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"The Invisible Hand"
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Season: Four — Episode: 23
Director: Guy Ferland — Writer: Robert Doherty & Jason Tracey — Aired: May 1, 2016 — Viewers (millions): 5.45
Summary: Sherlock's suspicions concerning Moriarty's handiwork turn out to be true and her evil successor is revealed. Morland's desire for vengeance causes Sherlock to consider just which brand of justice this new villain warrants.


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Moriarty wasn't the Vice President of Inhuman Resources. She didn't fill a job at a corporation that trades on the NASDAQ.
— Watson

There is an explosion at Morland's office. The bomber, Ruslan Krasnov, whose explosive of choice consisted of four large water jugs filled with an acetone mixture and a detonator, deliberately waits until Morland has left the building to set the charge and press the go-button.

The organisation behind all the recent troubles for Morland Holmes turns out to be the group created by Jamie Moriarty. Command of the group, which was falling into chaos, was taken over by her former lover and father of her child Joshua Vikner.

An assassin Krasnov is arrested, but before the police are able to pry more information out of him and link him to Vikner, one of the department’s own officers, Pennebaker, shoots Krasnov in the head before killing himself.

Later as Holmes and Watson return home, Sherlock notices a light on at the neighbor’s house — a neighbor who happens to be out of town. After slipping in through a different entrance out of precaution, Sherlock and Joan see that an explosive device has been wired up inside The Brownstone.



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