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"Just out of curiosity, was he any good? My brother, does he have a talent for the act of coitus?"
— Sherlock to Watson
Sherlock speaks at a support group meeting and wonders if he had been born in another time, might he have avoided being an addict. Surprised that his brother Mycroft is at the meeting, he storms out. Meeting Watson outside, Mycroft apologizes and explains he's in NYC to help an acquaintance of his and Sherlock's. He proposes explaining over dinner at his soon to open restaurant, Diogenes. At Diogenes, a blonde woman is waiting for them who greets Sherlock affectionately. Holmes is not happy to see her and introduces Watson to Nigella Mason, Mycroft's former fiancée. Sherlock confirms to Watson that he slept with her in order to break up the engagement as he believed her to be after Mycroft's money. Mason explains that after Mycroft, she married a Marquess. Not fulfilling his conjugal duties, she had an affair with Dalton, who was the stable master. The affair caused her divorce but she retained her title and a champion race horse, Silver Blaze.

S02E07-Marchioness head shot
The social-climbing trollop.
Silver Blaze is a stud horse stabled in NY State. A few nights before, Dalton was killed by an intruder at the stables who intended to kill the horse. She'd like them to find Dalton's killer and apologizing for her past, lets slip that Mycroft was sick. Uncomfortably, Mycroft explains to Sherlock that he had leukemia. Not wanting anything to do with Mason, Sherlock leaves. At the Brownstone, Sherlock is annoyed with Mycroft and suspicious that Watson slept with him when they were in London. Mycroft arrives and apologizes for not telling Sherlock about his leukemia. He explains that it was Mason who saved his life by finding a bone marrow donor. Helping Mason would prove that they've put the past ugliness with her to rest and; Sherlock would be catching a killer. At the stables with Mycroft, the local sheriff recounts an eyewitness statement for them. After hearing the gunshot that killed Dalton, the owner chased the killer to a field where he disappeared.

S02E07-Group by field
The guy was just gone.
Holmes deduces that the killer climbed a tree to evade capture and applying powder to a branch of the most likely tree, is able to get a set of prints which also reveals the killer is missing the ring finger of his left hand. At the 11th Precinct, they examine the contents of the bag the killer left at the stables which includes a map with an impression on it reading "2501." Detective Bell informs them the prints match the those of an assassin named "El Mecánico" who works for the Robles drug cartel and has committed mass killings. Asking Mycroft to contact Mason, they discover she's staying in a hotel, room number 2501. Sherlock calls Mason and calmly explains that Dalton's killer is targeting her. Discovering she is looking out her window, he asks her to go into another room. As she starts to move, a bullet smashes the window and just misses her. At the precinct, Mason swears to Bell and Captain Gregson that she has no connection with the Robles cartel and will provide access to all her records.

S02E07-Nigella target
Your curtains are open?
At the Brownstone, Mycroft prepares dinner which Sherlock considers an unwanted indulgence. Sherlock's discovered that Robles' local kingpin, Joaquin Aguilar, is a horse enthusiast which increases his suspicions that Mason's predicament is justified. Later in the evening, as Watson and Mycroft eat, Holmes receives a text from an accountant that a horse stable received its funding from a Robles shell company and, that one of the stable's mares was studded by Silver Blaze. Curiously, the foal was sold to another stable. The stable being closed, Mycroft bids Sherlock to sit and eat. He sits for a moment but then stands up, claiming there to be too much tension, which is denied by both. Asking what happened between Mycroft and Watson in London results in Mycroft leaving. Sherlock presses the matter with Watson who admits that she and Mycroft slept together, much to his disgust.

010 The Marchioness episode still of Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock Holmes and Joan Watson
What happened between you two in London?
The next morning, as the three of them drive to the stables, Sherlock pettily tries to use Watson's admission to embarrass them and claims Mycroft slept with her as revenge for Sherlock having slept with Mason. At the stables, the owner shows them the foal, Nutmeg. Sherlock examines a picture of Silver Blaze's head beside Nutmeg's and mentions he's looking for "whorls", small cowlicks of hair. He asks Mycroft to arrange a meeting with Mason as he knows why Aquilar is angry with her. At Diogenes, Sherlock explains that whorls are a genetic trait which Nutmeg didn't exhibit in the right place to have been Silver Blaze's offspring. Accusing her of studding an imposter (for large fees), she admits that Silver Blaze died shortly after she gained his ownership. She bought his brother, changed his appearance and kept some hair and blood from Silver Blaze for genetic testing requests. Mason mentions they are the first to discover her deception which Sherlock disagrees with. Aguilar also knows, hence his actions of revenge.

S02E07-Holmes and Nutmeg
Nigella Mason is a horrid witch.
At the Brownstone, Sherlock review materials on El Mecánico, including a taped interview of Kent Jenkins, who witnessed one of the assassin's mass shootings. Still miffed at Watson sleeping with his brother, he believes she did it to demonstrate that she's capable of bad behaviour like he is. As they listen to Jenkins describe El Mecánico in metaphors, Sherlock notices he's missing part of his left hand's ring finger. They bring their discovery to Gregson and Bell and Sherlock believes that El Mecánico must have had his Jenkins identity ready in case he was caught. Bell indicates that police only had partial prints in the past and didn't know about the missing finger. Sherlock proposes a trap, that Mason use her cell phone to schedule a lunch meeting at a restaurant. El Mecánico will then likely do reconnaissance on local rooftops. The plan works perfectly and Bell catches El Mecánico.

S02E07-El Macanico video
You're a crafty cow, aren't you?
In "the box" at the precinct, El Mecánico's current identity is "Keith Newell". He lets his attorney speak for him as Gregson points out they found him with an expensive pistol, fingerprints connecting him to two mass killings and him on tape lying to the DEA. Bell interrupts with news that Keith Newell's prints don't match those from the crime scenes. In Mycroft's car outside the Brownstone, Sherlock deduces that Newell used fake fingerprints when he committed his past crimes and peeled them off when being brought to the precinct. The next morning, Sherlock wakes Watson by poking her blankets with his single stick to ensure Mycroft isn't sleeping with her. He's found that Newell's prints match a burglary of a liquor store in Denning, NY, which is Newell's residence and occurred before the drug killings. Sherlock believes the burglary was committed by the original owner of the prints who Newell then killed.

S02E07-Holmes pokes Watson
Why are you poking me with your single stick?
In Denning, they question the retired Sheriff, Miriam Berg, who suspected a drifter nicknamed "Straw Dog Jed" of the burglary. However, he disappeared and left many bottles of his stolen wine behind. Berg brings them to where Jed slept which was turned into a park just after he disappeared. Sherlock notices one tree is larger than the others and believes Jed is buried beneath it. Later in the box, Gregson apologizes to Newell and his attorney for accusing him of the drug killings. He then tells them about Jed's disappearance in Denning, which makes Newell uncomfortable, and that several of Newell's hairs were found buried with Jed. That evening at the Brownstone, Watson watches a newscast of Newell's arrest. Mycroft arrives to drive Sherlock to Diogenes and while waiting for him, he asks Watson to be his date for the restaurant's opening. Excited, she wonders if accepting would upset Sherlock. Mycroft expresses his desire to know Watson better.

S02E07-Berg Watson Holmes
So everything's of uniform age.
At Diogenes, Sherlock informs Mason that his threat to expose that Aguilar sold a foal with fraudulent bloodlines has ensured that he'll stop pursuing revenge. Mycroft's terms for not informing the police of her fraud is her exiting the stud business and repaying those she's defrauded. He leaves her with the money she made from Aguilar and says they'll oversee the repayments. Pleased, she thanks them and Mycroft asks her to leave. (♫ Ages and Ages - Ante Up ♫) As Mycroft and Sherlock look at each other, Sherlock insists on not discussing their past nor the holidays. Mycroft asks him what he would like to talk about.

007 The Marchioness episode still of Mycroft Holmes and Sherlock Holmes
Where does that leave us then?



  • References are made to Conan Doyle's The Adventure of Silver Blaze.
  • The scenes in Mycroft's restaurant were shot at the Elm Restaurant in Brooklyn.[1]
  • Mycroft's restaurant, Diogenes, takes its name from The Diogenes Club, Mycroft Holmes' habitual club in the Conan Doyle stories.
  • The scene at the horse barn and the clearing where Sherlock dusts the tree for fingerprints was filmed at Mistover Farms in Pawling, NY.
  • The scene with Watson and Sherlock talking to the retired sheriff, walking down the sidewalk and talking about the lush tree where they suspect a body was buried, was filmed in the village of Pawling, NY. Pawling Savings Bank (now Key Bank), the old village fire house (now village hall), McKinney and Doyle's and the Dutcher House are all visible in the background.
  • Loudwater is an actual hamlet in the United Kingdom's County of Buckinghamshire, however, there is no Marquess of Loudwater in the British peerage.


Why are you poking me with your single stick?

— Watson


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