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"A bug that is literally a bug. It's like something from a sci-fi movie."
— Watson
At a support group meeting, Sherlock shares that the greatest threat to his sobriety is being without a peer. Waiting outside, Watson finds a crying Tess Dahl. Gathering Sherlock, Tess relates that her addict sister Paige is missing. At the Brownstone as they discuss Tess's case, Sherlock discovers that Ms. Hudson has let his brother Mycroft in, who has arrived from London and has prepared a meal to to catch up, especially with Watson. Mycroft indicates he's in NYC to solve some issues with his restaurant Diogenes and invites Watson, but not Sherlock, to help with the dessert menu. The next day, they break into Paige's home while Sherlock discusses how he and Mycroft can "share" Watson. They find money, heroin and a business card that Sherlock identifies as a drug ordering service. After Watson calls the number and the delivery person is followed, they're able to arrest those involved in the service.

S02E21-At Paiges
You're calling them?
In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Sherlock and Detective Bell question one of the drug dealers about Paige's whereabouts but he's surprised she's missing, has an alibi, but does provide information on her. At Diogenes, Mycroft proposes dating Watson and while she's interested, she's worried it would makes things with Sherlock difficult. Returning home, she finds Sherlock listening to music Paige has composed, hoping to find a clue. (♫ Simone White - Never Be That Tough ♫) He deduces something happened at Diogenes but Watson heads to bed without discussing it. In the morning, Holmes wakes Watson, asking if Mycroft took liberties with her. She's miffed at Sherlock's prying questions so he relates that Paige's musical inspiration was Harriet Tubman. Noting that her guitar was missing, they head to a park near Paige's that has a plaque dedicated to Tubman.

S02E21-Mycroft asks Joan out
I do hope we might revisit the topic.
While at the park, after much pressing, Watson tells Sherlock that Mycroft proposed they date. However, Sherlock discovers two recently made trails in the woods. Splitting up, Watson finds Paige dead in the woods while Sherlock finds a dead man against a rock. Later, with Bell on the scene, Sherlock has deduced that the man, Zach Piller, was the target and Paige was killed due to witnessing the attack on Piller. Sherlock is puzzled by shotgun blasts on the rocks around Piller and, the appearance of a mosquito, though it's winter. Piller's possessions reveal he moved to NYC from Las Vegas and, he'd been seeing a psychiatrist, Dr. Paul Sutherland. Sutherland is questioned at the precinct but won't discuss Piller's treatment. Bell heads to Piller's home while Sherlock and Watson go to Piller's former workplace. They discover that Piller worked for a company that makes drones.

S02E21-Finding bodies
Who wanted this man dead?
While waiting for Piller's boss, Sherlock relates that he's giving Watson time without harassment to consider Mycroft's offer. Piller's boss tells them that he worked as a drone operator for a large military contractor, McCarthy-Strauss, and that he was involved in a lawsuit against a roommate from Vegas. Heading home, Sherlock says he has an errand which is a confrontation with Mycroft at Diogenes. While waiting, he takes a photo of a man, who he saw at the same table months before, receiving a package. Sherlock insists that Mycroft stop pursuing Watson as it will disrupt both his sobriety support and their detective work. Mycroft accuses Sherlock of not caring about Watson's happiness and hoarding her gifts to himself. Indicating he won't stop trying to date Watson, Mycroft says he won't tell her about their conversation. At the Brownstone, Watson reports that Piller's lawsuit was a dead end.

S02E21-Watching drone video
They want an army of drones keeping tabs on all of us.

As Sherlock shows her the photo of the man, de Soto, who is a lieutenant in a French crime organization, Le Milieu, Watson expresses her anger at him interfering in her relationship with Mycroft. Believing that Mycroft is involved with Le Milieu, Sherlock then bolts out of his chair, grabs a glass and captures something on a table. Hearing clinking, he explains to Watson that he's captured a tiny surveillance drone. He now knows why there was a strange shotgun pattern around Piller's body, he and Paige were killed by drones. As Sherlock shows Watson a video of the type of drone that killed Paige and Piller, he also says that the drone watching them is tracking their progress on the case and must have been sent by Piller's former employer, McCarthy-Strauss.

S02E21-The bug
Is that a mosquito, or a...

S02E21-Watching the bug
We must assume that we're being watched.

At the precinct, as they sift through Piller's possessions taken from his apartment, they find that his laptop is missing and articles on the massacre of CIA operatives in Afghanistan by a drone. Watson finds notes that indicate that Piller may have been responsible for the massacre and feeling guilt, spoke to Dr. Sutherland about it. With Sutherland and McCarthy-Strauss executives now suspects, Holmes is surprised to find Watson leaving for lunch. At Diogenes, Watson expresses her interest in dating Mycroft but indicates that she'll have to move out of the Brownstone first. She also sees a man, Marchef, who was sitting at the same table when she met Mycroft earlier and she takes his picture. At the precinct, she now agrees that Le Milieu is using Diogenes as a base and shows Sherlock her picture of Marchef who is linked to a massacre. Holmes relates that Everyone has looked into Sutherland and found that he received a $200,000 fee when Piller began therapy with him.

S02E21-Discussing Marchef BOLO
There is something shady going on. We should warn him.
Using information Everyone found on criminal activities Sutherland was involved in, he's brought in for questioning. Pressured by Bell and Gregson to reveal what he knew about Piller's activities relating to the CIA massacre, Sutherland admits that Piller was ordered to carry out the strike by the Army. Piller wrote a report and was planning to release it to the media. Sutherland relayed this information to McCarthy-Strauss but didn't know they were going to kill him. About to reveal his contact, he's bitten by a bug and collapses. Watson rushes in to help but sees that Sutherland is in cardiac arrest. Sherlock explains the mosquito drone to Gregson and that Sutherland has been poisoned. Watson notes that Piller's report was on his stolen laptop and that if they find a copy of it, they'll be able to prove motive for McCarthy-Strauss to carry out the murders.

S02E21-Sutherland bit
The damn thing just bit me.
At the Brownstone, Sherlock reviews an evidence wall which includes pictures of the executives of McCarthy-Strauss. Since the company couldn't have known if Piller only created one copy of the report, Watson proposes a bluff. Sherlock passes a written message through the mosquito drone that they'd like to meet. Later, as Sherlock waits on a bench at a seaport, Watson gains access to the company's offices. A man approaches Sherlock who he recognizes as McCarthy-Strauss executive Kenneth Carlson. Texting his name to Watson, she breaks in his office and discovers a safe. As Sherlock stalls for time with Carlson, Watson cracks the safe and finds the report. Frustrated with Sherlock, Carlson starts to leave when his phone rings. Watson starts to read the report to Carlson while Sherlock tells him not to run, which he ignores.

S02E21-Watson breaks into safe
That's your office calling, I'd imagine.
Later at the Brownstone, Watson tells Sherlock that Carlson was the main person behind the cover-up. He's made a deal with the D.A. and the report is going public. Heading for Diogenes, she invites Sherlock to come as he's better able to explain the dangers of Le Milieu to Mycroft. Sherlock declines but apologizes for not respecting her privacy and lauds her as both a detective and as a person. While appreciating the gesture, Watson notes that Sherlock only apologizes after he's gotten what he wants. Mycroft is not at Diogenes when Watson arrives and while waiting for him, she notices de Soto and Marchef at their usual table. de Soto hands Marchef a photo and leaves. At the Brownstone, Sherlock takes a packet of heroin that he secretly took from Paige Dahl's and hides it in a book in the library. As Marchef leaves, Watson follows him and sees him putting the photo in the dispatch case of a motorcycle. Opening the case, she discovers the picture is of her. Marchef chloroforms her and she's taken away in a van.

S02E21-Watson watches Marchef
Turnabout is fair play.



  • Last appearance of Mycroft's NYC restaurant, Diogenes.
  • Another of Sherlock's hiding places is revealed as he puts a packet of heroin in a book in the library called "A Library of Poetry and Song" by William Bryant.


You value Joan to precisely the extent that she's a salve for your many neuroses. You purport to be her friend, and yet you don't care a whit about her happiness.

— Mycroft to Sherlock.