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"Moriarty wasn't the Vice President of Inhuman Resources. She didn't fill a job at a corporation that trades on the NASDAQ."
— Watson
At the Brownstone, Watson finds Sherlock talking to himself while viewing an evidence wall that details actions by Moriarty's organization. However, by analyzing his correspondence with her, he's deduced that someone else is running it now and, he reasons that the attempt on Morland's life was to prevent him from interfering in one of their plans. He insists that Watson tell no one of his finding as involving law enforcement will result in the new leader finding out they know of his existence and, this will make their investigation more difficult. In the evening at Morland's office, VP Allison Pitzker provides Morland with status updates on several projects while he's on his way out. A water delivery man deals with one of Morland's security staff while Morland's head of security, Christopher Gray escorts Morland out of the building and Pitzker heads upstairs.

S04E23-Sherlock w board
She lacks the lines of communications to be so prolific.
Pitzker finds the delivery man unescorted on an upper floor, against security protocols. Questioning why he's alone, the man shoots Pitzker and leaves several large water bottles with a detonator behind. Proceeding downstairs past the security guard, who is shot dead, the man gets into a delivery truck and detonates the bomb. At the scene in the morning, Detective Bell tells Watson the explosion left little evidence and the surveillance footage is gone. Outside Captain Gregson comments there were no witnesses and that Morland's staff report he's in Malaysia. However, Morland is in a NYC condo safe house which Sherlock arrives at. On the balcony, Sherlock tells Morland he believes that the new leader of Moriarty's organization was behind the attempt on his life. Agreeing to work together and share all information, Morland believes that Ruslan Krasnov is responsible for the bombing.

S04E23-Morland Sherlock balcony
Have you ever known me to be intimidated?
Relating that someone helped Krasnov break out of prison in Russia, Sherlock tells Morland to remain in the safe house while he determines who the new leader is. Returning to the Brownstone, Watson finds Sherlock has created a wall with the board members of several oil companies that were competitors for bids Morland's company was involved in. He's identified an economics professor that was an adviser to all the companies, Joshua Vikner. A photo of Vikner has an old painting in the background which Sherlock believes was painted by Moriarty. Seeing Vikner is currently teaching in NYC, they wait for him in his office but when Vikner arrives, he knows who they are and isn't surprised to see them. Vikner freely admits he's leading Moriarty's organization and justifies doing so as its factions were fighting after she was jailed. He likens himself to the "Invisible Hand", who brings order to a chaotic situation.

S04E23-Holmes Watson portrait
It's on loan from the authorities.
Vikner admits the bombing of Morland's office was a warning to stop interfering in his affairs and Sherlock deduces that Vikner is the father of Moriarty's daughter, Kayden Fuller. Indicating that he's bound by Moriarty's directive that Sherlock must never be harmed, Vikner says this also applies to Watson. Warned he's in danger from Morland and offering protection if he confesses, Vikner says he'll think about their offer and leaves. Watson notices that Sherlock didn't mention Krasnov as he doesn't want to tip Vikner off and have Krasnov leave the country. Insisting they don't tell Morland about Vikner to avoid a war, Sherlock says they'll focus on finding Krasnov, link his crimes to Vikner and bring both down. At the 11th Precinct, Bell gives Sherlock and Watson the bomb squad's report. Seeing the bomb was detonated remotely and composed of gallons of liquid, Sherlock deduces it was taken into the building in water jugs.

S04E23-Watson Vikner Holmes
He's been turning over certain rocks.
At the depot of Emerald Lake Water, the supervisor confirms the truck that was supposed to make a delivery to Morland's office was stolen and later, returned. Examining the truck, it is covered in fine soot and inside, a new hand cart with a sale sticker provides a store Krasnov visited. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Sherlock that Krasnov used a gift card to buy the cart which is being tracked for other purchases. Morland arrives, angry that Sherlock didn't tell him about Krasnov. Realizing he knows who Krasnov is working for, Sherlock claims ignorance which makes Morland angrier. He blames Sherlock for not destroying Moriarty's organization after she was imprisoned and for all the destruction and death they've caused. Steadfast, Sherlock refuses to tell Morland about Vikner, knowing that he'll be tortured. After Morland leaves, Sherlock tells Watson of his recriminations and ponders the specific reason why Morland was attacked at Vikner's order.

S04E23-Morland Sherlock argue
Stop lying to me, Sherlock!
Called to the precinct by Bell who reports they have Krasnov, he refuses to speak English until Sherlock displays that he's fluent in Russian and philosophy. Denying he committed any crimes in the US, he refuses accept any deals and knows he can't be extradited to Russia. Under the pretence of a suicide watch, Sherlock has Krasnov's belt and shoelaces removed before he's put in a holding cell. Smelling the belt, Sherlock recognizes a propellant used in making the bomb which is used as a pesticide. Krasnov's gift card shows a purchase in farm country which Bell says he'll pursue. Sherlock tells Watson that Vikner has invited him to a private meeting. At the funeral of Allison Pitzker, Sherlock reveals they know about Krasnov. (♫ Handel - Concerto for Organ and Orchestra No. 13 in F Major, Op. 4 ♫) Vikner is surprised that Sherlock is allied with Morland, given their past acrimonious relationship and sues for peace. When Vikner won't reveal why he targeted Morland, Sherlock says that Morland will only accept Vikner's death.

S04E23-Krasnov interrogation
You're an admirer of Dostoyevsky.
At the precinct, Bell shows Gregson and Watson a missing persons case in the farm country Krasnov used his gift card. A hand print with a missing left thumb was found at the scene which matches Krasnov. Gregson arranges a meeting between an ADA and Krasnov in order for him to strike a deal. As Krasnov is brought to meet the ADA, an officer from another precinct shoots Krasnov and then kills himself. As Gregson tries to find a reason for the officer's attack from his captain, Bell confirms Sherlock's suspicion that the officer was one of those identified by the DANTE survey as psychopath. Gregson is incredulous that an officer would commit such an act but Sherlock posits that he was blackmailed into his actions. Walking to the Brownstone, Sherlock and Watson discuss what would happen to Moriarty's organization if Vikner were killed. Sherlock notices a light on in a unit across the street and backtracking, they enter the Brownstone via the back door. Heading to the library floor, they find a bomb which matches the one used at Morland's office.

S04E23-Watson Holmes bomb
Turns out, I'm not paranoid.



  • Sherlock refers to his correspondence with Jamie Moriarty,[1] and arranges for the portrait Moriarty painted of Watson to be delivered to the Brownstone.[2]
  • Sherlock speaks Russian in this episode.
  • Officer Pennebaker was identified by the DANTE survey as a psychopath.[3]


Sherlock Holmes. Dr. Watson. What took you so long?

— Vikner



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