• Hi! first of all thank you for creating this wikia, am a huge fan of Elementary, am addicted, and fiercely following it, so I figured why don't I give this wikia a try, and I noticed that there aren't many people editing it, so can I please edit few pages! although am not excellent, but I think the show deserves an awesome wikia, please reply to my post as soon as possible.


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    • Of course you can! I'm too busy to work on the wiki for the moment, so please edit away! And remember to cite your sources :-)

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    • do I really have too! can't we just cite information we learned from the actual episode, or do you mean spoilers, or information about actors for example ? thank you for replying.

      edit: I noticed that you put a reference box under every page, I haven't come across one in my other wikias so I don't know how to cite my references, so am going to edit the pages, and you could revise them and correct my mistakes, am a newbie at this, so take it easy on me!

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    • If it's information you've learned from episodes of the show, don't worry about sources. But if it's about spoilers or other information that hasn't been stated in the show then you'll need to refer to the source.

      You can view the html version of any page to see which codes you need to use for citing your references :-)

      If you need anymore help, don't hesite to ask :-)

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    • thank you so much for your help! I'll try to be objective and accurate as possible.

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