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"Okay, I don't mean to be crass, but if you are murdered, how many reasons will the police have to suspect me?"
— Watson to Holmes
At the Brownstone, Holmes practices acting as an orchestra conductor. (♫ The Jam - Town Called Malice ♫) He's called by Watson, who is with an orchestra, wondering where he is as the stolen flute they are supposed to retrieve is about to leave with the thief. On his way out, he runs into David Horowitz who begs for an audience. Explaining that his schizophrenic brother Norman, who recently died, wrote obituaries for people who hadn't died yet, he's found that three of Norman's obituaries have come true. Norman wrote one for Holmes predicting he'd be killed in three days. Joining Holmes at David's house, Watson meets David's wife Luz. The Horowitzes indicate that Norman lived in their basement, was brilliant and very outgoing. In the basement, they find it cluttered with stacks of papers and journals. David explains that Norman believed in Simulation Theory, that human existence wasn't real and that we're all characters in a superior being's video game.

S06E18-In Normans basement
The more absurd a belief, the more dangerous its adherents tend to be.
Norman believed he was a special character and could see into the future. Expressing his beliefs at symposiums had garnered him friends and attention. Believing that someone from the symposium may have killed the three people to stir up interest in the theory, they also see that Henry Baskerville sponsored one of the symposiums. Meeting Henry at his mansion, they fill him in on the case and find that he is a strong believer in the theory. Holmes believes that Norman wrote his obituary after learning of the work he and Watson did for Henry. Confirming that Norman approached him at a symposium, he provides a list of those that attend them in the hopes they can find a suspect. Henry asks if it's been confirmed that the three people who died were murdered and wants to be kept informed. At the Brownstone, Watson asks Holmes to stay and review the list while she and Detective Bell look into one of the deaths.

S06E18-At Baskervilles
There's Nobel winners who believe in this.
The death threat prompts Holmes to give Watson a copy of his will in which he's left everything to her. Besides instructions for care of his bees and his brain, there are taxes to be paid on foreign equities. Watson logs on to the equity account and finds it empty. Holmes is annoyed but has an idea who stole his money. Later, Bell and Watson talk to Jonathan Dawson at his apartment. His wife Christina jumped off the apartment roof and is one of the three people whose death Norman predicted. Jonathan was out of town when she died and has no idea why she jumped. Proceeding onto the rooftop, Watson notices a camera in a nearby building which they obtain footage from. At the precinct with Holmes, they watch the video and see Christina jump off the rooftop without coercion. At the Brownstone, Holmes re-watches the video while Watson reports that the other two deaths don't appear to be from murder. David calls asking if they leaked their case to the press as he has news vans in front of his house.

S06E18-Watson Bell on roof
There's soot everywhere.
Watching a news report on Norman's predictions, Watson notes that the news channel has published a list of those that Norman predicted would die. The list is much larger than David provided them which leads Holmes to believe that Norman had a co-conspirator who leaked the list and is killing those on it. Later, Holmes unsuccessfully tries to pass himself off as a BBC executive to the news reporter who broke the story in order to find out her source. Confessing he works for the NYPD, he offers to give her exclusive access when they find the killer in exchange for her source. Bell tells Captain Gregson that the reporter received the tip anonymously which pointed her to Norman's list posted on a chat room by a new user, "WokeBaeBae." Bell is looking into the chat room's moderator. At the Brownstone, Watson tries to discover WokeBaeBae's identity by searching other sites with the same username.

S06E18-Holmes and reporter
I'm executive producer, BBC World News America.
An armored truck driver with guards arrives and proceeds to drop off many lock boxes filled with gold. Holmes explains that after threatening his father's estate lawyer, who diverted his holdings into vice stocks, he promised to return the funds quickly. Henry Baskerville arrives with news that an anonymous caller brought his attention to the news report. The same burner phone number used to call the reporter was used to call Henry. Henry sees a laptop with a video of Christina jumping and becomes convinced that Norman could predict the future. Bell texts Watson that the chat room moderator is a Terry Weaver. They note Weaver was on the list Henry gave them and is on the news report's list. Bell and two detectives find Weaver at his home trying to hang himself. He explains to Bell that he was trying to avoid the fate Norman predicted.

S06E18-Baskerville sees video
Norman Horowitz saw the future.
With Weaver at a hospital, Bell, Holmes and Watson believe his suicide attempt was to avoid arrest for the prediction hoax and causing the deaths to substantiate it. Weaver says he's a pacifist and plays golf on-line which will alibi him at the times that anyone on the list died. He doesn't know who WokeBaeBae is and claims that all those who believe in Simulation Theory wouldn't hurt anyone. He adds that Norman was working on a book of predictions called "Visions", that someone was helping him edit it and that the editor may be behind the hoax. Weaver only glimpsed the draft which was written on black paper with white ink. Insisting that Holmes protect himself and go to the Brownstone, Watson visits the Horowitzes. They claim to know nothing of the book and believe they would have met the editor Norman was working on. Watson finds the draft in a shredder in Norman's room which surprises the Horowitzes.

S06E18-With Weaver in hospital
He wouldn't let anyone read it.
At the Brownstone, Watson pieces together the first page of "Visions" and finds that none of the predictions came true. Bell calls that Henry made his head of security pull a fire alarm at Grand Central Station which caused a panic. At his mansion, Henry explains that he had the alarm pulled to prevent a terrorist attack which he says was predicted in "Visions." Showing Holmes and Watson the book, he says he bought that day for $4M from David Horowitz. Holmes calls Gregson and asks for a police unit to be sent to the Horowitzes. Discovering that the Horowitzes are gone but left behind their passports, Holmes tells Gregson that they've been played for fools and were unwittingly involved in selling the hoax so that Henry would buy "Visions." Two days later at the precinct, a police dragnet run by Bell and Gregson hasn't been able to find the Horowitzes. At the Brownstone, Holmes takes down the evidence wall and throwing a stack of pictures on the floor, finds one he hasn't seen before.

S06E18-Horowitzs gone
Took most of the family photos off the wall, too.
Watson mentions that the picture, of Norman and David, was one of the few family pictures not taken by the Horowitzes when they fled. She took copies of all the pictures left behind which Holmes compliments her on. Later at a dock, the Horowitzes are placed under arrest and Holmes explains to Bell that he saw a borrachero plant in the background of the photo. Native to Colombia, its seeds can be used to make scopolamine, a drug that renders its victims highly susceptible to suggestion. The drug was used on Caroline and the other two victims. Discovering Luz's brother owned a ship and knowing they left without their passports, Holmes deduced the Horowitzes were being smuggled out of the US on the ship. At the Brownstone, Holmes gives Watson a revised will. He's converted the gold into cash and donated it to various charities including a gun buy-back program. (♫ Mt Warning - Sinking Sun ♫) Hoping this will reduce crime in the future and allow Watson to relax when she retires, he proclaims this is her inheritance.

It came to me in a vision.



  • Sherlock Holmes' birth date is revealed to be January 6, 1973.
  • Holmes makes reference to the DARPA Warehouse.[1]


My estate. You'll be inheriting a lot less of it. You'll still get the house, of course, and my brain.

— Holmes to Watson



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