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"Well, as long as we're together, what does it matter?"
— Holmes to Watson



  • Watson began writing The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes after the first encounter with Everyone.[1] Holmes revealed to Kitty that he discovered the book.[2] It refers to the title of the final set of Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories.
  • Holmes willed the Brownstone and his brain to Watson but converted all other holdings to cash which he donated to various charities, including a gun buy-back program.[3]
  • Holmes mentions he used the alias "Sigerson" which is a reference to Conan Doyle's The Adventure of the Empty House in which Holmes travels in disguise as a Norwegian explorer and uses this name. Holmes also used "Sigerson" to entrap Ben Reynolds and recover a quagga.[4]
  • Holmes also mentions he used the alias "Altamont" which is a reference to Conan Doyle's His Last Bow in which a disguised Holmes uses this name.
  • Holmes wakes Watson for the last time with Holmes' memory exercise whereby he watches different broadcasts on multiple TVs.[5][6]
  • Bell punches Holmes in the stomach, reminiscent of Gregson punching Holmes in the stomach after he tortured Sebastian Moran.[7]
  • Holmes lies to Hernan Zielenko that he's Gareth Lestrade.
  • The episode title refers to Conan Doyle's His Last Bow - The War Service of Sherlock Holmes.


Well, if Sherlock's psycho ex-girlfriend didn't trick him into coming back to New York, who did?

— Bell

I'm staying. Of course I'm staying.

— Holmes



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