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"Anyway, when my name is cleared, I can travel as I please. Our consultancy could become bicontinental."
— Holmes
At the FBI's NYC field office, Holmes meets with FBI Assistant Director George Eagen after turning himself in for falsely confessing to the murder of Michael Rowan. Having learned that Eagen was bribed by his father Morland, Holmes blackmails Eagen to have the charges against him dropped and for the FBI to issue a statement that he and Watson be cleared of any wrong-doing in Rowan's case. At Krypsona storage facility, which is a foreign-trade zone that caters to criminals and the wealthy, a client and an employee of Krysona find the facility's manager, Virgil Gwinn, crushed under a large piece of artwork. Called to the scene by Krypsona's president, Antoine LaGrange, Holmes isn't pleased to be involved. He finds evidence that Gwinn was killed elsewhere in the facility and the murder staged to look like an accident. After telling LaGrange that he'll be dealing with Watson, who'll involve the police, Holmes gets a copy of all the security videos, which wasn't functioning when Gwinn was killed.

S07E03-Holmes w Gwinn corpse
Your employees are suspect. You're a suspect.
Returning to the Brownstone from Krypsona, Watson is surprised to find the furniture is back. Having reviewed the security videos, Holmes has found there are numerous gaps. He tells Watson that he's visited the FBI and decided to remain in NYC to further investigate the case involving Patrick Meers. Watson reports that Captain Gregson's condition has improved and she's called back to Krypsona by Detective Bell where they meet with a Krypsona client, Edward Cutler. Cutler shows them his unit, which is filled with valuable coins. Watson finds evidence several locks have been picked, however, Cutler confirms nothing has been stolen. Bell drives Watson back to the Brownstone, knowing that Holmes is there. Watson lets Bell in where he hugs Holmes, knowing he'd come back to NYC to see Gregson. Relating he's in NYC to see the Patrick Meer case through and that the FBI is working to clear him and Watson, Holmes doesn't commit to stay long-term.

S07E03-Bell Holmes hug
I knew you'd come. I was counting on it.
Holmes reports that the gaps in Krypsona's security videos coincided with expensive purchases Gwinn made. He believes Gwinn was breaking into client's units to see what they were hiding there and then selling the information, making one of Krypsona's clients a likely suspect for Gwinn's murder. At the 11th Precinct, Bell and Watson meet with Gregson's temporary replacement, Captain Dwyer. Although they've prepared a detailed presentation of the Gwinn case, he doesn't want to see it and expresses his confidence in them. Back at the Brownstone, Bell and Watson tell Holmes about meeting the plain-spoken Dwyer. Holmes has narrowed the suspects down to Aura Swenson, heiress of a construction company that does business in Africa and the Middle East. Her deceased father procured many religious artifacts, which he wanted to build a museum to house and was once caught importing looted treasures. Watson believes Gwinn was killed when he discovered more looted antiquities in Aura's unit.

S07E03-Dwyer conf room
Yeah, briefing. This look brief to you?
Holmes proposes that Bell and Watson meet with the appraiser of the Swenson collection, Sebastian Florenti. At Florenti's office, he's surprised to hear of Gwinn's murder and confirms he inspected Aura's unit. Finding it full of illegally obtained artifacts, he refused Aura's request to forge papers of provenance and quit. Indicating he'll cooperate with police, Bell receives a message from Aura's lawyer that they've agreed to give police access to her unit. At Krypsona, Aura and her lawyer confess there are looted antiquities from Ethiopia in the unit. However, a peace deal between Ethiopia and Eritrea has resulted in Ethiopia's government donating the artifacts in exchange for Swenson construction projects. No artifacts left the facility and since the donation negotiation was in the works for weeks, Aura had no motive to kill Gwinn.

S07E03-In Aura's unit
So you're admitting to everything your appraiser told us?
Having given Holmes a copy of the donation agreement to check with the Ethiopian consul, Holmes learns from Eagen that the charges against him will be dropped in a day. Outside the Ethiopian Consulate, Holmes finds the consul rushing off to a meeting and learns Ethiopia pulled out of the peace deal with Eritrea. Notifying Watson, she reports that in Aura's unit, she found an archaeologist's journal from 1928 which indicates there are fossil fuels in an area which is in dispute between the two countries. She speculates Gwinn found the journal and was killed over it. At the Ethiopian Consulate, Bell and Watson show the consul a copy of the journal and accuse the Ethiopian government of killing Gwinn in order to keep the information from Eritrea as Ethiopia was going to cede the land. Threatening to reveal the information to Eritrea, the consul confirms the peace deal was ended over the journal's findings.

S07E03-Ethiopian Consul
No one from my government ordered any murder.
However, they received the information from a business associate of the prime minister. She provides his identity in exchange for them not informing Eritrea. Outside the Consulate, Bell and Watson fill Holmes in and Watson reports that having looked into Gwinn's past, she doesn't think he sold the journal's information to the Ethiopian businessman. Holmes suggests that since Florenti had access to Aura's unit and worked in Africa for years, that he did. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell and Watson lay out the evidence to Florenti that he sold the information. Denying it, he provides an alibi for the time of Gwinn's murder. At the Brownstone, Watson tells Holmes that Florenti's alibi checked out. Holmes indicates he's reached out to Morland for hitmen with ties to the Ethiopian government. He and Watson discuss their living arrangements and Holmes suggests they work in both NYC and London.

S07E03-Watson Bell Holmes consulate
Well, that's progress. You seem troubled.
The next morning, Holmes wakes Watson by playing the national anthem of Eritrea. (♫ Ertra, Ertra, Ertra ♫) Morland suggested that Florenti sold the information to Eritrea, not Ethiopia. This provided Eritrea an excuse to continue the war so the current regime would stay in power. Holmes has found the hitman and says that he's made arrangements for Florenti's undoing. Holmes lures Florenti to a luxury condo owned by Morland posing as an owner of Iraqi artifacts. Revealing that Florenti told Eritrea that Gwinn was a threat, Holmes shows him a picture of the hitman who killed Gwinn, Gavin Lund. Accusing Florenti of giving Lund his keycard to Krypsona to carry out the murder, Florenti denies any knowledge. A gunshot hits a window near Florenti but doesn't penetrate. Holmes claims that he told Lund that Florenti intended to confess and as bullets continue to smack the window, Florenti agrees to confess to arranging Gwinn's murder to the police in exchange for his life.

S07E03-Florenti scared
Just get me out of here!
At the Brownstone, Holmes tells Watson that the shooter was a friend. Lund was the hitman but is in Europe where Holmes has informed Interpol. Receiving a text from Eagen, Holmes leaves, very concerned. Meeting Eagen in an underground garage, Holmes is angry to learn that Eagen cleared him and Watson of Rowan's murder by pinning it on a convict who was then found hanged in his cell. Eagen says he's written a letter confessing to accepting a bribe from Morland in exchange for clearing Watson as Rowan's killer. He threatens to make the letter public if Holmes contacts him again or reveals what he knows.

S07E03-Eagen Holmes
He didn't kill Michael Rowan.




That's the first time I've heard of a country giving an alibi.

— Watson

It's been a year, man. You really gonna leave me hanging?

— Bell to Holmes