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"When it comes to what we do, the only thing that matters to me is our partnership, so you go, I go."
— Watson to Holmes
In the wake of Alfredo's kidnapping by Oscar Rankin, Sherlock assaulting Rankin and relapsing, he requires a diversion. He uses Athena and Minerva to recreate a 1927 murder scene involving two women, hoping that he'll be able to solve it. While examining the scene, Athena's phone rings, disturbing Sherlock's thoughts. Minerva complains that the recreation isn't fun so Sherlock asks for their indulgence as this may be his last action before he is charged with assault and jailed. Watson calls from the Brownstone, reminding him that his father is due there soon, disturbing Sherlock further. Captain Gregson meets Watson at the Brownstone, looking to speak with Sherlock. He's told the D.A. about Sherlock's service with the police in the hopes that he won't be charged for assaulting Rankin. However, he implies that Sherlock may not be able to work with the NYPD anymore.

S04E01-Athena Minerva bloody
But usually when you call us we have fun.
That evening, Sherlock returns to the Brownstone and isn't surprised that his father never arrived there. He learns that Gregson visited and while Watson expresses her confidence that he won't be charged, he leaves to attend a support group meeting at a church. Jonathan Bloom is waiting for Sherlock at the church. Bloom preys upon women addicts by providing them with drugs and partying with them. This includes Rankin's sister, who overdosed and Sherlock's investigation into her revealed Bloom gave her the drugs. Once again the media's pariah, Bloom wants to hire Sherlock to clear suspicion that he killed his wife who went missing in 2010. Confessing that he was responsible for the accidental death of two women in 2012, he gives Sherlock with the location of their bodies. He then pulls out a pistol and kills himself. At the 11th Precinct, Sherlock gives Detective Bell his statement on Bloom's suicide and then is informed by Gregson that he and Watson can't consult with the NYPD anymore.

S04E01-Bloom gun to throat
I want people to know the truth.
At the Brownstone, Watson is surprised to find Sherlock investigating the disappearance of Bloom's Honduran wife Alicia. The bodies of the two women Bloom told Sherlock about were found and he's convinced that Bloom didn't kill Alicia. Watson reminds him that Bloom's pistol went missing and his computer revealed a search for ways to dispose of a body the week Alicia vanished. Sherlock's found that another Honduran woman, Maribel Fonseca, went missing the same week as Alicia. Convincing Watson to work on a last case with him, he also lies and says he didn't see Gregson. At the motel where Maribel stayed, they retrieve her luggage and learn she was visiting from Florida. Reviewing items from Maribel's luggage at a diner, Watson receives a phone call from an associate of Morland's, Mr. Cook. Responding to her messages why Morland never showed, Cook says Morland may see them next week and hangs up.

S04E01-Holmes Watson evidence wall
Do you want him to be innocent?
Looking through Maribel's photos, Sherlock recognizes Maribel and Alicia as teenagers in one, indicating they knew each other in Honduras. Later, Watson surprises Mr. Cook outside his residence. She asks him to give Morland a message to keep his appointment with Sherlock and then threatens him when he insults Sherlock. Sherlock speaks to Alicia's aunt and learns that Alicia, Maribel and their families were being smuggled into the USA by a "coyote" who didn't pay a drug cartel, Escarra, for crossing their territory. The cartel slaughtered everyone but Alicia and Maribel managed to escape. Alicia's aunt says they didn't stay in touch after this but both managed to make it to the US. He asks Watson to visit a restaurant the two women both ate at, Novena Vida, and he meets with NSA Agent McNally who provides him with Maribel's phone and credit card records. Indicating he and Watson are available to work with the NSA, McNally isn't enthusiastic about employing them.

S04E01-Holmes McNally
That makes us even for London, by the way.
At Novena Vida, Watson shows the owner, Juan Murillo, pictures of Alicia and Maribel. (♫ El Sol Caracol - Boleron ♫) He says he only knows Alicia from the news but that Maribel did visit the restaurant in 2010 looking for a tall, handsome man whose name she didn't mention. Murillo recalls he may have seen the man at the bar and then flatters Watson. Reporting her finds to Sherlock at the Brownstone, he's been able to piece together Alicia and Maribel's actions from McNally's information. The two women did stay in contact in the US and after Maribel visited Novena Vida, she bought supplies to dispose of a body. It was Alicia who took Bloom's pistol and did the internet search for the supplies. Sherlock believes that they found their target but he overpowered and killed them and the man they were looking for was an Escarra member. Visiting a prison, they question a former NYC based Escarra lieutenant, Zuniga.

S04E01-Watson Zuniga restaurant
Did she say why she wanted to find him?
Recounting the massacre to Zuniga, he's uncooperative until Sherlock blackmails him with a threat. Zuniga tells them the men who committed the massacre are all dead but that the coyote survived. He only knows his nickname, "El Gato" (the cat). At the Brownstone, Holmes plans to speak to police from the city that Alicia and Maribel were from, San Pedro Sula, in hopes of learning El Gato's identity. He receives a call that he's not being charged for assaulting Rankin. While Watson prepares a celebratory meal, he tells her that they can't work with the NYPD anymore. Further, that when they solve their current case, she's to share credit with the NYPD in hopes they'll allow her to work with them. Watson isn't interested in working without Sherlock and says they'll find a solution. Watson goes to the precinct, collects their possessions and says goodbye to Bell.

S04E01-Zuniga questioning
After the massacre, la polici­a waged war on us.
Sherlock speaks to a detective from San Pedro Sula who doesn't know the identity of El Cato, but confirms he did operate out of his city when the massacre happened. El Gato was described as average height, jowly and had a receding hairline. Watson realizes this describes Murillo and that his restaurant means "nine lives" in Spanish. With New Jersey police at Novena Vida, Sherlock shows Murillo a video of him fending off a robber who came to the restaurant in 2010. The video was posted and went viral, which is how Alicia recognized him as El Gato. Maribel came to the restaurant, but never questioned him, she only wanted to confirm his identity. Believing they attacked him at his home, Murillo says that he acted in self-defense. Mentioning an extradition treaty between the US and Honduras, Watson shows him a warrant for his arrest for killing a competing Honduran coyote and his wife. Receiving a text, Sherlock meets Morland on the roof of the Brownstone. (♫ Shakey Graves - Family and Genus ♫) After trading barbs, Morland says he's in NYC to clean up Sherlock's mess.

S04E01-Murillo arrest
You thought you were an Internet sensation before.



  • Holmes speaks Spanish in this episode.


A bad man let his brains out for some fresh air. What else is there to discuss?

— Holmes about Jonathan Bloom