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"The things that I do, the things that you care about, you think that I do them because I'm a good person. I do them because it would hurt too much not to."
— Holmes to Agatha
As Watson enters the library in the Brownstone, she finds Holmes putting out the "sex blanket" for a house guest, Agatha Spurrell. An esteemed climatologist who Holmes has used as an "Irregular" and a paramour, he offers to put Watson up at an expensive hotel while Agatha visits and gives a speech at a conference. Galen Barrow, a ride-share driver for the company Zooss, pulls his car out of a garage and idles curbside while reviewing the fares. (♫ Modest Mouse - Lampshades On Fire ♫) He's rear-ended and exiting his car to check the damage, the car that hit his car runs him over. The next morning at the Brownstone, Holmes makes breakfast for Agatha and is called away by Detective Bell. However, before he leaves, Agatha says she'd like to discuss something with him.

S03E18-Holmes sex blanket
I have asked you not to call it that.
Holmes arrives at Barrow's crime scene to find the car and body already removed. Watson tells him Barrow's car appeared to be hit by a yellow taxi. Smelling a stain on the ground, Holmes indicates that it's vomit that is mainly gin and he saw an empty bottle around the corner. Watson and Bell check out a lead on a yellow cab with front end damage but discover it doesn't fit the crime scene damage. At the 11th Precinct garage, Holmes has deduced from a metal bumper strip left on Galen's car that he was hit by a specific car model that is a retired taxi and that the killing was made to appear to be the work of an angry cabbie. At the Brownstone, Watson meets Agatha and finds Holmes avoiding her by working in the basement. Holmes reports that Barrow was an internet journalist by trade and began working for Zooss recently. Watson presses Holmes as to why he's hiding from Agatha and he reveals that she asked if he'd impregnate her.

S03E18-Crime scene
Smell that.
Called to the precinct by Bell, they question Gordon Meadows, a registered sex offender. Police found he bought the car used in the killing and after telling him about the gin bottle, he confesses to hitting Barrow but says he was blackmailed. After watching a schoolyard, he received anonymous texts with photos of him at the school and instructions how to kill Barrow, else the texter threatened to report his parole violation. Now seeking the texter, Holmes and Watson question Barrow's internet journalism employer, Lydia Guerrero. Claiming to know little of Barrow's personal life, she relates that his work was mainly puff pieces that wouldn't have resulted in motives for murder. Reviewing Barrow's work at the Brownstone, Watson finds he did an article on a fashion designer, Bobby Alacqua, who had an employee at his shop arrested for dealing cocaine. Distracted by Agatha's request, Holmes asks Watson to question Alacqua alone.

S03E18-With Guerrero
It's hard to imagine anyone wanting to hurt him.
Alacqua tells Watson that Barrow never met his former employee who was convicted of dealing cocaine as he met him uptown near his apartment. Realizing this isn't the location of Barrow's apartment, but is that of Lydia Guerrero, she's brought to the precinct where she admits she was having an affair with Barrow. She was also blackmailed by an anonymous texter whose wording patterns match those of Gordon Meadows' blackmailer. Barrow knew about the blackmailing and against Lydia's advice, insisted on discovering who the blackmailer was. Looking at Lydia's phone, Holmes finds that both she and Meadows had the Zooss app installed on their phones. At the HQ of Zooss, CEO Eric Frazier tries to defend accusations from Holmes that Zooss is being used to spy on people. He has technician Brandon Felchek show them an overview called "Olympus" which displays the location and time of all users. Holmes ridicules Frazier when he passes this information off as minimal.

S03E18-At Zooss
You're describing a level of omniscience that's traditionally ascribed to God.
When Watson says that there is a correlation between usage of Zooss and the activities the blackmailer was able to use against his victims, Felchek indicates everyone at the company is well off and small-time extortion wouldn't be worth the risk. Frazier is initially resistant to Bell's warrant but threatened with media exposure, he provides them with all Olympus data. At Agatha's conference, Holmes embarrasses her in front of several colleagues and says that his father Morland is behind her request as he's funding her research. Calming him, she indicates she came to the decision on her own before Morland suggested Sherlock might be willing. Complimenting Sherlock's gifts, which she believes should be passed on to her offspring, she tries to convince him that good may come out of her request. At the Brownstone, Holmes fills Watson in on his conversation with Agatha and sets Olympus up in the media room.

S03E18-Agatha Sparrow head shot
You are the most remarkable man I've ever known.
Called to the precinct, Bell introduces them to Mahra Kemp whose brother Patrick worked for Zooss until he was killed in a mugging a month before. Mahra was questioned by Barrow after Patrick's death and she believes Barrow's death might be connected. Believing Patrick knew who at Zooss was the blackmailer, Holmes asks for access to Patrick's possessions. After visiting Patrick's home and seeing that he was a sports gambler, Holmes believes he was the blackmailer at Zooss and was killed over gambling debts. However, Watson points out that someone else at Zooss must have killed Barrow. At the Brownstone, Holmes stays up all night and reviews all Olympus data from the previous week. Watson suggests that Barrow discovered other illegal activities at Zooss during his investigation and was killed to protect the company. Holmes somewhat agrees with her but after demonstrating that he's able to discern personal details of many strangers from Olympus simply by watching their movements, he indicates he knows who killed Barrow.

S03E18-Watching screens
Someone who also had something to lose.
At Zooss, Brandon Falchek meets with Bell, Captain Gregson, Holmes and Watson who tell him that they've found that he cut off Patrick Kemp's access to Olympus months before as he discovered he was blackmailing users. However, they've also found that Falchek stalked a woman named Felice Armistead who uses Zooss. He broke into her house and surprised by her, he broke her cheekbone and fled. Kemp blackmailing Felice is the reason he cut off Kemp's access as he didn't want undo attention interfering with his stalking of Felice's Olympus use. Holmes has discovered that Falchek doesn't use Zooss, so that his movements wouldn't be discovered. Falchek is arrested and told he'll be part of a police line-up in which they believe Felice will easily pick him out as her attacker. Holmes meets Agatha and tells her he can't father a child with her. He impresses upon her that his motive for helping others is selfish. That evening at the Brownstone, a depressed Holmes is cheered up by Watson with the offer of ice cream. (♫ Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors - Live Forever ♫)

S03E18-Falchek finale
The point is she was being stalked.




She's asked for a donation...to her uterus.

— Holmes about Agatha