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Thomas Gregson Elementary intertitle Captain, 11th Precinct

Character Information
Status: Alive
Actor: Aidan Quinn
First Appearance: "Pilot"
Family: Paige Cowan (wife), Cheryl Gregson (ex-wife), Hannah Gregson (daughter)


You are above average in intelligence. And for a policeman, I would say, top tier.
— Holmes, "Pilot".

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Captain Gregson portrayed by Aidan Quinn.
Thomas "Tommy" Gregson is the Captain of the NYPD's 11th Precinct and has been a police officer for over thirty years. He was assigned to Scotland Yard a few months after the September 11 attacks to observe their counter-terrorism bureau where he met Holmes. Ten years later, when Holmes moved to New York City, Gregson allowed him to work with the precinct's Major Cases unit as a consulting detective. ("Pilot") He was married to Cheryl Gregson, and has several adult daughters. ("An Unnatural Arrangement") One is Hannah who is a police officer at the 12th Precinct and aspires to become a captain. ("Rip Off") He is portrayed by actor Aidan Quinn.

Character History

Season One

I've lost friends on the job to scumbags. Believe me, there's been more than a few times I thought about taking things into my own hands. But I didn't.

–Gregson, "M.".

Season Overview

Gregson invites Holmes to review a crime scene where they work the case of the murder of a doctor's wife and, he meets Joan Watson. He introduces Holmes and Watson to Detective Bell at a crime scene and later unsuccessfully invites Holmes out for drinks. After Holmes disappears, Watson is forced to reveal Holmes is an addict to Gregson who later tells Holmes that he already knew about his condition. After the guilt of a serial murderer Gregson convicted is questioned, Holmes proves the convict is complicit in recent killings. Gregson is outraged when Holmes captures a serial killer, Sebastian Moran and intends to torture and kill him. He doesn't allow Holmes to work with the NYPD until Holmes is his only option in resolving a hostage situation. After the situation is resolved, Gregson meets Holmes in a bar, re-instates him and punches him in the stomach. After Holmes captures serial killer Howard Ennis alone, Gregson is pleased that Holmes doesn't repeat the mistakes he made with Moran. When Bell is a suspect in a series of murders, Gregson protects and supports Bell. When a snowstorm hits NYC, Gregson commands the relief response with FEMA and helps capture thieves who robbed a federal cash reserve. Further gaining Gregson's trust, Holmes shows him evidence of the murder of a blackmailer that he asks to be kept secret while he investigates. Gregson is drawn into Holmes and Watson's battle with Jamie Moriarty and her agents Isaac Proctor and Daniel Gottlieb.

"Pilot": At the first crime scene Holmes brings Watson to, Holmes half-jokingly introduces Watson as his personal valet to NYPD Captain Gregson and insists that Watson accompany him inside. Watson is up for the challenge and agrees. Gregson relates that Dr. Richard Mantlo, a psychiatrist at Sanbridge Hospital, returned home late from work the previous evening and called 911 after finding his wife, Amy Dampier, missing, and signs of a struggle in the apartment. Watson and Gregson watch Holmes inspect a room and she learns that Gregson knew Holmes from time he spent in London after 9/11. Gregson watches as Holmes finds Dampier's body in a hidden safe room. With Gregson's permission, Holmes obtains a list of tall men Mantlo knows. Having found a suspect, Holmes calls Captain Gregson and is surprised to hear that they are already at Saldua's and that he's been murdered. Joining Gregson, Holmes and Watson learn that Saldua has photos and a possession of Dampier's. Holmes meets Gregson at a bar, to examine the patient file on Saldua from his deceased psychiatrist. Later in Gregson's office, he watches as Holmes produces Saldua's phone with recordings that show that Mantlo is guilty of arranging his wife's murder.

"While You Were Sleeping": Gregson calls Holmes, requesting he attend a murder scene. On the top floor of an apartment building, Gregson shows Holmes the victim, Casey McManus, dead from a single gunshot to the forehead and his apartment robbed. Holmes believes the murder and robbery were done by two different people and finds the robber, a neighbor. In the box at the 11th Precinct, the neighbor admits to the thefts, but not the murder. Detective Bell is disbelieving, but Holmes forcefully provides evidence the neighbor is being truthful, annoying Gregson. Watson tactfully asks Holmes to get her a bag of chips and once out of the room, Watson asks Gregson about his past acquaintance with Holmes in London. Gregson praises Holmes' abilities but not his behaviour and Watson discovers Holmes lied to Gregson about where he was when he called to ask to work with him in NYC. Holmes believes Gregson wouldn't let a recovering addict work on sensitive cases and threatens to sue Watson if she tells Gregson. Gregson beacons them to a murder scene with the same M.O. as the first. Gregson arranges a meeting with a former police officer who was surveilling the latest victim. Gregson leads a team who questions Rebecca Ellison about the murder victims, who are her half-siblings. After Holmes sets a trap for Rebecca's sister Yvette, Gregson leads the police team that catches Yvette about to commit a murder and she is arrested for the two murders. As Holmes and Watson are heading out, Gregson and Bell meet them, and Gregson invites them out for drinks. Holmes is surprised by the offer, but declines politely.

"Child Predator": Holmes and Watson meet Gregson at the home of the Castillos whose daughter Mariana has been abducted. Gregson objects when Holmes stops a TV news crew from broadcasting an interview with the Castillos. Gregson is part of the chase of a van believing to be driven by the abductor. When it's discovered the van is being driven by the abductor's first victim, Adam Kemper, Gregson allows Holmes to question Kemper at the precinct. Gregson ends the questioning when Adam's parents show up and later informs Holmes that an immunity deal is being working out for Adam in exchange for testimony on his abductor. After abductor is discovered to be Samuel Abbott, Gregson leads an ESU team that raid an address where a video of Abbott demanding Adam's return in exchange for Mariana is found. When Gregson won't make the exchange, the Castillos threaten him. Gregson asks Holmes to speak to Adam again to see if he can get him to sign the immunity deal in order to get information to find Abbott.

"The Rat Race": After Holmes finds the body of a missing investment banker, Peter Talbott, with Gregson and Detective Bell on the scene, Holmes insists it's a murder as evidenced by the state of Talbott's apartment, his job and the lack of needle marks. He deduces that a salad Talbott ate was dosed with heroin and then he was given the fatal shot. Gregson is doubtful but has the salad tested. Later, Holmes is kidnapped by Donna Kaplan, Talbott's killer. When Watson cannot get a hold of Holmes, she asks Gregson for help. After reassurances from Gregson and attempts to explain why not hearing from Holmes is unusual, she admits that she is his sober companion, he's never supposed to be out of contact and she believes he may have relapsed. After Holmes is rescued with Watson and Gregson's help, a humbled Holmes speaks with Gregson in his office. He explains that he withheld the truth about his addiction due to embarrassment as Gregson has always thought highly of him. Holmes apologizes and is then surprised to find out Gregson already knew. He wasn't happy Holmes didn't tell him and affirms the quality of Holmes' work and since others may not understand, Holmes' addiction will stay between them.

"Lesser Evils": After Holmes locks himself and Watson in a hospital room, believing that a man who died there was murdered, Gregson resolves the incident with the hospital administrator. After Holmes discovers a doctor, Cahill, at the hospital was stealing morphine, he and Gregson question Cahill in "the box" at the precinct. Holmes finds a killer of terminally ill patients, Danilo Gura, a janitor at the hospital. He and Gregson question Gura in the box who admits to all the killings but one.

"Flight Risk": When Holmes hears reports of a plane crash on his police scanner, he arrives at the scene to Gregson's surprise. Gregson asks Holmes to go home until Holmes discovers that the plane crash was caused by the discovery of a dead body on board the plane. After the owner of the plane's charter company, Charles Cooper, accuses one of his pilots, Owen Barts, of the murder, Gregson leads a team to Barts' house where they discover evidence of the murders which appears to have been planted. Gregson, Holmes and Bell interrogate Cooper in the box and confronting him with evidence that he's the murderer, Gregson gives him the choice of confessing and accepting life imprisonment or risking the death penalty.

"One Way to Get Off": Holmes meets Captain Gregson at the murder scene of a husband and wife, the Myroses. Immediately, Holmes see the crime has the same M.O. as home invasion murders perpetrated by Wade Crewes in 1999 whom Gregson brought to justice. Gregson believes the latest murders were done by a copycat but after Holmes finds that a woman's shoe is also missing, he believes that Crewes lied in 1999 when he said he worked alone and his accomplice is killing again. At the precinct, Gregson briefs a newly-formed task force to deal with the murder of the Myroses. Holmes proposes that he and Gregson interview Wade Crewes at Sing Sing, but Gregson doesn't see the value. Gregson, Bell and Holmes question a contractor who worked at the Myroses and free a sex slave he had imprisoned. At the precinct, Gregson meets his partner from 1999, Terry D'Amico who Holmes has called to provide insights. Bell briefs the task force on the findings to date including that Crewes maybe working with an accomplice. When Holmes suggests Crewes may be innocent, D'Amico refutes this and Gregson angrily dismisses everyone. He decides to question Crewes and allows Holmes to come along. At Sing Sing, Crewes isn't surprised to see Gregson. He denies any connection to the latest murders, practices anger management when Gregson asks who his accomplice is and quotes Tolstoy. He also claims he's innocent of the 1999 murders, that Gregson planted evidence to further his career and his attorney wouldn't pursue his alibi, that he was with Carla Figueroa, a woman he was having an affair with. He convinced he'll be exonerated. Holmes and Gregson drive to Carla Figuero's home to question her but meet her son, Sean, who says she died years before. Holmes asks Gregson why he's so resistant to the possibility Crewes is innocent. Gregson tells Holmes to watch the interrogation tapes in which Crewes gloats. Holmes watches the tapes at the Brownstone, and notices that a coffee mug, found smashed at one of the 1999 crime scenes with Crewes' prints on it, was originally handed to Crewes during his interrogation by Gregson. On a street, Gregson secretly meets with Terry D'Amico and says that he realized she planted the mug. She says she always thought Gregson knew but he thought it was good fortune as they were both convinced Crewes was guilty. The recent killings have put doubt of Crewes' guilt in Gregson's mind but D'Amico points out that if Gregson tells, she could go to prison and his career will be over which Gregson indicates won't dissuade him from owning up. Gregson is at another murder scene that matches the Crewes M.O. and Gregson says he won't hide the Crewes frame-up but incredibly, Holmes shushes him. After Holmes finds Crewes' accomplice, at Sing Sing, a confident Crewes meets Holmes and Gregson. Gregson shows him the women's shoes and the murder weapon, provided by Sean, who confessed to the recent murders and being Crewes' accomplice. To Gregson's satisfaction, he tells Crewes he's getting additional charges. Crewes explodes and is dragged out by the guards.

"The Long Fuse": Holmes and Watson meet Gregson and Bell at the scene of an explosion at a web design firm where Holmes quickly finds the remains of a pager, an antiquated device which he believes was the bomb's trigger. Holmes interrupts Gregson with the bomb squad and looking at the evidence, he points out the bomb's battery is four years old as is the newspaper used to pack the bomb evidenced by an old photo of Obama and a date Watson finds. Holmes shows Gregson that he's found the impression of the word "Novocaine" on one of the scraps of newspaper used in the bomb. Even though it's not a suspect, Knowles', handwriting, Gregson believes he's the bomber. Since the threat against Vanowen SC wasn't made public, Holmes believes an employee may be the bomber. Gregson refuses to get him a subpoena so Holmes will need to get the employee records on his own. After Holmes finds the body of a missing Vanowen SC employee, Pradeep Singh, his wife Himali is interviewed where Gregson confirms that she was in India when Pradeep disappeared. Holmes believes that Pradeep was the target of the bomb as he discovered his office was near the air vent. After evidence is found linking Heather Vanowen to Pradeep's murder and the bomb, she's confronted with the evidence in Gregson's office and arrested.

"You Do It to Yourself": After a college professor, Trent Annuzio, is murdered by being shot in the eyes, Holmes shows Gregson and Bell microscopic photos of cancer cells found in the remnants of Trent Annunzio's eye sockets. The cancer was terminal and very painful. Holmes believes Annunzio planned his own death. Gregson admits Holmes' theory makes sense but it isn't enough to release Annunzio's T.A., Brendan O'Brien, who confessed to the murder and that Annunzio's wife Jun is being deported. After Holmes finds that Annuzio paid a man to murder him to get revenge on O'Brien, he's shown into Gregson's office and Gregson informs O'Brien and Jun that if they get married immediately, the deportation processing will stop. They agree and hug enthusiastically while Holmes praises O'Brien.

"The Leviathan": After Holmes recovers various valuable stolen artworks, he and Watson return all, except Van Gogh's "Pieta". At the scene of a murdered safe cracker, Holmes finds a stolen diamond in a glass vase filled with multicolored decorative rocks. Gregson orders a full scale canvassing of the area. Gregson and Holmes compel Jermey Lopez to provide a blood sample which matches DNA at the scene of the murdered safe cracker.

"Dirty Laundry": Gregson attends the crime scene of hotel manager Teri Purcell who was found in a washing machine, dead of a blow to the head. In a New York suburb, Gregson and Holmes question Teri's husband, Oliver, and her teenage daughter, Carly, who both don't know who would want to hurt her. After Watson and Holmes find that Teri was facilitating prostitutes at her hotel, Gregson confirms this from Vice and that Teri and arranged meeting with diplomats and rich clients. After Holmes discovers a private network comprised of feeds from a series of hidden cameras installed in the hotel's rooms linked to Teri's office, Holmes theorizes to Gregson that Teri was blackmailing guests. Gregson laments that it'll take a huge amount of resources to review all the tapes to find a suspect but Holmes doesn't agree. After Holmes deduces that Teri and Oliver are Russian spies, Gregson, Bell and Holmes arrest him. Gregson listens to Oliver's confession in "the box" with an FBI agent where Oliver reveals his handler is Geoffrey Silver. In Gregson's office, Oliver and Teri's daughter, Carly, believes she killed her mother accidentally after Teri revealed to Carly she and Oliver were Russian spies and insisted that Carly become one too. She mentions Silver came upon them and told her to leave Teri for him to take care of. Gregson witnesses as Holmes provides proof how Teri wasn't dead after Carly left and how Silver finished her off.

"M.": Gregson calls Holmes to a murder scene with a large pool of blood but the body is missing. Holmes describes how the man was killed and that he knows this as he unsuccessfully investigated a series of murders with the same MO in London. After Holmes briefs Gregson's team on the serial killer "M", Gregson asks Holmes if he thinks it a coincidence that M has shown up in NYC since Holmes started living there. Holmes isn't concerned but Gregson assigns police to protect him and Watson. After Holmes finds a letter from M in The Brownstone, Gregson examines it and offers re-location which Holmes and Watson refuse. When Watson learns that Holmes can find M, who he intends to kill as he believes M killed his love Irene, Watson informs an irate Gregson. Holmes captures M while he's trying to kidnap Melanie Cullen and later in the hospital, Gregson and Watson question her. When she mentions she saw chalk dust on Holmes' shoes, Watson tells Gregson where Holmes has brought M. Gregson finds the location empty but is called by Bell who says Holmes brought Sebastian Moran (M) into the precinct. Moran stubbornly lies that Holmes did not abduct him. He lured Holmes to Cullen's who then followed him to the loft, where Moran attacked him. Holmes stabbed Moran in self-defense though by some miracle, he missed every major organ.

"The Red Team": In the wake of Holmes' kidnapping of Moran, Gregson refuses to let Holmes work with the NYPD. Watson tries unsuccessfully to change Gregson's mind but Gregson doesn't believe Holmes is repentant. When Holmes discovers a former team of experts, the Red Team, who helped the Army are being killed, a suspect is brought to the precinct and when Holmes arrives, he's ejected by Gregson. After Holmes' own investigation turns up solid evidence of murders, Gregson calls him to the precinct to help interview the remaining team members. After officers visit one of the team members to take into protective custody and are shot by a booby trap gun, Gregson and Bell attend the scene and believe the member, Walter McClenahan, is the prime suspect. When the rest of the members are taken into protective custody in a motel, one of the members, Harold Dresden, takes an officer hostage and threatens to kill him unless the other team members are brought to him. Holmes asks Gregson if he can see Dresden and claims he can end the hostage situation. Holmes does and Gregson asks him to meet him later at a bar. At the bar, Holmes apologizes for lying to Gregson but haughtily says the NYPD needs him. Gregson rebukes Holmes' self-centered behaviour but admits he is special and needs him. He'll never trust Holmes again, gives him a gut shot and as Holmes gasps for air, welcomes him back.

"The Deductionist": After a serial killer, Howard Ennis, is transported to a hospital to donate one of his kidney's to his sister Patricia, he manages to kill the medical staff and escape. At the crime scene, Gregson indicates that Ennis wrote "SHEDIR" in blood before leaving. Gregson and Holmes question Patricia in her hospital room. Dying of kidney failure, she says she's had no contact with Howard since he was sent to prison, and doesn't know where he might be. Holmes confronts Kathryn Drummond, an FBI agent on the case, while she's talking to Gregson on the Shedir clue and is surprised to find that Drummond agrees it's a misdirect. After Howard kills a number of people at a bodega, Gregson challenges an embarrassed Drummond whose predictions of Howard's actions have been completely wrong. The next morning in Gregson's office, Ennis calls. He blames Drummond for his father's suicide and tells Gregson he'll stop killing if he's given Drummond.

"A Giant Gun, Filled with Drugs": Holmes and Watson help Holmes' former drug dealer Rhys Kinlan find the kidnapper of his daughter Emily. Discovered to be DEA Agent Diaz, Diaz attacks Kinlan and Watson but is subdued. At the precinct, Diaz is interrogated about Emily but he claims to know nothing about her. He claims he followed Rhys to the Brownstone to question him and assumed Watson was working with him. Captain Gregson says Watson and Rhys have a different story, but Diaz thinks that a judge will believe him over a drug dealer. Gregson says the DA is offering protective custody while he is in prison if he confesses and gives Emily's location. Diaz appears unconcerned and Gregson guesses that he is betting that Emily will die before being found. However, Holmes' pre-war buildings near an Ethiopian restaurant deduction search has been narrowed to those near Diaz's apartment which police teams are searching. Bell and Gregson get up to leave but Diaz stops them.

"Details": After Bell is shot at in his car, in the 11th Precinct garage, Gregson, Holmes and Watson examine the wreckage of the car, while a bruised Marcus looks on. Gregson and Holmes both recognize an MP5 was the weapon used and the shooter had poor aim. Marcus knows who the culprit is. In Gregson's office, Marcus shows them the file on Curtis Bradshaw, a former drug kingpin. Arrested by Bell and while in jail, Marcus arrested most of his lieutenants and when Bradshaw was released, his organization was gone. Marcus recognized Bradshaw's prize car as the one used to shoot at him. Gregson, Holmes and Watson confront Curtis Bradshaw at a pickup basketball game. Bradshaw denies being the shooter, claims his car was stolen and two cronies give alibis. When Bradshaw is found murdered, Gregson says the media believes a cop killed Bradshaw as retaliation for the attack on Marcus. After Holmes finds evidence Bell is being framed for Bradshaw's killing, Gregson takes Bell off field duty to protect him. Holmes finds the pistol used to kill Bradshaw in Bell's apartment and lies to Gregson that he found it in a dumpster. After Holmes finds the murderer who is framing Bell is Officer Paula Reyes, she called into the conference room. Gregson explains that they have been looking for a killer who is a cop, a former member of the Bradshaw detail, and had a key to Marcus' apartment. Only she fits and Gregson also notes that I.A. suspected her of helping steal the heroin planted on Bradshaw and that she's dating an I.A. member. Gregson then tells her that the guns used at the various scenes all match those owned by a gun dealer Reyes arrested. The guns went missing but her home is being searched for them which results in her admitting to the crimes.

"Possibility Two": After millionaire Gerald Lydon unsuccessfully tries to hire Holmes to prove that he was poisoned with a genetic disease, Gregson calls that Lydon has been arrested for shooting his butler Crabtree and is refusing to talk to anyone but Holmes. At the crime scene, Gregson tells Holmes that Lydon can't remember shooting and Holmes takes Lydon's case. Gregson attends the murder scene of geneticist Natasha Kademan who was killed after telling Holmes that it was possible to poison Lydon with a genetic disease. A suspect in Kademan's murder, Benny Cordero, is questioned by Bell and Gregson but Holmes constantly interrupts their questioning, insisting Cordero isn't the killer. After Cordero's DNA matches the blood at Kademan's murder scene, he provides an alibi to Bell and Gregson. Gregson is part of the interrogation of Kademan's geneticist fiance who admits to killing her and planting Cordero's DNA, which he made, at the scene. After Holmes deduces that the head of the genetic company Kademan worked for, Brian Watt, has the genetic disease and was poisoning rich people with it so they would contribute to finding a cure, he brought to the precinct. Gregson indicates detectives are on the way to his home to search for the poison.

"Déjà Vu All Over Again": Holmes investigates a case involving a subway pusher and at the precinct, Holmes shows Gregson footage from the subway camera taken days before Vivian Tully was killed. Holmes noticed a man was following her who can be identified, Anson Samuels. He's questioned in "the box" and claims ignorance but once Holmes confronts him with the video and that he worked in Tully's building, he admits his obsession with her. However, he has proof he's not the killer and shows them a video he took of the incident. In "the box", Drew repeats to Gregson and Bell that he did not kill his wife Callie. Holmes relates that Watson deduced that he was Tully's pusher. She remembered that Callie had left him once before, 18 months ago, and Bell shows a news article about Anna Peters, who was accidentally pushed under a subway train 18 months before, by a scuffle among some teenagers. The news stories mentioned that Peters was carrying flowers. Six months ago, Drew realized that if he recreated the Anna Peters event mentioned in Callie's video, he could kill her and the video would give a rationale for her disappearance. Drew accuses Watson of creating circumstances to arrest him, to make up for the mistake that led to her arrest. Gregson has Drew confirm that Callie's video was from six months ago. Gregson then shows him a deleted email sent to him from Callie's account, with the video from 18 months previous, which Drew re-sent himself six months ago using Callie's account.

"Snow Angels": During a snowstorm warning an office building security guard is killed by three thieves. Gregson calls Holmes and Watson to the scene. At the precinct, Gregson introduces his command to Denise Castor, from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), sent to co-ordinate the snow storm response. Holmes deduces that the thieves intend to rob a large government cash depository, EROC, and leaves a message for Gregson. In "the box" at the precinct, Bell pressures one of the thieves he's caught, Darvin, to name her partners in the phone heist until Gregson interrupts, having received Holmes' message, and asks her about EROC. At the precinct, Bell and Gregson tell Darvin they have her file from Interpol. Her real name is Elle Bastien and she's wanted for crimes in other countries along with her husband. They invite her to give up his location but she refuses. After EROC is robbed and an ambulance used to transport the money through roadblocks set up during the storm, Holmes shows Bell and Gregson on a Manhattan map that someone was clearing an escape route for the ambulance. Holmes suggests that FEMA official Denise Castor may be part of the heist and Bastien is refusing to talk as she has confidence that Castor will help her escape. Gregson facilitates a ruse of a prisoner riot which allows Castor to break Bastien out of the box and they are apprehended trying to leave the precinct.

"Dead Man's Switch": After witnessing the murder of a blackmailer, Charles Milverton, who has a fail-safe partner who will release all blackmail material if Milverton dies, Holmes explains his dilemmaand Gregson agrees to keep the killing secret so the fail-safe can be found. Later, Gregson reports an arrest of a man trying to dump Milverton's corpse at a construction site to Holmes. The man, Anthony Pistone, admitted to the killing because his daughter was filmed and raped and he was being blackmailed. Despite Mivlerton's death, the fail-safe doesn't act and Holmes discovers him, Stuart Bloom, dead. When more blackmail demands occur, Holmes deduces who has taken over Milverton's blackmailing business. In Gregson's office, Holmes greets Pistone who has made bail. He and Watson tell him they discovered that Milverton was beaten four months ago. He told the hospital staff it was by a mugger but they believe Pistone beat him and show him photos of Milverton's head scars which match a cross-shaped ring Pistone wears. Gregson shows Pistone Milverton's laptop, which was found at Pistone's home and his brother has confessed to being Pistone's accomplice who sent the latest blackmails.

"A Landmark Story": Holmes takes a call from Gregson that Sebastian Moran wants to confess to more killings but will only speak to Holmes. Later, Holmes lies to Gregson that Moran provided no useful information. He explains to Watson that he wants to find out if a man, Hoff, was murdered before sharing with Gregson and promises that he isn't planning revenge on Moran. After an accomplice of Moriarty, John Douglas, is killed in front of Holmes by a sniper, Gregson arrives at the crime scene, wants to know what's happening to Holmes and what Moran said to him. Holmes promises that he's not seeking revenge and will give him a man who has been killing for Moriarty, Daniel Gottlieb. Gottlieb freely confesses his many murders at the precinct with Gregson and Bell and later, Gregson calls Holmes to tell him that Moran has committed suicide in prison.

"Risk Management": Watson is called to Gregson's office where he asks if she'd like to be a sober companion for a friend's daughter in Florida. Watson says she'll give him some other companions and leaves. Watson feels Gregson is trying to get her to become a sober companion again because he's unhappy with her work. Gregson explains that he's trying to protect Watson from the danger of Holmes' situation. Katie Sutter witnesses the murder of her husband's sister. Decades later, the killer hasn't been found so she implicates an innocent man, Wallace, in order to save her husband from suicide who, her husband kills. At her office, Katie is confronted by Holmes, Watson, Gregson and Bell. Gregson says they've confirmed Wallace was out of the country during Leah's murder, Katie confesses to falsely implicating Wallace.

"The Woman": Having found Irene Adler, at a hospital, her doctor tells Holmes, Watson and Gregson that her personality has been destroyed by a masked man who she called Mr. Stapleton. At the mansion where Adler was found, she meets with Gregson and Bell. Watson examines pigments Adler was using in her paintings and discovers a rare sample that only a few shops in NYC sell. Finding the buyer may result in discovering who was holding Adler. Gregson tells Watson her pigment tip led to a buyer named Duane Proctor who was imprisoned for a weapons assault. Gregson and police question Duane's brother, Isaac, at his home where Duane also lives. Isaac doesn't believe Duane has anything to do with holding Adler. Duane arrives so Gregson leaves an officer with Issac. As Gregson questions a confused Duane, shots are heard from inside the house and Isaac is found to have fled. Gregson tells Watson that Isaac was a professional killer but chose to only wound the officer guarding him. At the precinct, from a hidden camera, Watson shows Bell and Gregson video of Isaac leaving the flower for Adler.

"Heroine": After Irene reveals herself to be Moriarty and kills Isaac Proctor, Proctor's body is brought to the Morgue where Gregson is brought up to speed. Gregson expresses his concern about Holmes to Watson who promises to ensure he doesn't do anything extreme. At the precinct, Holmes and Watson argue in front of Gregson about her forced lunch meeting with Moriarty with Holmes believing she could have avoided it. Gregson assigns security details to them. After Holmes deduces Moriarty's plan involves blackmailing a Greek national, Theopilius, to kill two Macedonians, the Baceras, Gregson calls to warn them but is too late to prevent their shootings. Later at the precinct, the Macedonians bodyguard, Conroy, lies that he was hit from behind after Gregson's phone call and managed to free himself after the Baceras were killed and then shot Theopilius. Gregson has to separate Holmes from Conroy. After Watson and Holmes concoct a ruse to trap Moriarty, she is arrested by Gregson.

Season Two

We've got a mission here. It's to protect this city and the citizens that live in it. You are all part of that effort every day. Most of you do yourselves and this department proud. And for that, I want to thank you.

–Gregson, "On the Line".

Season Overview

Gregson arrives on the scene after Holmes and Watson apprehend the murderer of three US Attorneys, just before they leave for London. He's involved in the arrest of government secret leaker Ezra Kleinfelter and finding the killer of a former Polish mobster. After a break-in in his house, where his wife Cheryl shoots an armed intruder who demands Tommy's whereabouts, he reveals that he and Cheryl are on a trial separation. He vows to make his work less of a priority and spend more time with Cheryl. Gregson deals with an insubordinate detective who doesn't want Holmes and Watson working at the precinct. Gregson calls together his command, addresses complaints about Holmes and Watson and challenges anyone who doesn't agree with how he utilizes all the resources under his command to quit. After the judge in an administrative hearing recommends that the NYPD end their relationship with Holmes and Watson, Gregson is able to convince the Commissioner to not accept the recommendation. Gregson allows Detective Bell to transfer to the Demographics unit but is relieved when Bell decides to return to the 11th. Gregson is drawn into events involving a mole hunt within MI6, Sherlock's brother Mycroft and the French criminal organization "Le Milieu."

"Step Nine": Gregson arrives on the scene after Holmes and Watson apprehend the murderer of three US Attorneys, just before they leave for London.

"Solve for X": A suspect in the death of two mathematicians, Tanya Barrett, is questioned in "the box" by Gregson and Detective Bell. Gregson confirms she owns a Boston terrier, hair of which was found on one of the bodies and, Holmes points out she owns a pistol the same as the murder weapon. She says the pistol was stolen and denies killing Soto and Nauer to use their work. She provides an alibi during the murders, she was having dinner at a restaurant with a man, Wayne Kaneshiro. The restaurant sends security video with a timestamp that confirms Barrett's alibi. A man who was shot just after Soto, Benny Charles, regains consciousness in the hospital which Gregson reports to Holmes and Watson.

"We Are Everyone": In pursuit of Ezra Kleinfelter, a leaker of government secrets, Gregson attends the murder scene of Vanessa Hiskie, who was found to be hiding Kleinfelter. After Holmes deduces that Kleinfelter is hiding in a decommissioned bunker, Gregson sends text to Holmes that the bunker is empty, save an Everyone card. After discovering Ezra is fleeing the country on a jet belonging to a billionaire, Holmes stakes out the jet with Bell, Gregson and Watson where they see a limo approaching and identify Kleinfelter as the driver. When Kleinfelter is arrested, he demonstrates that the identities of US agents will be revealed if he's not allowed on the plane. Gregson confirms that the leak of the info will cause the agents' death and Kleinfelter is set free.

"Poison Pen": At the murder scene of Titus Delancy, Gregson has the Bell question a dominatrix, Mistress Felicia, who found Delancy. He watches as Holmes shows that a glass of bourbon Delancy drank was poisoned with nitroglycerin. Gregson and Bell question an executive at Delancy's company, Burt Jeffries, who has an alibi. Having been absent at their country home with her two step-sons, Titus' wife Peri is questioned at the Delancy home with Gregson present. She claims that she and the boys were in the country home when Titus died but it was her nanny, Anne Barker's, night off. When Holmes reveals that Barker is actually Abigail Spencer and was acquitted in the poisoning death of her father, Gregson and Holmes question her in "the box" where she denies killing Titus. After Holmes finds that Peri was planning to kill Titus but didn't, she's questioned with her lawyer by Gregson and others. After Bell and Watson find Titus' tablet with videos that show that Titus was sexually abusing his son Graham, Graham is brought to the precinct accompanied by his aunt and their lawyer. Confronted with the tablet and its contents by Gregson and others, Graham orders his aunt and lawyer out of the room.

"Ancient History": After Holmes and Watson discover a corpse in the Morgue of Leo Banin, who they believe killed someone before he died, they inform Gregson that Leo was a killer in Poland for the Russian mob before moving to NYC and becoming a retirement home nurse. His corpse displays wounds from garroting someone the day he died. However, without a victim, Gregson says they have no case. Holmes calls Bell and tells Watson they need to examine the site of Leo's motorcycle accident as he believes the Russian mob killed him. At the accident scene with Gregson, Holmes finds Russian cigarette butts and shells from a pistol leading him to believe Leo was shot at and this caused his fatal accident. At the precinct, Gregson informs Holmes that Leo stole money from the Russian mob before emigrating to the US and the shells match a pistol used to murder a witness against the mob. At the precinct, Gregson and others show Leo's wife Lara, evidence that she made an attempt to kill Leo with an accomplice before shooting him while on his motorcycle.

"An Unnatural Arrangement": After a break-in in his house, where his wife Cheryl shoots an armed intruder who demands Tommy's whereabouts, he reveals that he and Cheryl are on a trial separation. Cheryl is tired of Tommy's job being prioritized over her, but Tommy thinks the trial separation is just a break for Cheryl and that she'll come back. During the investigation, Tommy learns that Cheryl has dated a man that Tommy hates. After realizing why his wife wanted the separation, he lets her know that she deserves better and that he is going to use the separation to figure out how to give it to her.

"The Marchioness": Gregson is involved in the interrogation of a drug cartel hitman, "El Mecanico" but is surprised to find that fingerprints at the scene of one of his suspected murders don't match those that El Mecanico provides.

"Blood Is Thicker": After Haley Tyler, the estranged daughter of a dying tech billionaire, Henry Gale, is murdered, Gregson is involved in the interrogation of Haley's boyfriend, Ray McKibben, who has an alibi. He's part of the team that presents compelling evidence to Haley's suspected murderer, Natalie Gale, and gives her the chance to confess.

"On the Line": Meeting Holmes and Watson at the scene of a murder on a bridge, Holmes shows it was a staged suicide by Samantha Wabash in order to frame Lucas Bundsch. Samantha believed her sister, Allie, was abused and killed by Bundsch. Gregson brings the detective who handled Allie's case, Gerry Coventry, to review his findings but he is uncooperative and combative with Holmes and Watson. Gregson has to break up an altercation between Holmes and Coventry. At a bar, Gregson confronts Coventry about his insubordinate behaviour. Coventry thinks Gregson a fool for giving Holmes his support and threatens to go to the police union if Holmes isn't taken off his case. After Holmes confronts Bundsch and punches him, Gregson informs Holmes that Bundsch has placed a restraining order on him. After Holmes discovers from blueprints that Bundsch has a secret room at his recording studio, Gregson gives Bundsch a search warrant which also allows Holmes access. Abducted women are found in the room and watches as a husband is reunited with his wife. Later at the precinct, Gregson calls together his command. Largely to put Coventry in his place, he addresses complaints about Holmes and Watson and challenges anyone who doesn't agree with how he utilizes all the resources under his command to quit.

"Tremors": Gregson is in the audience during an administrative hearing to determine whether the NYPD should continue their relationship with Holmes and Watson. Holmes recounts the story of Gregson addressing his command until an officer brings in an armed, confused man, Silas Cole, who Holmes is able to disarm. Gregson tries to question Cole but is unsuccessful due to him being a schizophrenic. Watson interrupts the proceedings to fetch Gregson and at a hospital, they learn that Detective Bell's surgery for an abdominal gunshot has resulted in complications that may affect the use of his right arm. During a break in the proceedings, Gregson advises Holmes to stop taunting the prosecutor with his answers. Gregson is involved in the arrest of a doctor who killed Cole's ex-girlfriend. After the judge recommends that the NYPD end their relationship with Holmes and Watson, Gregson is able to convince the Commissioner to not accept the recommendation.

"Internal Audit": Gregson attends the scene of the murder of Donald Hauser, a crooked hedge fund manager. Later, he's at the scene of the murder of reporter Rosalie Nunez who was killed in the same manner as Hauser. At an art gallery, Holmes and Watson show him the body of the man, Maddox, who killed Hauser and Nunez. With Holmes and Watson, he arrests Jacob Weiss, who was behind all three murders. Hauser helped Weiss embezzle money from his charity but when Hauser's illegal hedge fund practices were discovered, he informed reporter Nunez of the charity embezzlement for which Weiss hired Maddox to kill Hauser and Nunez. Weiss then killed Maddox.

"The Diabolical Kind": After Kayden Fuller, the daughter of millionaires is kidnapped, Gregson and a police squad attend the Fuller residence as Kayden's mother Allison accepts a phone call with the ransom demand. Linking the kidnapper to Jamie Moriarty, Gregson arranges for Holmes and Watson to question her at an FBI prison "black site." Moriarty offers her help in finding the kidnappers which involves her arriving at the 11th Precinct. After Moriarty provides sketches of the kidnappers, Gregson issues them within the NYPD. After two officers are killed by the kidnappers, the head kidnapper, Devon Gaspar, calls Gregson's office to inform him that they've been watching the precinct and know Moriarty is helping them. Moriarty escapes from her FBI handlers and at her prison cell, Gregson explains to Holmes and Watson how she wounded herself in order to escape. After Holmes apprehends Moriarty and turns her over to paramedics, Gregson tells Watson that Moriarty will survive.

"All in the Family": With Bell having transferred to Demographics, Gregson is unsympathetic that Holmes and Watson can't find a suitable detective to partner with. Gregson attends the scene of a headless body found in a barrel by Bell and later, when the body is identified as former mobster Bobby Pardillo, is at the Morgue as Bobby's father Robert identifies the body. When a member of a rival family to the Pardillo's is blown up, Gregson is concerned that if they don't find the bomber quickly, a mob war is imminent. Gregson is part of the team that arrests Deputy Commissioner Frank Da Silva and thanks Holmes for mending his relationship with Bell and getting Bell to return to the precinct.

"Dead Clade Walking": After Watson and Gay find a rock with a rare fossil contained in it in the yard of a murder victim, Gregson and a police team apprehend the best friend of the victim and question him about the fossil. The fossil is put into the evidence locker at the precinct where it is stolen by a man posing as an ICE agent. Gregson rebukes the officer in charge of the evidence locker. After apologizing to ICE, Gregson arranges for them to work with the precinct on recovering the fossil. Gregson attends the murder scene of a seller of rare items where the fossil is found smashed.

"Corpse de Ballet": Gregson attends the scene of a murdered ballerina, Nell Solange, who was cut in two. He's one of the team that questions the lead ballerina, Iris Lanzer, a suspect in Nell's death. When Lanzer's alibi proves false, Lanzer is brought to the precinct. Refusing to remain in the country, Gregson orders her arrest. In a courtroom bathroom, after Holmes confronts Lanzer's lawyer with evidence that he was behind the murder, Gregson has Bell arrest the lawyer.

"The One Percent Solution": After a bomb at a restaurant kills staff from two banks and the Depts. of Treasury and Labor, Gregson indicates to Holmes and Watson that they'll have to work with Gareth Lestrade, who is a security consultant for Richard Balsille, the CEO of one of the banks. Gregson calls Holmes that newspapers received a statement from a serial bomber taking credit for the bombing. He attends the home of the suspected serial bomber who is found to have died before the bombing took place. He arrests the bomber, Michelle Forrester, an employee of the Dept of Labor.

"Ears to You": Gregson questions Gordon Cushing, whose ex-wife Sarah went missing years before. Gordon's received a package with two severed ears and a ransom demand. He leads a police team that monitors Gordon delivering the ransom but when the kidnapper takes the money and runs down a subway tunnel, Gordon chases after him. Gregson finds that Gordon has killed the kidnapper with a metal rod. Later at the precinct, Gregson and Bell question Gordon on the events that led to the kidnapper's death. After Holmes and Watson discover Sarah is alive and living under a new identity, she's brought to the precinct where it is found that her doctor husband grew two ears on her back. Gregson serves her with a warrant for her DNA.

"The Hound of the Cancer Cells": Gregson attend the scene of a medical researcher, Dr. Barry Granger, who appears to have died from suicide, but Holmes shows was murdered. He's involved in the questioning of Karen Buckner, who anonymously partnered with Granger on-line in revealing crooked drug trial results. When the wife of Hank Prince, Granger's business partner, is shot dead, Gregson questions Hank at the precinct who provides an alibi. Later, he, Holmes and Watson show Hank evidence that his alibi was a lie and that he staged Granger's suicide to temporarily devalue his company's worth so that his wife wouldn't receive a big payout from their divorce proceedings.

"The Many Mouths of Aaron Colville": After a serial killer who bit his victims, is found to be striking again, Holmes and Watson are able to find a match to the bite marks. With Gregson, they question an ex-con of Newgate whose dentures are revealed as the match. He tells them that many dentures were made and the model for them was Aaron Colville, who died years before. Gregson orders all those who were issued the dentures questioned. The dental assistant at Newgate, Stan Divac, flees resulting in Gregson issuing a warrant for his arrest. Divac is captured and questioned by Gregson but Watson shows Divac has severe osteoporosis and from physical evidence shows he couldn't have been involved in the murders. Gregson, Holmes and Watson arrest Aaron Colville's mother, Ruth, who committed the murders and left bite marks on the victims using her dead son's dentures.

"No Lack of Void": Gregson asks Watson to look at a man who collapsed in a holding cell and finds he died from anthrax poisoning. He provides Holmes and Watson with video footage of Union Square in order to find the anthrax source. He leads an ESU team who raid a storage unit and find the anthrax creator is dead and the anthrax is missing. He leads a task force in finding Eugene MacIntosh who is believed to have taken the anthrax. After Holmes finds an extremist, Joe Bey, who funded the anthrax creation, Gregson, Holmes and Watson are able to persuade him to locate Eugene. Gregson isn't happy that Holmes needlessly risked his life to bring Bey in. Gregson tells Holmes and Watson that Eugene was shot dead by his brother Bart at his farm. At the precinct, Gregson questions Bart who claims Eugene was trying to poison his cows with the anthrax and shot him in self-defense. He's part of the team who later arrest Bart at his farm when it's discovered Bart had the anthrax and intended to poison his cows for the insurance money.

"The Man With the Twisted Lip": While looking for Paige Dahl, Holmes turns in a drug delivery service to Gregson. After the murder of drone operator Zack Piller, Gregson and Bell pressure his therapist to reveal Piller's involvement in a drone strike that killed Americans in Afghanistan. Piller is poisoned by a small drone and dies in "the box" in front of Bell and Gregson.

"Paint It Black": Captain Gregson does not appear in this episode.

"Art in the Blood": Gregson is called to the Morgue where Sherlock and Watson have found that the arms of Arthur West have been taken. Holmes lies to Gregson how they came upon the discovery. Days later at the precinct, Gregson tells Sherlock that the gun used to kill West has been found with fingerprints. Sherlock recognizes the prints belong to his brother Mycroft and realizes he's being framed for murder.

"The Grand Experiment": After Bell discovers the prints on the gun used to kill Arthur West belong to Sherlock's brother Mycroft, Gregson warns Sherlock that if he's found and arrested, it could compromise Sherlock working with the NYPD. Bell, Gregson, Holmes and Watson present Julian Afkhami with evidence that he murdered Nadir Khadem and he is arrested. Afkhami was a spy used by MI6 mole Tim Sherrington who is also found dead, resulting in Gregson issuing a BOLO for Mycroft.

Season Three

We're not friends. I like you, I want good things for you, but our's a means to an end as much to me as it is to you.

–Gregson to Holmes, "Enough Nemesis To Go Around".

Season Overview

After Holmes asks to consult with the NYPD again, Gregson will only approve him and Kitty Winter working with them if Watson agrees.

"Enough Nemesis To Go Around":

"The Five Orange Pipz":

"Just a Regular Irregular":

"Rip Off": Gregson punches his daughter Hannah's NYPD partner, Chris Stotz, after learning he was abusive to her. Hannah is not pleased with way he handled the situation, feeling he has caused talk among her fellow officers. Gregson discusses the situation with Kitty and she helps him understand his daughter's position, and her desire to keep from appearing as a victim to her colleagues. Gregson eventually agrees to shake Stotz's hand in front of his precinct. Statoz tells Gregson he is quitting the force and seems scared. Gregson then realizes that Kitty intimated him.

"A Stitch in Time": Hannah asks for Watson's assistance with a case involving a string of robberies. Watson pieces the case together and gives Hannah the information to take to the lead detective. She then discovers that Hannah has chosen to act on the information herself to win a commendation and advance her career as opposed to following proper procedure. Gregson learns of the situation and advises Watson not help Hannah again.

"Absconded": Gregson gets a chance for a promotion. He considers it, even getting Joan to investigate his possible successors, however he ultimately decides he is happy with his current position.

Season Four


–Gregson, "The Past Is Parent".

Season Overview

In the wake of Holmes' relapse and assault on Oscar Rankin, Gregson is forced to end Holmes and Watson consulting with the NYPD.

"The Past Is Parent":

"Evidence of Things Not Seen": Captain Gregson does not appear in this episode.

Season Five

This squad is the finest group of men and women I've ever had the honor to serve with.

–Gregson, "Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling".

Season Overview

Gregson leads heads up the search for a serial bomber in Flushing. When the Major Crimes division is given an award by the city, Gregson ensures that Holmes and Watson are included.

"Folie a Deux":

"Henny Penny the Sky Is Falling": When the city wishes to recognize the Major Crimes division, Gregson wants Watson and Holmes included in the commendation. Holmes is against this and tries to sabotage Gregson's efforts with his higher ups, while Watson tries to encourage the recommendation. Watson eventually convinces Holmes to accept the honor.

"It Serves You Right to Suffer": Captain Gregson does not appear in this episode.

Season Six

You try to set it off, the only people who are gonna die today are you and your men. Your choice.

–Gregson, "Once You've Ruled Out God".

Season Overview

Holmes doesn't tell Gregson he's suffering from post-concussion syndrome (PCS). Gregson leads a police task force when a dirty bomb threatens NYC and is at the scene of the murder of a Revolutionary war reenactor. After Holmes can't remember how he acquired a human head, he tells Gregson about his PCS. Angry that Holmes didn't tell him earlier, Gregson suspends Holmes from working with the NYPD until cleared by a department doctor. Later, Gregson tells Holmes he's been cleared to work with the NYPD but if he violates any of the doctor's conditions, he'll be suspended permanently. Gregson's daughter Hannah tells him that she's going through recovery for alcoholism and he takes advice from Watson and Holmes how to help her. After Hannah's roommate Maddie is strangled by a serial killer, Gregson takes command of a task force to find the murderer. He's drawn into the pursuit of the killer, Michael Rowan. Gregson brings an expert on Egyptian antiquities onto a case who is later found to be corrupt and is murdered. He provides expertise in identifying ATF field offices as the recipients of off-the-books funding from an ATF operation's slush fund. Detective Bell turns down a chance to apply to the US Marshals until Gregson says how proud he'd be if Bell became one. When a bio-bomb is set off at the 11th Precinct, Gregson and Bell deal with the CDC and those that set the bomb off. Gregson turns down a potential replacement for Bell, favored by Holmes, concerned that the replacement wouldn't keep Holmes out of trouble. After Hannah kills Michael Rowan, Gregson helps her erase evidence of her crime but discovers afterwards that this makes Watson the prime suspect. Angry, he pleads with Holmes to not reveal Hannah's crime.

"An Infinite Capacity for Taking Pains": Investigating the murder of Sammy Olivetti, who had a sex tape of himself posted in the web, Holmes accepts a bribe to stop his invesitgation from an anonymous caller. He later tells Gregson he accepted the bribe in order to trace the money to the caller's bank account, but keeps his post-concussion syndrome (PCS) from Gregson. After the woman in the sex tape with Sammy, Sophie, is murdered, Gregson questions Sophie's husband, Ryan, who denies murdering his wife. Later at the 11th Precinct, Gregson indicates that since Sophie and Ryan had met with Olivetti several times, they believe Ryan had a key to Olivetti's house. This allowed him to enter without damaging the deadbolt but planning to hang up plastic and murder Olivetti, he activated it. Holmes turns on the TV which shows a tape from Olivetti's hidden camera in which Ryan smashes Olivetti's head. Gregson asks what he did with the body.

"Once You've Ruled Out God": At the Morgue, Gregson learns that a nuclear safety inspector was killed by a vertical lightning strike. After learning that smuggled plutonium to power the weapon the killed inspector is missing, Gregson brings in Agent Kohler of the National Nuclear Security Administration. With Kohler's team, Gregson is present as a bunker with the body of a man who may have built a dirty bomb with the plutonium is found. Later, Gregson calls Holmes, Bell and Watson to the bullpen as Kohler reports that an unidentified woman has called in a credible tip that a mosque will be bombed and a taxi is being used to transport the bomb. After watching traffic camera footage, Holmes tell Gregson that the bomb is conventional and there's no terrorist attack being planned, rather, it's a heist. Gregson leads a team to the building next to the mosque and blocks the robbers trying to leave the building. Threatening to detonate the bomb and poison the city, Gregson says they know the bomb isn't dirty but if detonated, they'll shoot. Realizing they are beaten, the thieves surrender. At a debriefing in Gregson's office, Kohler reports that the bomb was conventional, as Holmes deduced. They've found that the port the plutonium went through had an alarm triggered that Kohler cleared and, that his new girlfriend is related to one of the thieves. His girlfriend admitted to hooking Kohler up with the thieves, she's the one who called in the threat and, Kohler is arrested.

"Pushing Buttons": After Revolutionary war reenactor George Nix is killed at a reenactment, Gregson and Holmes examine the scene and question Brian, Kevin and an American reenactor, Chris Holland. They provide confused and contradictory statements, but Kevin says that he heard a .308 before George was shot. Later, Gregson is called to the scene of a fire at Nix's house. After Holmes and Watson restore burnt documents in a safe from Nix's home, they explain to Gregson and Bell that the documents were autographed by Button Gwinnett. A signer of the Declaration of Independence, his signature is worth nearly a million dollars due to its rarity. They believe that another collector destroyed the documents to increase the value of his Gwinnett signatures. When Holland is found to be the murderer and threw the murder weapon in a portable toilet, Gregson informs him that police will be searching the toilets and when the weapon is found, he'll be charged with murder. He encourages Holland to confess to avoid a very hostile prosecution.

"Our Time Is Up": Gregson attends the scene of the murder of Watson's former therapist, Dr. Candace Reed.

"Bits and Pieces": After Holmes can't remember how he acquired a human head, he tells Gregson about his PCS. Angry that Holmes didn't tell him about the PCS earlier, Gregson suspends Holmes from working with the NYPD until cleared by a department doctor. The head is traced to an organ bank whose president, Dominic Voth, admits to Gregson and Bell that his business may have not acted in accordance with DOH procedures and that they burned the body the head belonged to, that of Eric Russo. After Bell finds that Voth bought Russo's body from a body broker who forged Russo's donor consent forms, the broker, Walter Petty, is brought to the precinct where he informs Bell and Gregson that he has deals with funeral homes and crematoriums for bodies. He was in Cancun when Ludlow and Garvey were murdered and since he keeps no records of his transactions, he provides a list of all the locations he buys bodies from. Gregson calls Holmes to the precinct to inform him that he passed the department doctor's tests and has been reinstated with provisions. Gregson warns Holmes that if he doesn't follow the provisions exactly, it'll be the end of him working with the NYPD. Holmes tries to assure Gregson that he can be trusted but Gregson wants Holmes to prove it with his actions.

"Give Me the Finger": Gregson's daughter Hannah tells him that she's going through recovery for alcoholism. Watson meets Gregson in his office where he tells her that Hannah is an alcoholic going through AA. He asks Watson's advice on how best to help Hannah. After Holmes and Watson break into a building that a murdered man, Ando Azuma was last seen at, they are confronted by Air Force security and arrested. In the morning, Gregson is able to free them and they are met at the precinct by Lt. Colonel Robin Deakins and Major Beckam. Holmes deduces that the compound is a nuclear missile command centre. Later in Gregson's office, they share information on Azuma and learn he was hired by the Air Force to test security of a new nuclear missile control system. An officer who didn't want to new system implemented, General Alvero, is questioned where he shares with Gregson, Holmes and Watson embarrassing photos that gives him an alibi for when Azuma was killed. Later, Holmes gives him advice on Hannah's condition that he needs to move past blame and make her recovery about her. When Holmes discovers one of the Air Force officers killed Azuma, a group of officers are brought to the precinct and shown the motive. Gregson indicates that a recipe for making US currency stock is on old floppy disks sold to the Air Force and that Azuma was killed in order to stall the implementation of the new system in order to find the disks.

"Sober Companions": After Hannah's roommate Maddie is strangled, Gregson is at the scene and comforts Hannah who can't think of any suspects. Later at the precinct, Gregson and Holmes brief a task force on ten women preyed upon by the killer and confirm that the items on Maddie belonged to them. Bell finds that one of the items on Maddie belonged to Ashley Jenkins, who was found strangled in her home like Maddie. However, Ashley's husband Graham, was convicted of the murder though he swore that he saw a man fleeing his house. Gregson and Holmes visit Graham in prison where he confirms that Maddie was killed much like his wife was. He says the man that fled was tall and white and, when shown a bracelet that was on Maddie, confirms it was Ashley's. Graham also says that the killer wrote him a letter several years before apologizing for his incarceration. Gregson promises to get evidence of Graham's innocence. Holmes and Watson show Gregson evidence that the killer is Michael Rowan and when Gregson looks at Rowan's file and sees what car he drives, he earnestly says they need to talk to Hannah. Hannah comes to the precinct and confirms Rowan was the man who hit her car, they exchanged information and he asked her out. She was going on the date when Maddie was killed. Despite this, Gregson doesn't believe he can get a warrant to look into Rowan. Holmes and Watson locate the area where Rowan buried a victim and Gregson, Bell and a police team with dogs search the woods behind a construction site and quickly find a body, which turns out to be a wooden dummy. Later at the precinct, they view the dummy which has revealed no evidence. A judge has denied Gregson's request for a warrant to surveil Rowan but, he was able to have Graham Jenkins released from prison.

"Sand Trap": Holmes and Watson investigate the murder of a woman who has created a device that cleans water. With Gay's help, they discover that a bridge near her testing site is in danger of collapse. In Gregson's office, Gay shows Gregson and Bell a computer model that explains why the bridge will collapse. After an engineer who writes construction permit reports is found dead from five drill holes to the head, in the Morgue, Holmes explains why an Indian mobster, whose murder M.O. matches the dead engineer's, is being framed. A corrupt County Building supervisor is brought to the precinct where Gregson serves him with a warrant to search his car which, with other evidence, results in his arrest.

"Nobody Lives Forever": At the scene of a poisoned college professor, Noah Fogel, who was then eaten by rats, Fogel's assistant, Maya, explains to Holmes and Gregson that he was studying the effects of pesticides on small mammals. Gregson is part of the team that questions Fogel's drug dealer. After Fogel's research partner, Elijah Robinson is found murdered, a taco restaurant employee, Hugo, is questioned by Bell and Gregson. He's glad they are dead but has an alibi during their murders. At the precinct, Holmes and Watson explain to Gregson and Bell why the son of philanthropist Dudley Becket, who offered a $5M prize that Fogel and Robinson were close to winning, is the murderer. The son, Hunter, is later arrested.

"The Adventures of Ersatz Sobekneferu": After a woman, Mischa Farrell, is found being turned into an Egyptian mummy, Gregson introduces Bell, Holmes and Watson to Merrick Hausmann, an expert on Egyptian antiquities. Hausmann agrees with Sherlock that she was being forged as a mummy with the intent of being sold as a female pharaoh named Sobekneferu. After Bell arrests the man responsible for killing Farrell, he and Gregson easily get information from him. Discovering that Farrell was trying to expose an art forger, "Van Faux", Bell and Gregson confront Jasper Wells at his studio and learn that Farrell was his daughter. Wells co-operates with their investigation and briefs Gregson and others on "The Theban", who he believes is behind the mummification and other forgeries.

"You've Come a Long Way, Baby": As Bell and a CSU team are about to break up a cigarette smuggling operation, Gregson calls and cancels the operation as he's about to expose an ATF operation. Two ATF agents, Bakshi and Evaneer, explain their undercover operation at a cigarette company at the precinct where Gregson indicates that the head of the company is being questioned. After the two agents kill each other and money from the operation is transferred out of an account, Bell tells Gregson that the transfer was made by someone other than the ATF agents. Past transfers are identified by Gregson as going to ATF field offices and and suggests that the agents were being ripped off by their own. Gregson is involved in questioning an ATF agent who was requesting the slush fund money for the field offices. Watson deduces who was actually making the funding transfers and committed a murder, the cigarette company president's office manager. Gregson is able to convince the president of another cigarette company to give up the office manager.

"Meet Your Maker": After Holmes and Watson find a suspect in the disappearance of Maria Rodriguez, Bell and Gregson arrest Kyle Spikowski who has weapons in his car trunk which he planned to use to shoot women at a gym. After Bell, Holmes and Watson discover that Maria's boyfriend, a blacksmith, was being forced to make pistols, they show Gregson the evidence. Since both are missing, they believe that a gang abducted them and are forcing them to teach others to make the pistols, after which, they'll be killed. Gregson indicates that ATF has been looking for the source of pistols and though they've made many arrests of those that have used the pistols, none of those arrested would reveal the seller. When the seller is found but is killed by Suffolk County police, Bell brings Gregson to look at the scene. After learning that Bell plans to turn down a chance to join the US Marshals out of loyalty to Gregson, Gregson tells him he'd be very proud if Bell joined the Marshals.

"Breathe": After Leland Frisk, a relocation agent, is found to be a contract killer, Holmes and Watson show Gregson a number of Frisk's files that link him to suspicious deaths. Holmes also explains an unusual weapon called the "Incubus" used to suffocate victims. An FBI agent, Kerner, who was working on two of the murders seen in Frick's files, reviews the files with Watson and Gregson. Later in Gregson's office, Gregson is shown a restaurant security video in which a waitress buses Cal Medina's (whose prints were found at Frisk's murder scene) wine glass which is then taken by Frisk. Bell has confirmed it is the same glass found in Frisk's office leading them to believe that Frisk poisoned himself and framed Medina. Medina meets Gregson and Bell at the precinct where Gregson apologizes for accusing him of hiring Frisk. Gregson also says they almost got Medina killed and takes him to the viewing window of "the box." Explaining that they used informants and the Dark Web to leak that Medina was cutting a deal with law enforcement, the man in the box, Tad Linsky, started to surveil Medina. Linsky was arrested and a weapon linked to five murders found on him. He admitted that Medina hired him to kill the researcher Romano. Medina is turned over to FBI custody.

"Through the Fog": At the precinct, Gregson and Bell arrest Jeff Stanton for the murder of Alexis Garland. Bell finds a bag that begins smoking and putting it in "the box" and locking himself in the viewing room, Gregson locks down the precinct, calls the CDC and he checks on Bell. Bell reports the bomb was triggered by a cell phone and believes whoever set it off is still on the floor. Gregson that the Leon Cartel made an anthrax attack on a Mexican police station and confirms that Major Cases has hit the cartel hard. Holmes offers to contact the cartel for information which Gregson forbids however, Holmes ignores him. The CDC staff arrive led by Bridget Tanaka who indicates they'll be able to decon and release Bell shortly as the attack wasn't chemical. Mentioning the anthrax attack in Mexico, Gregson asks for the cell phone used to trigger the bomb to be processed and given to him quickly. He also tells her that the bomber is likely on the floor with them. With Bell released from quarantine, he and Gregson look at the phone used as the trigger and find photos of the precinct on it. Gregson tells Holmes they are going to question civilians on the floor and sends Holmes the photos from the cell phone. Bell and Gregson separately question five civilians who all appear innocent including a high school teacher on crutches, Anthony Daniels. Tanaka shows Bell and Gregson that the bomb was brought into the precinct in pieces and assembled just before it was detonated. Finding a precinct officer is involved in the bomb, Gregson and Bell question Sgt. Sean O'Grady. Gregson finds the precinct's servers were taken by someone in a CDC suit and realizes the bomb was a fake and a cover for their theft. Tanaka and her staff are questioned in Gregson's office but have alibis. Two civilians are found to be in on the theft with O'Grady and their plan is detailed. O'Grady was assured that no one would be hurt by the bomb but Gregson points out that the information on the servers could be used to hurt undercover officers and informants.

"How to Get a Head": A professor of religion, Gabriel Rojas, is beheaded and surrounded with occult items, a city councilman, Ledesma, meets with Gregson and others and indicates he was friends with Rojas who also consulted with the police on crimes involving the occult. Disagreeing with Holmes, he believes crimes that have occult signs are done by occult killers. Holmes sees Gregson and recommends Lena Romero, an officer from another precinct, for Bell's replacement. Gregson sees that Holmes is looking for someone who will work well with him and Watson as Holmes annoys many of the detectives at the 11th.

"Uncanny Valley of the Dolls": After an expert in 3D printing, Bruce Deramore, who also designed sex dolls, is murdered, Bell and Watson tell Gregson that they'll be looking into those that helped design a teleporting device that Deramore was a part of. In order to question Duramore's graduate studies supervisor, Dr, Ken Fukata, who was picked up by the US military, Gregson arranges with General Alvero to have Fukata brought to the precinct for questioning. After Fukata admits that he didn't give his grad students credit for helping to invent the teleporter, Bell and Watson look at threatening emails the students sent to Fukata and report to Gregson that none stand out as the murderer and that perhaps all three worked together. The case solved, Holmes plans to play a prank on Gregson using the sex doll, Skylar.

"The Worms Crawl in, the Worms Crawl Out": Gregson is involved in questioning the employer of a murdered worm expert, Dr. William Velnik, and a woman who emailed Velnik death threats in order to place a virus on his computer.

"The Visions of Norman P. Horowitz": After Holmes learns that a schizophrenic named Norman Horowitz has seemingly predicted three deaths and Holmes is the next predicted to die, a news channel reports on his predictions. Bell tells Gregson that the reporter received the tip anonymously which pointed her to Norman's list posted on a chat room by a new user, "WokeBaeBae." Bell is looking into the chat room's moderator. After Holmes realizes that Norman's brother David and his wife Luz are responsible for numerous murders to make the predictions comes true, he calls Gregson and asks for a police unit to be sent to the Horowitzes. Discovering that the Horowitzes are gone but left behind their passports, Holmes tells Gregson that they've been played for fools and were unwittingly involved in selling the hoax so that Henry Baskerville would buy "Visions." Two days later at the precinct, a police dragnet run by Bell and Gregson hasn't been able to find the Horowitzes.

"The Geek Interpreter": After Lily Zavala, a doctoral student of Harland Emple's is kidnapped and then escapes, Gregson, Holmes and Watson question her at the precinct. The kidnappers wore masks so she can't identify them but shows them that the math they forced her to work on was Emple's. Gregson watches as Lily explains the FEMA flood plain maps she was forced by her kidnapper to work on, the changes that her captor wanted made to the map and which properties would benefit from the changes. After Bell lures to the precinct a property owner, Marvin Hathaway, whose land would be negatively affected by the new map, Gregson, Bell and Watson recount Hathaway's plan. Bell indicates that hairs that match Lily's have been found in the basement of one of his properties. Hathaway denies being involved in the kidnapping and claims that another man, Cantrell, was responsible. Bell says that a fresh stain from an energy drink that was Lily's favorite was also discovered at the site. Spilled after Cantrell was murdered, Gregson asks Hathaway if he'd like to take his chances with a jury.

"Fit to be Tied": Gregson is at the scene of Rachel Garner, murder victim of Michael Rowan. He deals with FBI Agent Kim Mallick who wrongly accuses Gregson of not informing her of the murder. He later argues with Mallick in his office. When Rowan turns himself in, Gregson informs Holmes that Rowan will only speak to him. Gregson notes that he's tried to get a warrant to bug Rowan's home but the judge wouldn't allow it. Holmes anonymously tips the police off to Rowan's Albany residence so Gregson sees Judge Marilyn Whitfield for a search and surveillance warrant. Having denied his previous attempt, Gregson has to do a lot of convincing before Whitfield grants a search only warrant. Gregson suggests they visit Garner's workplace. Holmes finds that Garner's desk drawer was broken into and Gregson sees that a partner in the company she works for is the husband of Judge Whitfield. Holmes and Gregson confront Whitfield whose husband admits that he was having an affair with Garner and, the pool at Whitfield's home uses Baquacil. Gregson appeals to Whitfield to confess as the copycat murder of Garner will make it harder to prosecute Rowan and bring justice to his victim's families. After Rowan attacks Watson, at a hospital, Gregson arrives and says that Rowan evaded the FBI by disappearing into a crowd in Times Square before going to the Brownstone. Police haven't been able to find him and Gregson assigns two officers to protect Watson who Holmes says will be going to her parent's house. The next day at the precinct, Gregson and Bell are co-ordinating the manhunt for Rowan without any success. Bell suggests having police call airports and bus lines as Rowan has probably escaped the city. Gregson receives a call from Agent Mallick that they've found Rowan. As Holmes scrubs Rowan's blood from the Brownstone stairs, Gregson calls to report that Rowan is dead. Beaten to death, his body was dumped in a garbage transfer station.

"Whatever Remains, However Improbable": With Watson as the prime suspect in Rowan's murder, Holmes surprises Gregson at his home and asks for help which Gregson can't give as he's being too closely watched by the FBI. After Holmes and Watson discover that Gregson erased security video at a garbage transfer station used to transport Rowan's body, Holmes confronts Gregson who confirms he didn't keep a copy of the garage video. Holmes has deduced Rowan's killer was Gregson's daughter Hannah whose roommate, Maddy, Rowan murdered. Gregson relates that after Maddy's murder, Hannah got to know every aspect of Rowan's life. After he was wounded attacking Watson, Hannah knew Rowan would go to Mulgrew's house which is where she beat him to death. Hannah didn't hear Rowan say "Joan" and didn't know his killing was being recorded. Gregson helped Hannah before Mallick pinned the murder on Watson. He believes there isn't enough evidence for Mallick to arrest Watson and appeals to Holmes to let the matter lie. When Holmes points out the damage Mallick's allegations will have on Watson's life, Gregson, ashamed and angry, blames Hannah's actions on Holmes, whose life Rowan targeted with his serial killing. Gregson can't let Hannah, a cop, go to prison but Holmes says Watson is his best friend and leaves.


Cheryl Gregson

After a break-in in his house, where his wife Cheryl shoots an armed intruder who demands Tommy's whereabouts, he reveals that he and Cheryl are on a trial separation. Cheryl is tired of Tommy's job being prioritized over her, but Tommy thinks the trial separation is just a break for Cheryl and that she'll come back. During the investigation, Tommy learns that Cheryl has dated a man that Tommy hates. After realizing why his wife wanted the separation, he lets her know that she deserves better and that he is going to use the separation to figure out how to give it to her. ("An Unnatural Arrangement") When Holmes returns from London, he deduces that Tommy and Cheryl have broken up for good. ("Enough Nemesis To Go Around")

011 An Unnatural Arrangement episode still of Cheryl and Tommy Gregson
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Paige Cowan

Gregson's new girlfriend Paige Cowan, is a former police officer who was forced to resign. When Watson runs into them at a restaurant, she inadvertently triggers their break-up as Paige wanted to keep their relationship a secret from Gregson's work colleagues. It is later revealed that the larger reason Paige broke things off was because she was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Gregson wants to be with Paige, even with her health issues and he convinces Paige to resume their relationship. ("Up to Heaven and Down to Hell")

S04E15-Gregson introduces Paige
She's a doctor.
As a favor to Gregson's girlfriend Paige, Sherlock investigates her doctor's staff, and finds evidence of wrong doing. However, in doing so he uncovers that Paige is having financial difficulties. Sherlock suggests that Gregson marry Paige so that she may be covered under his insurance, Gregson admits that he loves Paige and wants to marry her, but she isn't keen to do so. Sherlock arranges a meeting between Gregson and Paige after speaking to her about marriage. Apparently Sherlock managed to lower her defenses and then told Gregson they should get married because Gregson said he wanted it. Sherlock even provided a selection of rings. ("Render, and Then Seize Her")

S05E03-Gregson proposes to Paige
Gregson proposes.


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