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"There will come a day when criminals realize that they shouldn't use social media, but I just hope I don't live to see it."
— Holmes
At a funeral home, Holmes ponders a crime scene. The mortician is dead on the floor from a head wound and has a bite mark on his shoulder while the corpse he was working on lays on a table. The corpse's jewelery stolen, Detective Bell believes a burglar killed the mortician. They are interrupted by Detective Loughlin who is investigating the murders of two women who were also bitten. A string of similar murders occurred in 2005, which Watson remembers, in which the killer was caught, but the recent murders have Loughlin believing an innocent person may have been convicted. Holmes demonstrates that the mortician was high, standing on the table, fell onto the corpse's teeth and then hit his head on the floor. In a body storage room, he stabs a body with a needle to reveal the burglar, hiding under a sheet. As Loughlin leaves, Watson catches her outside and asks for her case file on the "vampire killer."

S02E19-Holmes and mortician
Is the pin important?
She confirms that Aaron Colville took a plea bargain for the killings in 2005 and died later that year. In a surgical bay, Dr. Jonathan Fleming is teaching medical students when he notices Watson in the audience. (♫ The Clash - Rudie Can't Fail ♫) Afterwards, she asks him about Colville which he refuses to discuss. In a flashback to 2005, Colville is admitted to a hospital ER having been stabbed four times while in prison. Watson and Fleming are seen preparing to operate on Colville who whispers to Fleming before being sedated. His dismisses Watson's inquiry as to what Colville said and as Colville flat-lines during the surgery, he tries heart massage over Watson's insistence that Colville needs an epi shot. In present day, Watson fills Fleming in on the latest crimes and accuses Fleming of letting Colville die due to his crimes. Fleming says he didn't know who Colville was, that his whispers were gibberish and that he stands by the medical decision he made.

S02E19-Fleming listens Colville
Uh, nothing. Come on, let's go.
At the Brownstone, Holmes tries unsuccessfully to interest Watson in joining him on a sunken treasure hunt. She fills him in on Colville's surgery but her brooding manner puzzles Holmes who reminds her that she holds no responsibility for what happened. Since the killer left no DNA, he suggests obtaining dental records of all patients in the area the killer struck. Later, Holmes stands in a busy part of NYC with a sign inviting passerbys to punch him as the price for Everyone providing him with the dental records. After obtaining the records from one of those that punched him, they proceed to manually compare thousands of the records. Hours later, Watson wakes Holmes as she's found a match, an ex-con named Alan Vikner. In "the box" at the 11th Precinct, Vikner is relieved when shown the bite mark evidence. He takes out his dentures which he received in prison and says many prisoners received the same set. Holmes realizes that Colville's teeth were the model and they'll have to investigate all prisoners who received a set.

S02E19-Holmes w sign
They're always gonna have their price.
Visiting Newgate, the current dentist, Neil Murray, indicates his deceased predecessor operated the denture program. His assistant, Stan Divac, who worked on the program indicates about 10 prisoners received them. Four former prisoners are suspects but after questioning, three are eliminated while the fourth can't be found. Boxes of files on Dr. Fleming's recent cases arrive at the Brownstone which Holmes questions Watson on. (♫ Fitz & the Tantrums - Break the Walls ♫) He discovers that when Colville was brought in, Watson briefly thought it would be best if he died. Holmes doesn't believe that investigating Fleming will help their case and advises her to forgive herself. The next morning, Holmes wakes Watson to report that the fourth suspect has been eliminated and that they're going back to Newgate. Divac lets them into the prison's file room and after hours of searching, Holmes wakes Watson that he's found that Divac was a prisoner who received dentures.

S02E19-Pohlua in box
You can stop smiling now.
Divac can't be found and at the precinct, photos of his home's contents reveal he self-medicated a chemical castration drug, MPA, which he recently stopped taking. Gregson indicates that the police dragnet is quiet and Divac's social media accounts have been deleted. Watson notices from the photos that Divac had a pet. At the Brownstone, Watson watches Colville's mother Ruth on the news while Holmes prepares to film himself in a dress performing songs from "Frozen". In exchange, Everyone will provide cached copies of Divac's social media. In the morning, Holmes wakes Watson with Clyde dressed in a shark cozy. With Everyone's help, he's discovered that Divac owns a dog who is undergoing chemotherapy and has a treatment that morning. At a pet clinic, a friend of Divac's is caught bringing Divac's dog in and he reveals his location.

S02E19-Clyde wakes Watson
In "the box" at the precinct, Divac is handcuffed to the table and complains his hand hurts. He insists he didn't kill anyone and ran as he knew that he fit the profile of the killer. He stopped taking the MPA due to its side effects and didn't feel any urges afterwards. Yelping in pain, Watson examines his hand and finds a broken bone. While being taken to the hospital, Gregson is convinced Divac is the killer but Watson doesn't agree. Watson demonstrates that Divac has osteoporosis due to the MPA and is very brittle. One of the murdered women threw her attacker into a mirror which would have resulted in broken bones for Divac but he had none. Gregson lists all the evidence against Divac and challenges them to find a better suspect. Watson receives a text from Fleming and meets him at his home. He rebukes her for illegally obtaining his medical records. Indicating he'll never admit he said this, he tells Watson that he knew who Colville was, that Colville whispered that he'd killed two women and that he doesn't know if he withheld treatment.

S02E19-Divac in box
I don't want to hurt anybody anymore.
Watson tells Holmes about Fleming's confession which leads him to believe the killer knew about the dentures and wanted to cast doubt Aaron was the killer. The next morning, Holmes wakes Watson again with a note attached to Clyde. Downstairs, she and Holmes watch Ruth Colville on the news who has filed a large lawsuit against the City. Holmes believes they've found their suspect and that she'll let them into her home. They and Gregson are shown into Ruth's house by her with the temptation of, what she believes, is a settlement offer. As Holmes asks to use the bathroom, Ruth calls her lawyer. Holmes returns with a set of dentures and confronts Ruth that they were used on the murdered women. She denies owning them and then says they were in a locked box that Holmes had no right opening.

S02E19-Holmes w dentures
I found these resting on your bathroom sink.
Noting how the dentures match her teeth, Holmes wants to know how she found out about the prison denture program as Ruth is taken to the precinct. (♫ Broken Bells - Leave It Alone ♫) At the Brownstone, Watson shreds Fleming's medical records as Holmes reports that Ruth took a plea deal confessing to the murders. She learned of the dentures from the program's dentist who wrote to her about them when he learned of the murders. Ruth lured the women by asking for help with her groceries and then attacked them with a hammer. Holmes asks if Watson has made peace with her involvement in Aaron Colville's death but all she knows is that she was thinking of justice when she helped operate on him. Holmes comments that even when she was a doctor she had the mindset of a detective.

S02E19-Watson shreds files
The Colvilles, such a lovely family.



  • This episode has the most occurrences of Holmes wakes Watson (and Watson wakes Holmes) with five events, including two where Clyde is used to wake Watson.


Why did you dress Clyde up like a shark?

— Watson