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"Whatever you decide, you must understand that you will always be special to me. You will always be my friend."
— Holmes to Kitty
Months previously at Scotland Yard, Kitty is unsuccessful in convincing Inspector Davies that a kidnapped boy, Latif, wasn't taken from the location his backpack was found at. Davies tells her to leave the case to the police and outside, she smashes her tablet on the ground in frustration. She's blocking the way of Holmes, so she moves and he passes by her. In present day at the Brownstone, Holmes tries to convince Watson that Kitty is right and that Watson's new boss at Leda Insurance, Del Gruner, is the serial killer who abducted Kitty five years previously. He points out that by hiring Watson, he was able to learn how much Kitty knew about him and the status of their case involving other women who were abducted. Gruner is listening to their conversation through the company phone he gave Watson and as Holmes asks her about the phone, it rings and Gruner fires Watson from Leda.

S03E12-Holmes meets Kitty
You're in my way.
Gruner is approached outside his residence by Captain Gregson and Detective Bell and taken to the 11th Precinct for questioning. With his lawyer, Gruner denies involvement in the murder of Melanie Vilkas and Simon de Merville. Kitty mentioned that when she escaped her abductor, she broke two of his fingers. Gregson notices two of Gruner's fingers had healed from being broken which he says happened while boxing. Gruner's lawyer ends the questioning, threatens to sue the department and lauds Gruner's charitable efforts and character. Having watched the questioning, Watson offers to take a leave of absence so the precinct can't be accused of retaliating against Gruner for him firing Watson, but Gregson insists they pursue the case against Gruner together. Months previously, Holmes approaches Kitty at her home and after introducing himself, offers to help her with Latif's case. Warily, she agrees.

S03E12-Gruner in box
He was in the news this week, right?
In present day at the Brownstone, Kitty tells Holmes that the situation with Gruner is too much for her and that she's returning to London. Later, Watson tells Holmes that Simon de Merville wasn't killed by the Albanian mob he was affiliated with. He believes that Gruner took more women whose bodies weren't found or couldn't be linked to him. Planning to look through open cases of all missing women in NYC, he also tells Watson that Kitty has landed in London. However, Kitty is still in NYC and watches Gruner enter his residence. Having fallen asleep on a couch, Watson wakes the next morning and finds Holmes has stayed up all night. He's created an evidence wall of missing women and narrowed it down to three possibilities. One woman, Francine Bianco, isn't included in the three due to her having been kept for nearly a year while Gruner didn't keep his victims for more than a month.

S03E12-Holmes evidence wall
You come up with a better process of elimination in your sleep?
Bell calls that he'd like them to join him in questioning Tabitha Laird, who had an incident with Gruner. A single mother who works for a charity Gruner is involved with, Hearth and Home Foundation, she admits that Gruner invited her and her adopted son Jesse to his beach house which she refused. When he kept asking, she mentioned it to a charity executive and Gruner apologized. Laird speaks highly of Gruner and says that he's responsible for getting Jesse a private school scholarship. As Laird doesn't fit the victim profile, Holmes believes Gruner helped her to fuel his narcissism. Months previously at Scotland Yard, Holmes shows Kitty that Latif has been found. Relating that some of Kitty's deductions were correct but that her wrong deductions were due to her inability to overcome being a victim herself, he offers to train her as a detective. At a Hearth and Home function, Gruner is lauded and before speaking, sees Watson is in attendance.

S03E12-Kitty Holmes at Scotland Yard
He's going home tonight because of you.
Finished speaking, Gruner approaches Watson who taunts him that they've discovered three women they believe he killed. Laird approaches both of them and Watson tells Gruner that they questioned her. Laird assures Gruner that she spoke highly of him to the police. Watson leaves the function and in the lobby, Gruner surprises her from behind, grabs her arm and threatens her. Watson defiantly stands up to Gruner and he backs down. At the Brownstone, Watson relates what happened with Gruner to Holmes and says Gruner lost his temper when he found out they'd questioned Laird. Watson believes Gruner has plans for Laird, but Holmes remembers that Watson mentioned Gruner was being thanked at the function for his six years of service. Francine Bianco's body was found six years previously and Holmes believes that Gruner kept her for a year because he impregnated her and, that Laird's son Jesse is Gruner's.

S03E12-Del Gruner
You should be careful, Del.
Months previously in London, Holmes is training Kitty and she unsuccessfully tries to open a door latched with a chain lock using an elastic band. Showing her how to do it, he becomes critical of her efforts and she counters that he's upset that MI6 fired him. They argue and Kitty leaves, saying she never wants to see him again. At Laird's, she's told Holmes' theory about Jesse's parentage. Initially incredulous, she eventually agrees to a DNA test. The test proves Bianco is the mother of Jesse so Gruner's home is raided by police but it appears that he's fled. As Watson searches for more incriminating evidence, Holmes notices an elastic band on the floor near the back door which has a chain lock. In an abandoned warehouse, Kitty approaches Gruner, who is tied to a chair, with a hot poker. With torture and death in mind for Gruner, he tells Kitty that the women he abducted after her, suffered more because of her escape.

S03E12-Laird 2nd questioning
You don't want Jesse's father walking free.
Kitty is startled by Holmes banging on the door and after smacking Gruner, meets him outside. Holmes reveals that an app on Kitty's phone gave him her location and that he knew all along she never left for London. He hoped they'd be able to arrest Gruner before she found him so she wouldn't have to make the choice for revenge. Holmes tells Kitty that she saved him when he trained her in London. Leaving the choice to her, he says he'll always be her friend, no matter what she does. Kitty returns to Gruner and says she's not going to kill him but is going to remove his "mask." Holmes returns to the Brownstone where Watson indicates she knows where he's been. Gregson calls that Gruner has been captured. In a hospital, Gruner lies in a bed and Gregson tells Holmes and Watson that Gruner's face has been eaten away by a corrosive.

S03E12-Holmes Kitty friend
You saved me. I'd like to return the favor.
DNA tests shows he is Jesse's father and a book of photos of his victims, found at his house, will be enough to convict him. With a knowing look, Gregson tells Holmes that he'll have to go after whoever disfigured Gruner. Kitty calls Holmes from the airport and says she leaving for London. He can see from her phone that she's telling the truth. Asking if she did the right thing in not killing Gruner, she also indicates that she wants to help people and may call Holmes if she needs advice. Lastly, she says it's been a long time since she said she loved anyone. Months before in London, Holmes is alone in his home, struggling to not use heroin after Kitty left his tutelage. (♫ Zola Jesus - Run Me Out ♫) A knock on the door reveals an apologetic Kitty who asks if she can continue learning from him. Asking her to come back the next day, he closes the door. Relieved and with renewed strength, Holmes picks up the heroin and throws it into the fire.

S03E12-Kitty at airport
The way that I see it, you gave me everything.



  • Del Gruner's character is based on Baron Adelbert Gruner from Conan Doyle's story "The Adventure of the Illustrious Client". In that story, Gruner's face is also disfigured by acid by Kitty Winter.
  • Kitty planned to dispose of Gruner's body using the "nutmeg concoction" she saw used in a previous case.[1]
  • Kitty unknowingly saves Holmes from using heroin that he secretly took from Paige Dahl's house in a previous case.[2]


Our crossing paths changed things for me. You uh, saved me. I'd like to return the favor.

— Holmes to Kitty



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