell and informs them that the boat was set on fire and a body discovered inside. He believes the Albanian mob killed Simon.

S03E11-Watson Gregson body bag
I think this whole thing is over.
At the precinct, Holmes is called into Gregson's office where he shows Holmes photos that Kitty beat Violet to coerce her into helping them. Suspending her from working with the NYPD, Gregson agrees to let Holmes break the news to her. At the Morgue, Kitty tells Holmes the burned body is confirmed to be Simon's. However, she's convinced he wasn't her abductor as she escaped by breaking several of his fingers and Simon's show no breaks. Holmes suggests that perhaps she tore his tendons but feeling that she's being accused of denial, she responds angrily when Holmes tries to compare his denial of being a drug addict to her abduction and torture.

S03E11-Holmes Kitty morgue
You don't know anything about how I am feeling.
At her apartment, Watson receives a call on her phone from Gruner, having seen the news about Simon. Putting it on speaker, he asks why her company phone isn't working and she apologizes and promises to keep it on. After thanking Gruner for allowing her time away from Leda to work on the case, she hangs up and is startled to see Kitty there. Upset, Kitty learns who she was talking to and after watching an internet video of Gruner speaking, Kitty insists that he was her abductor.

S03E11-Gruner video
I didn't forget the voice. I couldn't.


  • Spooky Halloween Players - Gonna Get Stung plays as Holmes listens to bee sounds.



It's like she said, he's a monster. They don't need a why.

— Kitty regarding her abductor